What the hell is a zeromq?Connect your code in any language, on any platform.carries messages across InProc, IPC, TCP, TPIC, multicast.Smart patterns like Pub-sub, Push-pull, and Router-dealer.high-speed asynchronous I/O engines, in a tiny

JS get client IP address, MAC and hostname seven ways

First, the use of JS to obtain the client IP several methodsMethod one (only for IE and the client's IE allows Acitivex to run, through the platform: xp,server03,2000).Get the client IP code:GetLocalIPGet IP:Method Two (all platforms and

Kge King Kong Enterprise website Management system is the Guangzhou Dragon software for the domestic small and medium enterprises to develop an enterprise website management system, Kge use can

Kge King Kong Enterprise website Management system is the Guangzhou Dragon software for the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to develop an enterprise website management system, kge use a visual label model, can be dreamvear and other web

MAC OS 10.9 Installing PHP extensions

Install Xcode's latest version 1 First,Create a soft linksudo ln-s/applications/ /include/usr/include2, installation M4: m4-latest.tar.gzafter the download is

Escape characters in HTML

HTML Common symbols:Show a space & #160;> Greater than > & #62;& & Symbols & #38;"Double quotes " & #34;Other commonly used character entities (Character entities)Show result description Entity Name entity number? Copyright © & #169;?


Write-upsThis article was first published in TSRC, detail address: HTTP://SECURITY.TENCENT.COM/INDEX.PHP/BLOG/MSG/55Forensics USB is funThis topic gives a file: Http:// File suffix is pcapng, of course, when playing CTF, see

JS get client IP address, MAC and hostname seven ways

JS get the client IP address, MAC and hostname of 7 methods Summary, JS itself is not support to obtain IP address and other information.Today in the JS (JavaScript) to get the client IP applet, the Internet search, many in the current system and

PHP operation MONGO Syntax

MongoDB does not support multiple table queries ? 1. Running MONGO Service Open cmd and enter e: Enter e-drive. Enter the CD E:\mongdb\bin into the directory. Enter the Mongod--dbpath E:\mongodb\data//Turn on the MONGO service and save the data in

PHP practiced hand: Calendar (code simple, easy to expand)

Time to write a calendar program, only focus on the function and implementation of ideas, so the code and functions are relatively simple, but understanding and extension is easier.The show () function is used to display the calendar, and you can

HTML5 the details of daily practice expand shrink Label Application

The appearance of the details tag brings us a better user experience, without having to write JS for the effect of this contraction.Note: only Chrome supports this tag at this time.Details has a newly added sub-label--summary, and when the mouse

Reproduced Angularjs Getting Started Tutorial 00: Boot Program

We are now ready to write the ANGULARJS application--phonecat. This step (step 0), you will be familiar with the important source code files, learn to launch the development environment containing the ANGULARJS seed project, and run the app on the

HTML Basic Tutorial (one)--html form--

HTML forms are used to collect different types of user input.Instance Text fields This example shows how to create a text field in an HTML page. The user can write text in the text field. Password field

HTML Basics Tutorial (6)--html entity

Symbols such as "In order to display the less-than sign (Character entitySome characters have special meanings in HTML, such as the less than sign (The character entity has three parts: a number (&), an entity name, or # and an entity number, and a

HTML blank line method-html article segment dashed line interval empty row

HTML blank line method-html article segment dashed line interval empty rowHTML blank line method, in the HTML article paragraph body sense music sofa empty line interval Implementation There are several ways?Empty line IntervalHTML page Empty line

PHP_ 0 Fundamentals php_2 variables, pre-defined variables, predefined constants, expressions, operators, program control flow

1. VariablesPHP uses the $ followed variable name to represent a variable, and the variable name is case-sensitive.The data type of the variable Integer type Floating-point types String type Boolean type Array type

. NET generics 02, the use of generics

In the. NET generics 01, why generics are required, generic basic syntax ", understand the basic concepts of generics, this article emphasizes the use of generics. Mainly include: Problems needing attention in generic method overloadingType

CSS3 Custom Font @font-face: Convert picture icon to font

Everyone knows that browsers now support CSS3 custom fonts (@font-face), including IE6 support, except that their support for font file formats is different. So for the various icons used in the site, we can try to use font to implement, this

. NET generics 01, why generics are required, generic basic syntax

. NET generics may be a reference to the C + + generic template, which enables the abstraction of types, generics, and decoupling between types and methods. One of the most classic uses is to implement generic processing for each domain model in the

JS Get the GMT stamp

Yesterday in a forum to see a friend asked JS how to get the GMT stamp.Many friends first reaction is togmtstring ...You can actually get Greenwich mean time, but not timestamp .Although I do not have a good way to get one step, but at least to

HTML5 jump to call function

In doing a micro site in the use of a convenient service phone function , the use of Mobile Web pages listed in the phone number , click on the need to implement the call Address Book, the page one-touch dial call function .If you need to make calls

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