"Free" 106 speaks 20G exclusive high-quality front end, back end, mobile video Course first time limited download

Exclusive high-quality open class video, first free downloadThis set of video a total of 106, for live recording version, by gifted College CEO Equipmengt teacher, CTO avant teacher and other well-known full-stack lecturer, the content covers the

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 5 (Get photos on your phone and edit them)

Using the Cordova can be very convenient to read the system album through the JS code photos, as with the use of camera cameras, the same need to add the camera plug-in first.one, add camera pluginFirst we enter the directory where the project is

Get thumbnail images of video files (not original) in Android

There are three ways to get thumbnail images of video files in Android: 1. Querying from the Media Library 2. Android 2.2 Later use the Thumbnailutils class to get 3. Invoke the Jni file to implement the Mediametadataretriever class Three ways to

IOS----Custom UIView to draw a UIView

The most flexible way to draw a uiview is to finish drawing it yourself. In fact, you are not drawing a uiview, you just subclass the UIView and give the child the ability to draw their own. When a uiview needs to perform a drawing operation,

Android's Dialog detailed

There are five types of dialogs in Android: The General Dialog, the list dialog, the radio button dialog, the Multi-Select button dialog, and the Customize dialog box.In the actual development, with the system dialog will be very few, because it is

Java graphical interface How to use the keyboard to control the movement of the ball and the interface of the explanation

How to realize the movement of small ballsOr go first a small ball bar, has done many times, we began to think, if the user presses a key on the keyboard, then son AH the whole computer system, who first know this thing? This everyone can guess the

Use intent to implement interface jump in Android

Intent Messenger, intentionBy intent to assist in jumping between various components of Android1.StartActivity (Intent)Create a new class under the package, Factivity.classpublic class Factivity extends appcompatactivity {@Override protected void

Android for JNI (ii) data types in--c language, output, input functions and operation memory address, memory modifier

Android for JNI (ii) data types in--c language, output, input functions and operation memory address, memory modifier When we finish writing Hello World, we can enter the gate of C, and today we will talk about some basic data types,

Android Learning – Android app language switching function

Features:App users set the app language according to their language preferences. The language setting is for this app only and retains the previous startup settings the next time the app is launched.Update language:Public Static

Android for JNI (iii)--C pointers, pointer variables, pointer common errors, value passing, reference passing, return multiple values

Android for JNI (iii)--C pointers, pointer variables, pointer common errors, value passing, reference passing, return multiple values C in the more difficult this piece, is probably the pointer, so we still read a bit more information, of

IOS UTI (uniform type Identifier) Open app based on file suffix

ObjectiveThere is a requirement in the recent project to share entity content directly from third-party apps to our app using the content sharing features available on iOS devices from the iOS system. The general principle is this, first for our iOS

"IOS" UITableView cell top blank n method of setting

I know that no one will take the initiative to set up this thing, but everyone must have encountered this problem, the following summary of what may be the situation:1,self.automaticallyadjustsscrollviewinsets = NO;This should be the most common and

Format date and time of iOS development

When developing iOS programs, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the time format to the format you want, which we can do with the NSDateFormatter class.For example:Instantiate a NSDateFormatter object nsdateformatter *dateformatter =

iOS filter picture processing

Summary:This article combines examples of the use of OS X and iOS image processing framework core image, and how to create and use the built-in filters for iOS with core image, ideal for beginners. Although the sample code is an iOS program written

Android frame design mode (iv)--adapter Method

An introduction to Adapter mode What is adapter mode Defined Classification What scenarios the adapter applies To Two adapter mode applications in the Android framework

Android MediaPlayer Error/info Code

1. Common Errors Error (-38, 0)I think-38 means that you cannot run your operation in the current MediaPlayer state.Please refer to the details of how to do this: Android MediaPlayer In addition, I am in other materials. Found that some

Use Uncaughtexceptionhandler to handle uncaught exceptions in Android

The original text on the sparkyuan.me, reprint annotated Source: http://sparkyuan.github.io/2016/03/28/use Uncaughtexceptionhandler to handle uncaught exceptions/All apps will take place crash, this article explains how to collect crash information

Unit testing and UI testing in Android Studio

1. Configure the project to support unit testingBefore writing the test, let's make a simple check to make sure the project is properly configured.First, verify that "Unit Tests" is selected in the Test Artifact in the Build variants window.Then,

The use of BIND, call, and apply functions in JavaScript

There are 4 modes of function calls in JS: method Invocation, normal function call, constructor function call, Apply/call call. At the same time, no matter what function call except for the formal parameters that you define when you declare, you

The early Christmas present! --android Reverse rookie Quick Participant manual

My notes:Let old Pete tidy up so long this manual, in the mind quite guilty, I went back to Shenzhen with his daughter to the amusement park to play, hard. peter!Too many words, also describe the narrative can not feel like this, have to find a time.

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