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Label:Original link: 1, operating modeThe five most common operating modes for PHP are now:1)CGI(Universal Gateway Interface/Common Gateway Interface)2)FastCGI(resident type cgi/long-live

HTML Learning (c) Text formatting

Label:HTML text formattingHTML can define a number of elements for formatting output, such as bold and italic characters.Example 1: This example shows how to format text in an HTML file<html><body><b>this text is

PHP Curl generated cookie file meaning cookie attribute meaning

Label:The recent use of curl feeling is still very convenient, looked at the cookie file format of curl generated, some of the value of the meaning is not very clear, to find some information about the cookie looked down, do a memo The cookie file

Three common types of Web services architectures

Label:Three common types of Web services architecturesTransfer from service architecturesThe competing architecturesWe've given the two main issues of how different Web services

2016/3/31 supplements PHP string literal "" "" "" "" "\" \ "" "\" "\" "" Use

Label:1<?PHP2 3 4 5 6 Echo $str _string1= ' A Q: ' Where did you learn PHP? "‘;7 Echo"<br/>";8 Echo $str _string2= "B not hesitate to answer: ' Mu class net '";9 Echo"<br/>";Ten Echo $str _string3= ' A Q: \ ' Can you tell me the URL? \

JS regular function match, exec, test, search, replace, split use the introduction set

Label:Match MethodUse the regular expression pattern to perform a lookup on a string and return the result that contains the lookup as an array.Stringobj.match (RGEXP)ParametersStringobjRequired option. A string object or string literal on which to

Local environment Xampp+phpstorm+xdebug+chrome Configuration and breakpoint debugging

Label:Do not understand phpstorm+xampp+chrome combination of phpstorm configuration Xdebug breakpoint debugging, many kinds of Web methods have been seen, usable, but not up to expectations. QQ Group asked, a Daniel very strange I have configured

JS Common Regular

Label:var stest= "xxxkdsj234dogdog1234xx"var retest1=/(dog) {2}/var reTest2 =/(?:d og) {2}/; (Stest.match (ReTest1)) (Stest.match (RETEST1)) (Stest.match (RETEST2))var url = "Http://

Lamp combo PHP works in FPM mode

Tags: server application dynamic InterpreterThe version after fastcgi:php-5.3.3 comes with the FPM component,The FPM component enables the PHP interpreter to work as a daemon and provides an application similar to the Prefork mode that can receive

PHP extensions and Embedding (1)

Label:1>.sapi (mini version webserver), Minit (module initialization), Rinit (Extended request initialization method), Rshutdown (Request termination), Mshutdown (module termination)First, life cycle: Initialize the Myextension module, call each

Manipulating JSON

Label:front-end operation JSON a.JSON stringwith theJSON Objectthe Difference      1. " {"    start,     "} " end.     each " name " followed by a ":" "

git introduction and upload code to GitHub

Label:Git is a popular version control tool, and for git you need to understand several important concepts--workspaces, repositories, staging area, master Work area-Workspaces refer to the directories you see on your computer (. Git folder


Label:The file system module is a simple package of standard POSIX file I/O operation method sets. You can require(‘fs‘) get the module by calling it. All methods in the file system module have asynchronous and synchronous versions. The Async method

Apache httpd + Tomcat Simple cluster

Label:The cluster is actually very simple, let's say what parts of the Httpd+tomcat cluster should be aware of:First things to use haveapache-tomcat-8.0.32:

JS Random number Seed

Label:js random number seed1 try to think about it, if in a certain scene, we do a game, the user to play half of the time to quit, so that the user next come in can choose to continue the last time to continue to play, then the problem now: User

HTTP protocol Status Code in detail (HTTP status code)

Label:Using or JavaScript will use different states of HTTP, some common status codes are:200– Server successfully returned page 404– requested page does not exist 503– service is not available1XX (Temporary response)A status code

PHP extension Development (5)-Definition and reading of PHP constants

Label: 1. Define//define PHP constantsRegister_stringl_constant ("Simple_version", Php_simple_version, sizeof (php_simple_version)-1, CONST_PERSISTENT |  CONST_CS); 2. ReadZval *app_path;Make_std_zval (App_path);Zend_get_constant

Some of the methods used in Ajax

Tags: <! DOCTYPE html><html lang= "en" ><head><meta charset= "UTF-8" ><title>get Way </title> <style>.loading{color:red;font-size:16px;display:inline-block;margin-top:10px;font-family: "Microsoft Ya

PHP Framework prevents injected code

Tags: ZhuruInjection of attributesTake read as an example, what does Yii do behind the scenes if it accesses $Component->property1? Take a look at Yii\base\component::__get ()Public Function __get ($name){$getter = ' Get '. $name;if

SVN server Setup and synchronization with the Web root using SVN hooks

Tags: server source code version root text file SVN schematic diagram 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Svn.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1btbs7gasf4aai-hctfgr4286.jpg "/>2

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