Ios-http Analysis

HTTP principle What is a URL Several common protocols in URLs What is the HTTP protocol What does HTTP do? Why to use the HTTP protocol Introduction to the communication process of HTPP protocol HTTP request

An in-depth analysis of Rational AppScan standard Edition multi-step operation

PrefaceIBM Rational AppScan Standard (hereinafter referred to as AppScan) is widely recognized and applied by the industry as an automated tool for secure black-box detection of WEB applications. Many people use AppScan with their powerful manual

Android Data filter: Filter

Class Diagram:Searchview and ListView can often be combined to achieve the search and filtering of data.1. Monitor Searchview,searchview.setonquerytextlistener (Onquerytextlistener listener);2. Turn on the filter function of the ListView,

What is the difference between a phone's own memory and a phone card?

Terminology: The phone's own memory and mobile cardMobile RAM, ROM, and memory cards.First explain the relationship between the phone's RAM, ROM, and memory card. Both the RAM and ROM of the phone belong to the semiconductor memory. The ram of the

Android Currency Unit acquisition method


Recently in the function of making a currency exchange, which includes the acquisition and selection of currency units, collated out for your reference.The individual currency unit files are as follows: cny= RMB (CNY)usd= US dollar (USD)rub= Russian

Debian repair/dev/mapper/debian--vg-root file errors cause ehci-orion not found in MODULES.DEP

Colleagues for help, said the restart of Debian, the system hangs.Report the following error```Loading, please wait .../dev/mapper/debian--vg-root contains a file system with Errors,check the file system./dev/mapper/debian-vg-root:Inodes that were

From java/android to Swift iOS development: a comparison of languages and frameworks


This article is my "mobile front" group April 28, 2016 share summary collation.I've been developing Android since 2009 and started contacting Swift at the end of 2014, when the group once did a demo App and felt that the technology was not mature

Android Hot Patch Dynamic Repair technology (end of article): Automatically generate packaging with signature patches, refactoring projects

First, about the previous four blog postsAndroid Hot Patch Dynamic Repair Technology (i): from the Dex subcontracting principle to the hot patchAndroid Hot Patch Dynamic Repair Technology (ii): actual combat! Class_ispreverified problem!Android Hot

Turn: Mobile live technology second-open optimization experience

Mobile Live technology second-turn optimization experience (including PPT)2016-04-28 09:27 Xu Li, a founding partner and vice president of the product, seven, is responsible for the overall development of the seven cow live cloud, and is an

Simple use of Base64 in Android

1 Service-side picture information is converted to a string, to the Android client, the Android side need to decode this information into a picture and saved locally. 2 //Coding Section3String string =base64.encodetostring (Str.getbytes (),

GitHub Top 100 Android Open Source Library

1. React NativeThis is the JavaScript-based open source framework React Native, launched by Facebook at the React.js Conf 2015 conference, which combines the advantages of WEB applications and Native applications, and can be developed using

Automatic case development and case hierarchical structure design based on Appium

Automatic case development and case hierarchical structure design based on AppiumFirst, create a common base class appiumtestbase for each case, containing the setup and teardown two methods, each of which inherits from the base class at a later

iOS View Controller Programming Guide---Implementing a container View Controller

A container view controller is a way to combine the contents of multiple view controllers into a single user interface. The container view controller is often used to make navigation easier, creating a new user interface type based on what already

Android Development: Get photo albums, photos, upload servers, read photos from the server

Article Directory An overall function description Two-function implementation 1 getting pictures 2 uploading to the server and saving 3 Get the picture from the server and show Accessibility tools in the

Android Studio tutorials from getting started to mastering

As introductionAfter 2 years of research and development, Google has finally officially released an integrated development environment for Android developers, Android Studio 1.2 (stable version). Android Studio is a Google-developed IDE for Android

Team Work (v)-note app Top5

In the rapid development of the Internet, the software of various industries is endless and varied. There is quite a lot of software involved in each industry, and in so many software, there is a rather fierce competition. Today, our 150,000

HoloLens Development Notes-app model app models

HoloLens uses the app model provided by Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The UWP app model defines how apps are securely and completely installed, updated, versioned, and removed. It manages the application lifecycle-how applications are executed,

Android message mechanism Exploration (handler,looper,message,messagequeue)

OverviewThe Android messaging mechanism is an important piece of the Android operating system. The specific use of the method is not described here, you can refer to the official Android development documentation.There are two main uses of the

Why do foreign programmers love to use Apple Mac computers?

Macs are popular abroad, especially in the design/web development/IT staff circle. Ordinary users like Mac can understand, after all, Mac design beautiful, simple and easy to use, no virus. So why do professionals have a unique passion for Macs?

iOS Development multi-threaded article-multi-threading Technology


Concurrency describes the concept of running multiple tasks at the same time. These tasks may be run concurrently in the form of a Single-core CPU (time-sharing), or in a truly parallel way on a multicore cpu.OS X and IOS provide several different

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