Lego app embedded Keymob mobile ad aggregator platform released for 10 weeks

Keymob Mobile advertising converged platform in 2014 quietly online, in just a few months, has been embedded in hundreds of apps, advertising days to show the number of million. In the mobile internet advertising market is becoming more mature today,

HTML5 developing mobile Web Apps-jquery Mobile (2)-list

Jquery Mobile provides a build list of Data-view, which is a ListView. Here is a typical jquery mobile list with the following code: ordered list: List items list Items List items unordered list: List Items

Android batch images loaded in classic series-use LRUCache, Asynctask cache and load images asynchronously

I. Descriptive narrative of the problem Use LRUCache, asynctask to achieve bulk image loading and meet the following technical requirements1, read the picture from the cache, if not in the cache, open the asynchronous thread (asynctask)

Can the app brush list actually achieve the desired effect?

"Editor's note": App brush list in the industry is no secret! Why are so many companies and applications keen to brush the list? In the industry even has circulated "the best channel is to brush the list" of the reference, this sentence is how to

TCP/IP protocol family anatomy && sockets for IOS

Brief introductionThis article mainly reviews the TCP/UDP, HTTP, and sockets in the –TCP/IP protocol family. (--the article is very dry, brewing for a long time!) Can you read it patiently? O_o)In this article, I list the common protocols in the

The message mechanism of the Android Development series

Recently approached a more challenging project, I found that the use of a large number of message mechanisms, and now this blog I want to specifically analyze: What is the message of Android, what is the message mechanism in the end what

Android SQLite (three) full explanation (i)

SQLite is a lightweight database, a relational database (RDBMS) management system, which is included in a relatively small C library. Currently used in many embedded products, it occupies a very low resource, in the embedded device, may only need

"Interview" IOS Development Questions (III.)

1. What are the iOS data persistence storage scenarios? Reference Answer: Plist Property list storage (e.g. Nsuserdefaults) File storage (such as binary data written to a file store, which is stored by Nsfilemanager to write an archive

iOS is often used to show code snippets a few hours ago/days ago/months ago/years ago

iOS is often used to show code snippets a few hours ago/days ago/months ago/years ago2015-03-13 10:09copyright Notice: Please pay attention to personal blog: /** * Retain a formated string with a real date

iOS app crash log analysis

Transfer from Raywenderlich as an application developer, have you ever experienced the following? To make sure your app is correct, you must have done a lot of testing before submitting it to the App Store. It also works well on your device, but

Nomasp Blog Guide: Android, UWP, algorithm, Lisp (looking for work ...)

ProfileIntroduction to BlogIt is my pleasure to see the reading of this blog. This blog will be updated continuously. Thank you for your support. Welcome your attention and leave a message. Blogs have multiple columns, each of which is about Android

Android Full disk encryption

Android Full disk encryption what is full-disk encryption? Full-disk encryption is the process of encrypting all user data on an Android device using a single key. Once the device is encrypted, all user-created data will be automatically

Android integrates Facebook for third-party landing

  One, the necessary preparation:      Here is the official English document, which explains in detail below:Facebook app: You need to create your own app on the Facebook developer platform,Facebook SDK: Add the Facebook SDK to your project,Facebook

Where exactly should the app's cache file exist? You should have made yourself clear after reading this article.

Source: long as the app needs to be networked to get data, the cache file is generated locally, whether it's a version update or a picture cache. So where exactly do these cache files fit in? Does the system

Deep copy and shallow copy of iOS

ConceptThere are two ways to copy objects: Shallow copy and deep copy. As the name implies, shallow copy, not copy the object itself, just copy the pointer to the object; Deep copy copies the entire object memory directly into another

Android Socket send and receive data problem: After sending the data received to always sticky packet

First of all, the concept of sticky bag: When the transmission is two separate packets, two times sent, but received when two packets were once received.In the previous WinCE Socket programming, do also have to deal with the problem of sticky bag,

[Android Pro] Gradle Tip #3-task Order

Reference to: linkI noticed that most of the problems I encountered when using gradle were related to the order in which the task was Executed. Obviously if my build will work better if my

How to modify the compiled resource ID value in Android (the default value is 0x7f ...). Can be arbitrarily changed to 0x02~0x7e)

first, Technical Preparationtoday, Let's look at how to modify the value of the resource ID at compile time in android, and before we do this, we need to look at the structure and the compilation process of the resources compiled in Android. here is

(the Application/json Media Type for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)) rfc4627-json format definition

Original Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight, text-based, cross-language data interchange Format. It derives from the ECMAScript programming language Standards (ECMAScript programming

[php] use XAMPP to build a local server, and then use the iOS client to upload data to the local server (three. PHP-side code Implementation)

I. Installing XAMPP Configure MySQL Http:// then, today we'll come into contact with the PHP development language1. First of all, you need to create a new.

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