ios-Network (GET request and POST request, HTTP communication process, request timeout, url transcoding)

1 //2 //VIEWCONTROLLER.M3 //ios_0129_http Request4 //5 //Created by Ma C on 16/1/29.6 //copyright©2016 Blog Technology. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #import "ViewController.h"Ten #import "mbprogresshud+mj.h" One A @interfaceViewcontroller ()

iOS programming--A unique identifier for iOS devices (OC version) via UUID and keychain instead of MAC address

iOS programming-use UUID and keychain instead of MAC address to implement unique iOS device identifiers (OC version)Many applications require a unique indication of the phone and require that the unique label not be changed by the app's uninstall or

iOS multithreaded Development (iii)---run Loop (two, III)

Second, when to use the run Loopfor worker threads, run Loop is used only if you need to have more interaction with the thread. For example: 1) Use ports or custom input sources to communicate with other threads2) Using Thread timers3) Use any

GitHub's forward 100 iOS project

1. Afnetworking author is the blogger of Nshipster, the great deity figure of IOS development field, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, open source a lot of awesome projects, this is one of them, afnetworking adopt Nsurlconnection +

iOS Framework Introduction

iOS Framework IntroductionCocoa TouchGamekitEnable Game Center support to allow users to share their game-related information onlineBluetooth data transfer between iOS devices expires from iOS7 LAN game

"Go" PHP Android iOS compatible AES encryption algorithm

App Project user password transmission has been no use of HTTPS, considering that the user's privacy is temporarily encrypted with AES, and later can be used for mobile phone and server-side encryption interaction.PHP free version of the Phpaes

Links and differences between the "intercept" IOS member variables, instance variables, and attribute variables

Attribute property in classIn the first version of iOS:We declare both the property and the underlying instance variable for the output, when the property is a new mechanism for the OC language, and you must declare the instance variable that

iOS Development Tour iOS system architecture

The system architecture of iOS is divided into four tiers: core operating system layer (core OS), Kernel service layer (center services), media layer (multimedia), and touch layer (Cocoa touch). The following is an iOS system diagram. One, Core OS

BackTrace of IOS crash log

The crash log of iOS with the dSYM file can find the backtrace when it crashes, which is the most important information to resolve the crash.If you are packaging on the same Mac, importing crash log will automatically symbolize BackTrace, and you

Mac iOS differences

iOS is an operating system derived from MacOS that is not launched specifically for mobile devices (iphones).iOS and Mac OS have very different UI concepts, and iOS supports gesture manipulation, including multi-touch technology, and more.From a

Apple-touch-icon property details about Apple device private

We used to use Favicon in the browser to identify the site, the use of the following:[HTML]View PlainCopy link href="Http://" rel= "shortcut icon" /> link href="Http://"

Ios-runtime knowledge points, Ios-runtime knowledge points

Ios-runtime knowledge points, Ios-runtime knowledge pointsDirectory of this document 1.Runtime Introduction 2.Runtime Related header Files 3. Technical points and application scenarios 3_1. Get property \ member Variable

Porterduffxfermode use and working principle of canvas drawing in Android

OverviewClass inherits from . When drawing with canvas in Android, you can update the final pixel color values in the canvas by blending the pixels of the drawing with porterduffxfermode

Java Control Appium Server Start/stop

Believe that many people will encounter this scenario, in the Appium automation with the Windows OS, not a good background run, every time you start Appium server: Manually click with Appium GUI edition is to start appium on Cmd line.

How to scan a video file from the Android System Media Library

When the Android system starts, it scans the system files and scans the system-supported video files (mp4,3gp,wmv) into the Media Library (Mediastore), and the following code shows how to obtain the information for these files: PublicStaticList

IOS-Certificate Authoring

IOS Certificate making tips and configuration ConsiderationsUsing the Apicloud platform to develop app business, first of all have to have a developer account and a variety of certificates, then cloud-compiled packaging official version, uploaded to

Determine if UserAgent is a mobile phone

PrivateBOOLIsMobile (){stringAgent = (request.useragent +""). ToLower (). Trim ();//See what the device is, whether it's a PC or a mobilestringMobilekeyword =@"android.+mobile|android|avantgo|bada\/|blackberry|blazer|compal|elaine|fennec|hiptop|i[pp]

IOS Custom URL Scheme full guide

Http://"" Reading deviceCustom URL SchemeThis article was transferred from migrant's blog, the original: "The complete Tutorial on Ios/iphone custom URL schemes"One of the coolest features of the

HTML5 call phone camera and compress, upload

Recently just done a function, in the app to use the embedded page to upload images.From a functional perspective, the native implementation should be the best. After all, everything on the page is separated by a browser, and all implementations

Do you use the word back app? Five major mainstream back word app assessment

This article reprinted to Guilin Rui Tuo official website www.ruituo.netTo learn more, please add qq:3167750573Welcome reprint, Reprint please specify!I think most of the phone back Word app users and Rui Tuo June same is not English cattle people

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