How to implement the desktop app icon to dynamically display the number of messages (similar to the QQ icon on the phone)?

The original: How to implement the desktop app icon to dynamically display the number of messages (similar to the QQ icon on the phone)?The app on the phone, like QQ and so on can dynamically display the number of messages on the icon (up to 99), so

How to implement the IM function in the app the second fast realization of the offline message module--Arrow Buckle technology Arrownock

How to implement the IM function in the app the second fast realization of the offline message moduleAn app in the actual use of the chat function, not always stay in the interface, while waiting for friends to send messages, it is possible to jump

iOS dev > Learn-how to draw 1-pixel lines correctly

First, point Vs PixelIn iOS, when we use frames such as quartz,uikit,coreanimation, all coordinate systems are measured by point. The system will help us deal with point-to-pixel conversions when actually rendering to settings.The benefits of doing

Monte Carlo Approximations

Prepare to summarize a few notes about Markov Chain Monte Carlo.This series of notes is mainly translated from the link given under a Gentle Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) article.Monte Carlo Approximationsmonte Carlo approximation

Deploying Java Web Apps in Azure Cloud Service (1)

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible cloud platform, in addition to its own . Net platform with good support, for a variety of open source software, language, tools, frameworks have good support, such as Java , Php , Python and so on, you can use

Android 5.X use palette

These days to learn some of the new features of the android5.0 version of the SDK, tossing for a long time. Androidstudio was repeatedly installed and uninstalled and installed, in Eclipse and AndroidstudioToss back and forth between. I didn't

Cat Learn iOS Remove HTML tags from the server return data, remove the specified string, replace the string

Cat Share, must boutiqueOriginal articles, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: Sanayu's BlogAddress: The problem, the data returned by the server has a large string of HTML, but we only use strings, because

[Android] The meaning of the English abbreviation for Linux commands (easy to remember)

DU-SH * *Reference to: English word abbreviation for Linux common commandsCommand abbreviation:Ls:list (List contents)Cd:change directory (change directory)Su:switch User Switch

Do your own ormapping Framework----Third Talk about attribute

In this ormapping series, the implementation of this framework is based on the use of this attribute. Below or to get something, let small partners to attribute this thing has a better understanding, I also do not write, find a write can also be

Android Development Notebook (29) HTTP-based Latex Math formula Converter

This article explains how to convert a latex mathematical function expression into an image form using the API interfaces provided by and Specific ideas are as follows:(1) Obtain the latex mathematical expression of the user

Regular knowledge point interpretation and common expressions (judging valid numbers, mobile phone number, etc.)

---restore content starts---1, the regular is only used to deal with strings: matching, capturingMatch: Verifies that the current string conforms to our rules (every regular is a rule) capture: In the entire string, the characters that match the

Android system porting and debugging-------> How to Modify the Android system by default show "developer Options" and turn on "USB debugging" and "unknown source" switch by default

Today, a user has a special requirement for "settings", namely:1. The "Developer Options" and the "USB Debug" switch ("Developer options"-"USB debugging") are displayed by default when the boot is turned on.2. Turn on the "safe" and "unknown Source"

Android system porting and debugging-------> Add a double-click Physical key to turn the flash on and off and sync the flash status to the drop-down menu

Recently, a customer has such a requirement:1. Add a switch button in the settings---> Accessibility.If you turn on the switch, when you double-click a physical button, turn on the flash, and then double-click the physical button to turn off the

Advanced Test Content Package (performance, automation, mobile app, career development, management) comparable to tens of thousands of dollars

The following is a summary and introduction to the package (package is the packaging of multiple individual courses) for easy viewing.if you want to purchase a single course click here:

iOS Development: A demo (Swift language Encoding) for an unlimited scrolling auto-play picture

A long time ago wanted to write such an infinite scrolling demo, recently learned the next swift, the hands can not be used to practiced hand the demo, so it is realized.GitHub address (due to the use of Uiview+autolayout third party layout, GitHub

Alert! Over 18,000 Android apps are stealing your text messages

Mobile app developers are faced with the inevitable problem of how to make a profit, the most common way is to add ads to the app. Ad Federation creates a library of functions that allow developers to embed ads into them to start making money

[This,call,apply usage of Turn]js

(a) about thisFirst of all about this I want to say a word, this sentence remember the use of this and you will almost understand: this refers to thecurrent function of the object. This sentence may be more around, I will cite a lot of examples and

Android OpenGL ES Development tutorials from getting started to mastering

from: OpenGL ES Concise development tutorial Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android OpenGL ES Concise Development Tutorial Two: constructing

"Go" Android How to view CPU usage and memory leaks

Original URL: the process of analyzing memory optimization, one of the most important is how we look at the CPU occupancy rate and memory occupancy rate, which is important to a certain extent, after

Send Sms/email implementation in iOS Han Junqiang blog

need to introduce a framework:Messageui.frameworkThe layout is as Follows:SMS and Email:#import "ViewController.h" #import @interface Viewcontroller () //follows the Protocol @end@implementation ViewcontrollerSMS Features:SMS Function-(ibaction)

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