JavaScript react Web library concept analysis and based on the finger South _ other

The purpose and meaning of the react Web is very clear: let react native code run on the web so that a set of code runs at each mobile terminal, for the front-end and the business, this is a qualitative improvement in development efficiency. At the

IOS react Native Flexbox Detailed and Example _ios

IOS react Native Flexbox Detailed and data collation, # Preface Learning this series of content needs to have a certain HTML development base, no basic friends can go to HTML learning I contact react Native time is not particularly long, so the

Super-Power JavaScript React Framework Introductory Tutorial _ Basics

React is the skeleton of a group of cattle x farmers in Facebook. Implements a virtual DOM, using DOM to add the required component seconds and eliminate unnecessary seconds. React plays the role of V in the MVC structure, but if you Flux with it,

React native build IOS development environment _ios

First, write in front 1. What is React-native? React-native: Facebook unveiled an open source project at the React.js Technical symposium in early 2015. Support for developing iOS and Android native apps with open source JavaScript library

2017 JS Framework review: React Ecological system

(Click on the public number above to be quick attention) English: Laurie Voss: Grape City control In the previous article, we covered the overall context of the 2017

React+redux Development Combat Project "American Regiment app", not as difficult as you think Preface began to learn react, on the Internet to find some articles, read the official website of some documents, then feel react started or quite simple, and then on the Internet to find a react actual combat practicing project,

Rapid construction of react development environment with Create-react-app Scaffold in Webstorm __web

use Facebook's create-react-app scaffolding to quickly build a react development environment (,redux ...). ) The "scaffolding" in the programming field refers to a kind of tool that can quickly build a "skeleton" of the project

React or Vue: Which Web front-end framework should you choose?

Learning or to learn, with more, there will be more understanding, the development of the encounter when the choice is simple. The author of this article also made a summary: If you like to use (or want to use) the template to build the application,

Introduction to react Native (iv) use of Flexbox layout _flex

Objective Flex, contraction, elasticity means. Elastic (Flex) Width high About the height of the setting in Rn, we mentioned in the last set of image load network picture, first width and height are two properties, to specify the width of a

React Tutorial (vi)--using Create-react-app to quickly build a react development environment

1, Create-react-app is what.To be a react project, it is difficult for beginners to build their development environment. So, Facebook specifically made the Create-react-app command for building React project development environment. The

Rapid development of react applications using Create-react-app

React is a JavaScript-language tool library, in this JavaScript tool overwhelming era, no surprises, The first need to install node. JS and npm,react itself does not depend on node. js, but many of the tools we use in our development require the

Redux and React-redux use of the detailed

My own understanding redux is similar to the Vuex in Vue, is a data manager, say, we start from the classic counter case to explain Implementing counters using Redux Create the following react project, I used to put each module block, only so many

from 0 to 1 realization of React series--5.purecomponent realization && HOC Exploration

This series of articles helps to rationalize the core content of the React framework (jsx/Virtual dom/component/life cycle/diff algorithm/setstate/purecomponent/hoc/...) while implementing a Cpreact project address Implement React series--JSX

RN about creating porting to Mac and react-native-vector-icons error on Windows PC

1 entry to project update NPM as Jerry points out, this is an error in NPM. There is now a hotfix available. You can use the update npm  npm i-g npm . deleted react Native, npm remove--save react-native and reinstall the RN

React-native study Notes-the most detailed Windows version ever installed react native environment configuration

Reference: Native Chinese web: , installation JDK (best default installation path try not to

React+redux Rendering Performance Optimization principle

As we all know, one of react's pain points is communication between components that are non-parent-child, and its official documentation is not taboo: For communication between, there is a parent-child relationship, you can set up your own

React native practice of Ctrip moles Framework

Editor: This article is from the Ctrip framework Research and Development Department senior manager Wei Xiaojun in the second " Ctrip technology micro-sharing" on the sharing, the following is the collation of the text record. Click here for video

React Native Real-machine commissioning

IOS Real-Computer debuggingmethod One: (Access the development server from the device)First of all, your laptop and your phone must be in the same WiFi network.Open the IOS project's APPDELEGATE.M fileChange the localhost in jscodelocation to your

2, hands-on teaching react native actual combat from react to RN

# # #React简介RN is based on react design, understand react help us develop RN application;react wants to break down functionality and make development look like building blocks, fast and maintainablereact mainly has the following 3 characteristics:*

First entry React-redux

React such a popular framework is not introduced, Redux is a small frame of a single data flow, of course, not only with react, it was originally for the react, and now for all, such as Ng-redux project. Redux as the standard collocation of react, a

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