---basic knowledge outline of live video technology in Android

First, prefaceRecently, all kinds of video Live app are everywhere, all kinds of PA screen, of course, we also need to experience, about the video live software is not introduced here, in the people who are not technology, live is a trend, is a kind

Android context context you have to know everything

http://blog.csdn.net/lmj623565791/article/details/40481055/Reprint please indicate source: http://blog.csdn.net/lmj623565791/article/details/40481055, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Most of the content in this article is translated from:

Using Jenkins to build ios/android continuous integration packaging platform "turn"

Background descriptionBased on project requirements, a unified packaging platform is being built within the team to package iOS and Android projects. and in order to facilitate the distribution of test packages within the team, we hope to generate a

iOS Development-Development Summary (IV)

One: Send and awk explanations Sed-n P filenamesed----------------------------is a stream editor awk ' BEGIN {print ' Hellow '} ' awk--------is a programming language tool for working with text. Two: Summary of the

Definition and use of block code blocks for IOS

The essence of a code block is similar to other variables, where the data stored by a block of code is a function body. With code blocks, you can invoke the same calls as other standard functions, pass in parameters, and get the return value.The

Android Piechart Pie Chart control

Write a pie chart to customize the view article today. Since the company's project needs a pie chart, the UI gives the design and the title of the pie frame you're looking for does not match, so you draw one yourself.1, using previewPiechart Mchart

' Adb.exe,start-server ' failed-run manually if necessary, Android Studio

Thinking question: Why did the above problem, before the Mac has never appeared before the ADB-related issues, and then after thinking, I downloaded an android file transfer program in the notebookThe specific solution is: 1 Stop the relevant

Common Android Exceptions

1. Exception mechanism1.1 exception mechanism refers to how the program handles when a program error occurs. Specifically, the exception mechanism provides a secure channel for program exits. When an error occurs, the process of executing the

OS X 10.10.5 compiling Android5.1.1 source code

--------------------------------------------------written in front--------------------------------------------------Because in the compilation process encountered a lot of strange, difficult to solve problems ~ ~ ~To the back, in fact, installed in

Android 6.0 App permissions (ii)--Work with system permissions (working with systems Permissions) use Markdown to rearrange the layout

To protect system integration and user privacy, Android runs each program in a restricted-access sandbox. If the app wants to use other resources or information outside of its sandbox, it must explicitly request permissions. Depending on the type of

ADSL (China Telecom \ Telecom) Common fault codes ...

1. When dialing, 691, 678 and other types of error code meaning and general solution.Error 602 The port is already open issue: Dial-Up Networking network cannot be connected due to device installation errors or is in use: Raspppoe not fully and

iOS development-deep copy and shallow copy

Deep copy and shallow copy this question is often asked in the interview, and in the actual development, as long as the slightest careless, there will be problems here. Especially for beginners, it is necessary for us to study this concept carefully.

The difference between----#import, #include和 @class of iOS development

1. In general, when importing header files for Objective C, use #import, which includes C + + header files, with # include.2. #import determine that a file can only be imported once, so that you do not have problems with recursive inclusion.

How do I use iOS for live, on-demand, and cache of videos? -http Live Streaming (HLS)

This article "How to use iOS to achieve the 芈 month" live, on-demand? -http Live Streaming (HLS) (i) "Hls-demo Address: Https://github.com/yangchao0033/HLS-DemoPlease note the following questions before using the demo, I also made comments in the

Host mobile phone contacts, call logs, SMS tool class (constantly improve ... )

for the system phone contacts, text messages, call records some of the methods of the column, really need to summarize theMy company has been doing this related projects recently, this blog will improve the 3 modules of the tool-class method 1,

Android UI Design < 11 > Custom ViewGroup to create a universal off keyboard widget Imeobserverlayout

Reprint Please specify source:http://blog.csdn.net/llew2011/article/details/51598682Our usual development always meet some of the needs of the wonderful, in order to achieve these needs we often racked our brains sometimes also tea does not think

Vernacular development--DIY Android source code

In the Android Studio code debugging article, there are a few tips on how to debug Android studio code. Now, let's talk about some of the things Android source compiles. (I think that as Android developer everyone should have a copy of their own

iOS Development Multithreading Chapter 05-GCD Introduction


iOS Development Multithreading Chapter-GCD IntroductionFirst, Brief introduction1. What is GCD?The full name is Grand Central Dispatch, which translates as "the backbone scheduler"Pure C language, provides a lot of powerful functionsAdvantages of

AppFabric version Differentiation

There are two versions of AppFabric available to download on CSDN:1, Windowsserverappfabricsetup_x64_6.1.exe, 2010/12/3 released, deprecated,Win10 IIS failed to start after installation ,Website: https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/download/details.aspx?

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP Protocol

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP ProtocolDescription: Apache Tomcat server must occupy port 8080First, the URL1. Basic IntroductionThe full name of the URL is uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator)With 1 URLs, you can find the only 1

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