B Station Title/sub-title/url Crawl Example (requests+re)

Tags: utf-8 blog page inf animation com no dal bilibili #Coding:utf-82 __author__="Zhoumi"3 4 ImportRequests5 ImportRe6 ImportUrllib7 " "8 The purpose of this document is to obtain:9 1. A dictionary of first-level directories and their corresponding

JS Script delay

Tags: interactive idt avoid body Oct to show me the problem NoSince the opening of the blog, I will come back from work hurriedly after dinner door a close and so on a computer opened hurriedly research things, so that friends are wondering if I

Tree-shaped folding tree of d3.js

Tags: recursive CLI child node opacity return HTTP City sel target1. EffectsChildren and _children2. Technology decomposition2.1 Folding function(1) Recursive call, with descendants of the children (display) to _children (not shown) staged, easy to

Phpstudy IIS version php4.4.5 and php5.6.7 directory permissions issues

Tags: write toggle View Anonymous Access Users role php5.6 directory reasonsStart with the php4.4.5 +iis permission set, switch to php5.6.7 after the directory has no write permission, a variety of Baidu after not resolvedphp4.4.5 +iis When IIS

"Turn" teaches you to develop jquery plugins

Tags: Weibo learn ack implementation word webhook dash Javascrip referenceRead Catalogue Basic methods Supports chained calls Let the plug-in receive parameters Object-oriented plug-in development About namespaces About

NET use

Tags: shared directory path contains resource search path REM rejects own account1) Establish an empty connection:NET use//ip/ipc$ ""/user: "" (be sure to note that this line of command contains 3 spaces)2) Establish a non-null connection:NET

PHP Super Global variables, magic variables and Magic functions

Tags: auto case Cookie Stat Digital assignment integer setting dataPHP has pre-defined 9 Super global variables, 8 magic variables, and 13 magic functions, which can be used anywhere in the script without a declaration. These variables and functions

Canvas Label Width property and CSS Width property

Tags: Personal summary context an ext dash important move log indicatesThis article is just a slag written notes, to say in the code of the comments, in my opinion superficial understanding, I do not know the difference between the two

linux[Basic]-29-[apache Service]-[install Apache service]-[01]

Tags: img art rhel images inux alt web tin PreApacheTOP1: Installing Apache ServicesThe programs that provide Web services are: Apache, Nginx, IISWindows:iis (HTTP, FTP, NMTP, SMTP only available under Win)Nginx: A lightweight Web services software,

PHP series (vii) PHP error exception handling

Tags: php error handling1. PHP Error Reporting level1 E_error fatal run error. The error cannot be resumed and execution of the script is paused.2 e_warning Runtime Warning (non-fatal error). Non-fatal run error, script execution does not stop.4

CSS Control background Image 100% Adaptive fill layout

Tags: GID get name http One response absolute select responsive layoutOriginal address: http://blog.csdn.net/wd4java/article/details/50537562. personal_head {width:100%; height:35%; Background:url (".. /.. /.. /static/img/headbg.jpg ") No-repeat;

PHP for HTTP and HTTPS conversions

Tags: www net judgment forward href use URL name echoRecently in the PHP program, you need to make the browser between HTTPS and HTTP conversion, Internet search related information, but only recently in the PHP program, need to make the browser

Node JS module system

Tags: node JS field instance also has turn different program mod getNode. JS Module Systemnode. JS provides a simple modular system to allow node. js files to be called each other.Modules are a basic part of the node. JS application, and the files

The Viewer is a powerful jQuery image-browsing plugin.

Tags: script pad tool ext CSS3 parameter minimum URLThe Viewer is a powerful jQuery image-browsing plugin.Main functions: Support options Support methods Support Events Support Touch Support Mobile Support Scaling

The scope and scope chain of JS

Tags: lock output highlight including Lang EFI round execution Environment lookupThe scope and scope chain of JavaScript. In the beginning of JavaScript, think it is no different from other languages, especially the scope of this piece, take for

Compile and install on CentOS6 to implement lamp (Php-modules) +phpmyadmin installation process full record

Tags: height man command different STC COM Supplemental SQL Template installation processPHP has three modes of collaboration with Apache: CGI, Modules, FastCGI.In CGI mode, when a user requests a PHP file, Apache initiates the response process,

The relationship between body and HTML in HTML

Tags: add scroll overflow inline proof get observation pre textReprinted from Zhang Xin Xu-Xin space-Xin Life [http://www.zhangxinxu.com]I. Related foundationsA div block-level element does not actively set its width and height, the browser assigns

First article: PHP development environment

Tags: official website php-mysql connect sudo download serve project INI nloadWindow:1, XAMPPHttps://www.apachefriends.org/index.html2, Wampserverhttp://www.wampserver.com/LinuxCentOS Installation apache,mysql,php EnvironmentThis is the default

Firewall (ASA) Advanced configuration URL filtering, log management, transparent mode

Tags: firewall URL filtering transparent mode Yang Shufan ASA log ManagementOne of the most important features for a firewall product is logging events. This blog will show you how to log management and analysis of the ASA, the principle and

Build an automated web front-end development environment with grunt-a complete tutorial

Tags: jquery performs the latest comparison compatible Nodejs nether repeat Mac OSjquery in the use of grunt,bootstrap in the use of grunt, Baidu Ueditor in the use of grunt, you have no reason not to learn, do not!1. PrefaceEveryone web front-end

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