The Viewer is a powerful jQuery image-browsing plugin.

Tags: script pad tool ext CSS3 parameter minimum URLThe Viewer is a powerful jQuery image-browsing plugin.Main functions: Support options Support methods Support Events Support Touch Support Mobile Support Scaling

The scope and scope chain of JS

Tags: lock output highlight including Lang EFI round execution Environment lookupThe scope and scope chain of JavaScript. In the beginning of JavaScript, think it is no different from other languages, especially the scope of this piece, take for

Compile and install on CentOS6 to implement lamp (Php-modules) +phpmyadmin installation process full record

Tags: height man command different STC COM Supplemental SQL Template installation processPHP has three modes of collaboration with Apache: CGI, Modules, FastCGI.In CGI mode, when a user requests a PHP file, Apache initiates the response process,

The relationship between body and HTML in HTML

Tags: add scroll overflow inline proof get observation pre textReprinted from Zhang Xin Xu-Xin space-Xin Life []I. Related foundationsA div block-level element does not actively set its width and height, the browser assigns

First article: PHP development environment

Tags: official website php-mysql connect sudo download serve project INI nloadWindow:1, XAMPPHttps://, Wampserver Installation apache,mysql,php EnvironmentThis is the default

Firewall (ASA) Advanced configuration URL filtering, log management, transparent mode

Tags: firewall URL filtering transparent mode Yang Shufan ASA log ManagementOne of the most important features for a firewall product is logging events. This blog will show you how to log management and analysis of the ASA, the principle and

Build an automated web front-end development environment with grunt-a complete tutorial

Tags: jquery performs the latest comparison compatible Nodejs nether repeat Mac OSjquery in the use of grunt,bootstrap in the use of grunt, Baidu Ueditor in the use of grunt, you have no reason not to learn, do not!1. PrefaceEveryone web front-end

Pagoda panel settings for Ngix and Apach server pathinfo when deploying thinkphp projects

Tags: bre. htaccess development Efficiency Port Configuration THINKPHP5 Tee System build StationA prefacePagoda panel whether for Linux or Windows systems, a one-click Deployment solution, simple operation, without the need for complex programming

JS Basic syntax

Tags: not table window Date class nbsp Error family output for loop1. What is the purpose of learning JavaScript?A. Enhance the dynamic effect of Web pages.B. Change the elements in the Web page (to manipulate elements directly on the page).C.

JS Write Simple Calculator

Tags: writing doctype parse HTML CLI get font style lang<! DOCTYPE html><html xmlns= "" ><head lang= "en" > <meta charset= "UTF-8" > <title></title> <script>functionAdd () {varA=

PHP error syntax error, unexpected T_goto, expecting t_string, error file and line number point to the following code, what is the reason?

Tags: syn mic solution location ati round Apache CTE ColThe native PHP version is 5.3.8,apache/2.2.21Public Function goto ($url, $msg =null) {if ($msg) {$this->jsalert ($msg);}$this->js (' document.location= '. $url. ‘";‘);$this->output

CSS3 cubic-bezier defining velocity curve with Seibel curve

Tags: min UI Examples technology share blank Bezier LAN ABS GESBrief introduction      cubic-bezierAlso known as three times Bezier, a curve is depicted with four dots (P0,P1,P2,P3).P0 defaults to (0,0), P3 defaults to (). So we just have to

Session control-session and Cookies in PHP (for data-passing functions)

Tags: XML oct using open content str ext font UI1.session Log on the previous page, after a long period of no action, refresh the page will need to log back in.Features: (1) session is stored in the server;(2) The session each person (the lander)

JS Encapsulation Plug-in: Realize the file read and write function

Tags: logs utf-8 files vbs query OBJ share var languageScripting. FileSystemObject is a can implement the file read and write COM components, because COM components can be called across languages, so you can choose like VBS or JS such a script

Linux environment, Apache is the start of the HTTPD service, view version and other operations

Tags: inux init.d es2017 images lis ima install cin HTML This machine is a virtual machine, installed Redhat Linux version, the default is the installation of httpdOpen Terminal Switch to root user CD to the/etc/rc.d/init.d/directory and

PHP unsigned right shift and rotation right shift

Tags: unsigned else func unsigned blog operation return for symbol# php Unsigned right shift only for int, PHP int is 32 bits #//move right to rotatefunctionRightroate ($int, $n) {$min= Intval (Php_int_max + 1); $max=Php_int_max; for($i =0; $i <

Visual GC hints "not supported by this JVM" solution (Configuration jstatd)

Tags: RMI policy eject host open TCP Perm plugin add nodeVisual GC Prompt "Not supported by this JVM", if you want to use this plug-in, you need to configure the JSTATD connection method, the following jstatd configuration;1. Configure security

HTTP status Code classification and exception status code processing

Tags: frequent HTTP protocol version date WiFi content best used update useful1XX: Indicates a temporary response100: (continued) The requesting person shall continue to make the request. The server returns this code to indicate that the first part

An understanding misunderstanding about the maximum parameter length of the HTTP Get/post request (reprint)

Tags: dir where ror sid reliability optimized safe file based on performance1. Get method Length LimitThere is no limit to the length of data submitted by the HTTP GET method, and the HTTP protocol specification does not limit the URL length. This

The. Net Assembly Signing Tool Sn.exe the most basic usage of the key pair SNK file

Tags: process completion can not be a class of others to view their own togetherbefore I explain the concept of the signature tool, let me say what it is not:1. It is not a tool used to encrypt an assembly, and it does not have a dime relationship

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