The difference between include () and require () in PHP

The use of require is as follows require("MyRequireFile.php"); . This function is usually placed at the front of the PHP program, and before the PHP program executes, it is read into the file specified by require to make it a part of the PHP program'

HTML 5 Video Tag full attribute detailed

Now if you want to use the video tag on the page, there are three things to consider, support for Ogg Theora or VP8 (Opera, Mozilla, Chrome), support for H. P (Safari, IE 9, Chrome), are not supported (IE6, 7, 8). OK, now let's get to know the HTML 5

5 days Learn Jaxws-webservice programming first day

Objective:With the gradual maturation of SOA,EAI and other architecture systems in recent years, WebService is becoming more and more hot, especially when the enterprise makes heterogeneous platform integration become the first choice

php function Gmstrftime () converts seconds to days

Http:// function Gmstrftime () converts seconds to days A scenario needs to use the countdown seconds, such as Sina Weibo license validity period remaining: 7 days 16 hours 47 minutes 42 seconds ...In PHP environment, PHP

I can't figure out what kind of relationship fastcgi and PHP-FPM are.

fpm check the relationship between FastCGI and php-fpm on the Internet, check for a week, the basic look at the times, it is very divergent opinions, there is no authoritative definition.Online some say,

Open phpMyAdmin Show advanced features not yet fully set some features not activated

Problem: Teacher, open phpMyAdmin show advanced features not yet fully set some features are not activated, how should I resolve?650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" 0.png "alt=

phpMyAdmin Tip "Unable to create the session in the event of an error, check the PHP or Web server logs and properly configure the PHP installation." ”

This is a problem that students encountered when they used Phpwamp. (other environment or set up to encounter this problem, the same way)In fact, this problem is not related to the Phpwamp itself , is the problem of computer settings, generally

Web Services Nginx and PHP interrelationships

Do not know the truth, only in this mountain, only to do PHP development to complete the business logic, may be trapped in the Web services of the mountain, are not aware of the operation of these services, mutual relations, especially if there is a

PHP Development Notes

Basic knowledge:Variable names must be $ identified by symbolsNaming conventions for variables:1. Variable names must begin with a letter or underscore "_", such as "$_name", "$name", "$name 2", etc., but "$9name" is not correct.2, the variable name

jquery Plugin anti-refresh countdown "Click to get verification code after 60 seconds to prohibit re-acquisition

jquery plug-in implementation "Click to obtain the verification code 60 seconds to prevent re-acquisition (anti-refresh)":First to the official website ( Download the cookie plugin, put in the corresponding folder,

Nginx and PHP-FPM start-up, restart, stop script sharing

This article mainly introduces Nginx and php-fpm start, restart, stop script sharing, the script contains start, stop, reload, restart and other common management methods, and can join the system service and then use SERVICEM command Management, A

What is the garbage collection mechanism of PHP?

PHP as the scripting language is the end of the page to release the memory of the variable. When a PHP thread ends, all memory space currently occupied is destroyed, and all objects in the current program are destroyed at the same time. GC processes

How the Web Works

1.web Working principle  I am learning PHP website Construction, then the site in the client and server run is the root of the site, the operation of the process is what? We'll do it!  Web: www (worldwideweb)  Server : We call the computer that

is the client or the server actively disconnecting during HTTP communication?

For example: IE access to IIS, get files, it must be to establish a connection, this connection after the completion of the communication, is the client close the connection, or the server close the connection. I used the program to simulate IE and

How jquery implements highlighting Web page keywords

The example in this paper describes how jquery implements highlighting Web page keywords. Share to everyone for your reference. Specific as follows:This is based on the jquery implementation of the highlight page search keyword code, when you enter

Linux System installation Configuration PHP service

Introduction :PHP (foreign name: Php:hypertext Preprocessor, Chinese name: "Hypertext Preprocessor") is a common open source scripting language. The grammar absorbs the C language, Java and Perl features, is conducive to learning, widely used,

JS Browser Session Access data

Vm.indexdata.indexId =ID; vm.indexdata.indexName=name;varTempindex =json.stringify (vm.indexdata); window.sessionstorage["Searchindex"] =Tempindex;//Call ValueJson.parse (Window.sessionStorage.getItem ("Searchindex"). Indexidjson.parse

Basic structure of 1html

DOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>title> Head> Body> Body>HTML> All browsers support infrastructure tagsFirst, declaring document specification types1, must be the first line of the HTML document,

Angularjs TEXTAREA remaining word count

The process of writing a page using the TextArea text field, suddenly remembered that he can also add the remaining word count of this function.The first way of thinking:Press down on the keyboard key to trigger a method count: can also enter

Hibernate Persistent Objects

Time: 2017-1-19-23:00--hibernate the state of a persisted class 1, a persisted class: an entity class that maps to a database. 2, hibernate to facilitate the management of persistent classes, the persistence class is divided into three states:  

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