The experience of second-turn optimization in mobile live technology

Today's mobile live technology challenges are far more difficult to live on traditional devices or computers, with complete processing including but not limited to: Audio and video capture, beauty/filter/effect processing, encoding, encapsulation,

What are the complete ios-app sources on GitHub?

wjh2005Links: KnowCopyright belongs to the author, please contact the author for authorization.1. Coding IOS ClientCoding official Client. I strongly recommend the complete app that

iOS for encoding |iosvideotoolbox: YUV image for read-write decoding callback function cvimagebufferref

iOS-oriented encoding |iosvideotoolbox: YUV image of Read-write decoding callback function cvimagebufferref This document is based on the decoding of H. Read video Toolbox decodes the method of the YUV or RGB data in the callback function parameter

Android Studio EditText Click on the icon to clear the text content

This article is following the custom EditText style after the function enhancement, for the actual application project has the very big reference opinion, the interested friend may step on the previous article, "The Android studion custom EditText

How is the service side compatible with multiple versions of the app?

The technical personnel who have done the app product know that the app belongs to a C/s architecture, so it is more troublesome to deal with it in many versions, and it is not as easy as Web application. Here are some common scenarios and coping

Android NDK Development (iii)--Common error Brocade collection log using "Go"

Reprint Please specify source: NDK Development often due to some of the causes of some unexpected errors, many times debugging these errors, it is more complicated than debugging Java

Android System Adaptive Screen size

1. Screen Related Concepts1.1 ResolutionIt means how many pixels are there on the screen.1.2 Screen SizeRefers to the actual physical size of the phone, such as the usual 2.8-inch, 3.2-inch, 3.5-inch, 3.7-inchAndroid divides the screen size into

Wemall App Store source code in PHP-based thinkphp Convention configuration file


Wemall Doraemon is the Android client program, the server uses Wemall Mall, do not make any changes to the original mall, only need to upload the interface file in the original mall directory to complete the server configuration, the client can be

IOS10 push must see Unnotificationserviceextension

Ext.: for individual study)IOS10 Push UnnotificationservicRecruitment information: Product Manager/product Manager Unity Development Engineer Advanced iOS Engineer SDK

Favicon Related Settings page and phone, tablet

Most websites define a favicon in this way. But shortcut is not a member of the HTML5-defined link types. In fact, shortcut belongs to ie. If you do not consider IE directly with rel= "icon" can be.If you omit the value from shortcut in the Rel

The HTML5 Head header tag (next chapter) that the mobile front has to understand

SEO optimization sectionPage title tags (head head must)your titlePage keyword KeywordsPage description Content DescriptionDefine page author authorDefine the page search engine index method, Robotterms is a set of comma, the value of the split,

iOS development HTTPS implementation of trusted SSL and self-signed certificates

iOS development HTTPS implementation of trusted SSL and self-signed certificatesTransferred from: for your own study)words 1566 read 5025 comments like First, analyze what HTTPS is

English Learning app-Hundred words chop

English Learning app- Hundred Word chop1. Introduction :Hundred Word chop is by the Chengdu Super Love Technology Co., Ltd. for English learning and development of a "picture back word software." The software provides interesting maps and sample

Detailed caching mechanism for iOS multi-image download

1. What is the demand point? The multi-image download Here is to display a picture in every cell in TableView, and these images need to be downloaded from the Internet.2. Easy-to-encounter problemsIf you do not know or use asynchronous operations

High-Tech recruitment Java/.net/app Test/php development

Java DevelopmentMore than 1.3 years working experience in Java software development2. Familiar with the Java EE Architecture and proficient in programming language3. Familiar with Oracle database, master database programming technology4. Proficient

Android Custom View polyline page

look at the aige.introduction of the Principle of Android page Flip effect introduced into the polylineThere are some computational principles here to leave a note .x, y are the short and long edges of the folded triangle; O (A, B) point is the

Android Open Source Library on 100 GitHub

Project Name Project Introduction 1. react-native This is the JavaScript-based open source framework React Native, launched by Facebook at the React.js Conf 2015 conference, which combines the advantages of WEB

Mobile Login Verification

Tag: Else Symbian SPI BSP nbsp Coolpad phi Ova MiniVerify that the phone is not logged in operationfunction Is_mobile () {var regex_match =/(nokia|iphone|android|motorola|^mot-|softbank|foma|docomo|kddi|up.browser||htc|dopod|

Building Web Apps with SignalR, part 1

Building Web Apps with SignalR, part 1In the first installment of App-building with SignalR, learn how to build a real-time chat application. by Eric Vogel 01/22/2013 GET CODE DOWNLOAD More on this topic:

JS to determine whether the mobile side installs an app's many ways

This article explains the JS to determine whether the mobile terminal installation of an application of a variety of methods, share to everyone for reference, the specific content as followsThe first method:One: Judging is the kind of device? A var

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