PHP notes

Tags: format htm php needs to have an ABC nbsp local valueVariable names are prefixed with $ for example $ABCThe output is echo "Long live front"; note spaceThe difference between single and double quotes in PHP:The fields inside the double

Configuration of Apache

Tags: using the from mechanism COM USR use pidfile private key modeThe configuration of Apache is configured by the httpd.conf file, so the following configuration directives are modified in the httpd.conf file.Configuration of the primary site

CSS upper right corner text tilt

Tags: upper right corner red Lang hidden class. com Lock image es2017<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTMLLang= "en"><Head> <MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> <title>Title</title> <style>.

Poco Library Chinese Programming Reference Guide (3) poco::net::socket

Tags: ted contains buffer Soc tar lag second sig withPoco Library Chinese Programming Reference Guide (3) poco::net::socket Liu Poechant Blog: E-Mail: (#, @) Date: April 14th, 2012

HTML Tag Summary

Label:word   doc   multiple   lan   img     Web    ddd   css   nbsp    <! DOCTYPE html><html lang= "en"

PHP sprintf () function

Tags: must data no code changes split label not caseTransfer from of all, why write the preface to this function, this is I developed in two times a token verification document is a sample document

<select> tags in html How to set options that are selected by default

Tags: cell default ordinal delete alt mys Dynamic language. com newThere are two ways of doing this.The first is to set the selected item through the <select> property, which can control the output as needed in a dynamic language such as PHP


Tags: HTML DOM BSP last strong declaration direct graph ignore mustNodeEach component in the dom,html document is a node.This is what the DOM provides: The entire document is a document node Each HTML tag is an element node Text

CentOS7 Configuring Nginx PHP php-fpm

Tags: Unable to start execution library src try rar. NET XXX RedThe previous article said that installing PHPAfter loading, there is no setup, this record is set. First set Nginx, Nginx online more like the stars of the settings but mostly simple,

JS get url parameter, get URL directly in Chinese

Tags: regex query get URL parameter str window logs get Sea URLfunction getquerystring (name)//name parameter name { var reg = new RegExp ("(^|&)" + name + "= ([^&]*] (&|$)"); var r = (1). Match (reg)

HTML Special character encoding table

Tags: border art htm reg special ILO for character encoding infHTML Special character encoding table Special symbols Named entities Decimal code Special symbols Named entities Decimal code Special symbols

jquery Gets the picture size and controls the image file upload size and how to preview the picture file

Tags: object img Preview Figure WebKit input filesyste start upload needFirst we look at:Click Upload following:Here I get the size of the file, and if it exceeds the size I set, then prohibit uploading!Not much to say, on the code:Look at the div

PHP Cache Acceleration Plugin XCache, Zendopcache installation

Tags: val img type meaning access speed SRC data test xcaPHP Caching principleWhen the client requests a PHP program, the server's PHP engine parses the PHP program and compiles it into a specific opcode (operatecode, abbreviated opcode) file, which

Conversion of basic types in js, binary conversion

Tags: span color using Concat class binary Boolean one oatfirst, the conversion of the basic type 1. numeric to stringA string that directly adds an empty number.var num=20;var str=20+ "";Console.log (typeof str);//stringUse the string () function

PHP under Linux call to undefined function imagettftext ()

Tags: imagettftextImagettftext and Imagefttext Two functions are commonly used when generating verification codes or writing text to a picture, and it is not enough to open the GD library in a Linux environment.Both functions require FreeType

Day1 unicodeencodeerror: ' GBK ' codec can ' t encode character ' \xa0 ' in position 2490:illegal multibyte sequence error hints

Tags: code BS4 TPS ROR ROM text error hint CSharp pngGet the information of the Web page get way  #coding =utf-8#pip install requests# Direct get to Web page information import requestsfrom BS4 Import beautifulsoupresponse = Requests.get ('

Use Laravel frame and PHANTOMJS to achieve screenshot function

Tags: Cat on () RDS 80 port webp hat = = Note URLSee on the Internet about PHANTOMJS implementation screenshots are used in conjunction with node and require the input command to execute. So I want to implement the input URL to intercept and output

JS Learning Summary

Tags: enc move sele name a user array elements varBuilt-in support type. Its interpreter is known as the JavaScript engine, a part of the browser, widely used in the client's scripting languageReference type://////////////////////JS: Event-driven

Mac OS Sierra Install PHP extension operation not permitted

Tags: input disable protect LAN issue nod comparison means defWant to see the detailed interpretation of can point here only need to solve the problem just look down.---------------------------------------------------Split Line-----------------------

B Station Title/sub-title/url Crawl Example (requests+re)

Tags: utf-8 blog page inf animation com no dal bilibili #Coding:utf-82 __author__="Zhoumi"3 4 ImportRequests5 ImportRe6 ImportUrllib7 " "8 The purpose of this document is to obtain:9 1. A dictionary of first-level directories and their corresponding

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