Linux under Apache to replace its working directory

Modify the default document directory for Apache2 (default is/var/www)Modify command:sudo gedit/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-defaultLocate the DocumentRoot in the document and modify the directory where you want to place the Web page file.Restart

What exactly is an HTTP long connection and a short connection?

1. The relationship between the HTTP protocol and the TCP/IP protocolLong connections and short connections to HTTP are essentially TCP long connections and short connections. HTTP belongs to the Application layer protocol, which uses the TCP

How PHP uses P3P to implement cross-domain

What is P3P?P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences) is a recommended standard for privacy protection published by the public to provide privacy protection for users.The idea of the P3P standard is that the privacy policy of the WEB site should inform

Angularjs my study to organize (irregular modification)

  The last January days, learning Angularjs, but just just getting started. Learn basic grammar rules and simple applications. Think about it, study angularjs time about half a month, spend on Angularjs two or three hours each day.In a short time to

Introduction to. NET Standard

Straight . NET Standard is a set of APIs that all platforms must implement. This will be unified. NET platform and prevent future fragmentation. . NET Standard will also implement the. NET Framework,. NET Core, Xamarin. . NET

Nodejs+ timed screenshot + Send mail

The function is timed every day, and the intercepted images are sent automatically via email. Description code comments are very detailed, do not do more instructions, the need for friends to view the code, The main file mail.js, file

How to use JS to get the parameters of the query string in the browser URL

The first thing to know about location is the object and some of the properties in this object:HREF: Sets or returns the full URL. Like this blog home return Sets or returns the host name and port number of the

In Ubuntu PHP does not support the FreeType of the GD library, resulting in the page verification code cannot be loaded

1. Modify the sourceCp/etc/apt/sources.list/etc/apt/sources.list.bakVim/etc/apt/sources.listFirst delete the contents, then write the following:Deb Http:// main restricted universe multiverseDeb

[PHP] Phalcon Operation Demonstration

This article will demonstrate the following actions:Insert, Select, Update, calculation, Transaction, models Advanced, dev-tools, cookies[Insert](1)// in-model operations, data is a one-dimensional array of [' field ' = = ' value '].

JS PHP Mutual Tuning

1 JS way to call PHP file and get the value in PHPGive a simple example to illustrate: in the page a.html with the following sentence call: alert (jstext); in b.php has such a section of PHP code: when the a.html file is executed, the b.php file is

Git error: Git-error:rpc failed; Curl transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining solution

Error:rpc failed; Curl transfer closed with outstanding read data remainingBecause has the error when cloning by HTTP Protocol ( curl command).And, you should increment buffer size:git config --global http.postBuffer 524288000Cause: Due to HTTP

How do I use JMeter to call your Restful Web Service? Perform simple stress testing and automated testing

Representational state Transport (REST) is widely accepted in web development as a simple alternative to SOAP-based and Web Service Description Language (WSDL) Web services.What proves this is the pervasive adoption of REST in the interface design

asp: HTTP Basic Authentication

First, HTTP Basic authenticationHTTP Basic authentication, which is HTTP-Basic authentication.The client sends a request to the server that carries an authentication credential based on the username/password. The authentication voucher is in the

Use of the Get and post methods in httpclient-4.3.x

Transferred from:, IntroductionHttpClient is a sub-project under Apache Jakarta common to provide an efficient, up-to-date, feature-rich client programming toolkit that supports the HTTP protocol,

Cross-domain Learning note 3--web.config Settings system.webserver details, setting the default document for the site

I do not understand, in this first recorded, left to learn later ...How to: Configure section 2008-06-14 for IIS 7.0 22:26 to: Configure sections for IIS 7.0The system.webserver

Traditional Ajax is dead, Fetch eternal life

Forgive me for doing it once title party, Ajax will not die, traditional Ajax refers to XMLHttpRequest (XHR), the future is now replaced by the Fetch.Recently, Ali a TENS PV data products all moved by the JQuery $.ajax , the Fetch online one months

13 advantages and disadvantages of well-known PHP integrated environment, PHP integrated environment recommendation, PHP Green Integration Environment recommended

In the local testing site, there is an integrated environment direct testing is very convenient, below to recommend domestic and foreign various good PHP integration environmentRanked in no particular order!XAMPP Integrated EnvironmentDownload unzip

Parsing PHP built-in function compact with code

Read the description of the function compact () in the manual, which describes my understanding of the function in PHP code.The compact () can accept parameters for variable data, which can be a field string or an array that includes variable namesI

Primary key mapping and hibernate mapping

Component MappingsThe mapping of class composition relationships, also called component mappings!Note: The component class and the included component classes are mapped together into a table!Requirements: such as automobiles and wheelscode example:1,

Handy Packaging Tools Webpack

Webpack is a module packager, any static resources (js, css, pictures, Etc.) can be regarded as modules, and then can be interdependent between the modules, through the Webpack module processing, can be packaged into the static resources we

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