Filesaver.js browser to export Excel files

Tags: can ISP Head Master Safari onload recommended typeof constLimit one: Different browsers have different restrictions on BLOB objectsTake a look at the table below (from Filesaver.js): Browser constructs as Filenames

PHP GD generate image Verification code +session get storage Verification Code

Tags: Iss ACK char action tracking. NET manual Color SSEThe following share a PHP-produced picture Verification code case: the ratio of the case to:Use PHP GD specific see: picture code such as

Wireshark parsing TCP HTTP

Tags: DDR shark har Destination address rcp port display logical operator andFiltering is key:1. Protocol filteringTCP, for example, shows only the TCP protocol. HTTP, show only HTTP protocol2. IP filteringFor example IP.SRC == display

Web front-end Browser compatibility personal experience Summary

Tags: use     simple    firefox   java    insert      Gap    src    Event bubbling     parsing       

MIME module responds or sets node. JS's Content-type Header

Tags: blank test Accept program file module installation parameter obj relativeReprinted from:  MIME, that is:Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, Multi-purpose Internet Message extension type .

First knowledge of HTML5

Tags: extended article arc specify table submission data ATT header phone forPrimary knowledge HTML5 (I.)H5 is actually an enhanced version of H4, which makes it easier to construct Web pages using H5, which is more concise and straightforward.

Monitor Network and File I/O

Tags: ROC record class object time set instance ref processMonitor network and file input and output monitor networks and files I/OThe tool provides several analysis templates for monitoring the network and file I/O activities of an application.

PHP Upload files Common errors

Tags: type=file max ini common error data form Inpu max filesToday in the file upload process encountered in the file upload is not over, and the page error, and finally through the review summary has the following aspectsUpload File Error codeerror=

Oop object-oriented basics in PHP (i)

Tags: no     How to     set     handle constructors for     classes     false    notation     access modifiers     other

The Magic method in object-oriented oop in PHP

Tags: return string private property array code unset other execution AutoLoadOne, what is the Magic method:PHP provides us with a series of functions that begin with __, which do not need to be called manually, and are called automatically at the

CSS floating, absolute, relative positioning

Tag: The horizontal unit Z-index occupies the beginning of the default fixed nbspFloatingFloat: Property {Float:none; Default value, object, not floatingFloat:left; The text flows to the right of the objectFloat:right;};Clear floatingClear: Property

PHP Object-oriented-encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism

Tags: keyword RAC is what PHP object-oriented Magic method size automatic using methodK in the last basic article about how to use the array and string in PHP, this time, K decided to make a one-off, to share the three main object-oriented PHP

Hibernate 4. Delay loading

Tags: border return post student NAT void Proxy pad ADTDelay Loading: The query statement is sent to the database only if the attribute (except the primary key attribute) is used with the entity object Get does not support

HTML syntax

Tags: value button:hover for value Ted model object nts1. How to add, delete, and replace elements on a Web page2, Tbodyobj. appendchild (trobj);3, Tbodyobj. removechild (Trobj); Child node. Remove ()4, Tobj. ReplaceChild (Oldobj,newobj);2, how to

PHP installs Eclipse and uses

Tags: component tar statement clip zip doc beans Custom DetailPHP has a lot of pretty good development tools, such as Zend Studio, NetBeans, Phpdesigner, etc., but for programmers who are accustomed to Java programming, the most often used is

PHP Session Mechanism---the basic use of sessions

Tags: time () SSID basic use open Max Private Comm Post basicPHP Session Mechanism---the basic use of sessions1, thinking: After logging into the site, you can get the user information on each page(1) The use of hyperlinks to pass the user name,

JS in innerHTML, outerHTML, InnerText, outertext, value of the difference and contact? Text (), HTML (), and Val () in jquery

Tags: text box value expression params page not remove detail. comFirst, JS in innerHTML, outerHTML, InnerText, outertext, value of the difference and contact?JS to set or get the value of the selection:①innerhtml: Property Sets or returns the HTML

About! DOCTYPE (Specifies the document type definition that the HTML document follows)

Tags: encoding task switch ble also needs to recognize the INT STD internGrammar Html Top-level element availability "Registration//organization// type label// definition language""URL"

"SSH Advanced Path" Hibernate basic mapping (iii)

Tags: submit session on () ORM Sch Type Configuration Association"SSH Advanced Path" Hibernate fundamentals (i) , the small series introduces the basic principles of hibernate and its core. Using the object-oriented thinking operation relational

Summary of PHP operating mode

Tags: Internet algorithm debugging stability context another additional add httpdPHP operating mode has 4 minutes:1) CGI Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface))2) fast-cgi resident (long-live) type CGI3) CLI command line run

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