Vim plugin Phpcheck installation and use-efficient checking of PHP syntax errors

1 Introduction When the PHP file is saved, the grammar check automatically, there are errors will prompt, no errors do not prompt. * Syntax Checker uses the system's PHP-L-n command; * does not work for non-PHP files;2 Downloads (vversion 1.1) http:/

PHP Engine Optimization

PHP Engine Optimization6.1.php Engine Cache optimizationFirst, there are 2 main factors that affect PHP efficiency. One: need to compile PHP source code to become opcode tree (opcode); second: PHP needs to read and write to the database,

Installing the LIGHTTPD Web server in Linux

LIGHTTPD is an open source Web server software. The LIGHTTPD is safe, fast, industry-standard, adaptable and optimized for high-configuration environments. LIGHTTPD consumes less memory than other Web servers, and stands out from many Web servers in

MFT Standard attribute data structure for the NTFS file system

The standard property of the MFT is the 0x10 property, which is a resident property. Because the type value of the Standard property is 0x10, the standard attribute is always the first property of the file or directory.This standard property

The Border-radius in CSS3

Re-identifying the Border-radius in CSS3  As you may all know, the Border-radius in CSS3 is used to define the fillet, and when I used Border-radius, I used the Border-radius with a parameter. But recently found that the original Border-radius can

HTTP/HTTPS Automatic Encryption Internet solution

Program Introductionthe software involved BIND: A popular domain name resolution server, we can set which domain names need to take the encrypted line. Stunnel: The TCP protocol is encrypted with TLS, that is, an encrypted line is

JS intercepts the parameters of the URL (turn from: )

How to get the Address bar parameters using JS (super Simple)Method One: Use regular expressions to get the address bar parameters: (highly recommended, both practical and convenient!) ) functionGetQueryString(name){     varreg =

PHP Regular expression pattern modifiers

The PHP pattern modifier, also known as the pattern modifiers, is used outside the delimiter of the regular expression. Mainly used to adjust the interpretation of regular expressions, to extend the regular expression in the matching, substitution

sprintf function PHP's detailed use method

PHP sprintf () functionFirst of all, why write the preface to this function, this is I developed in two times a token verification document is a sample document see a function, then very do not understand, then looked at Baidu, but a lot of results

PHP's OpenSSL encryption Extension usage summary

IntroductionIn the history of the Internet, security has always been a topic that developers attach great importance to, in order to achieve the security of data transmission, we need to ensure that the source (non-forgery request), data integrity

A simple PHP site configuration

A simple PHP site configurationNow let's look at a typical, simple PHP site, how Nginx chooses location for a request to handle:server {Listen 80;server_name;root/data/www;Location/{Index index.html index.php;}Location ~*

PHP curly braces (curly braces {}) are used in detail

One, no matter what the program, function name () {}, for () {}, .... It's too much to say and know what to use.The $STR {4} follows the variable of the string with the {} curly brace and the brackets [] as if the string variable is treated as an

List of common HTTP status codes

HTTP status CodeWhen a viewer accesses a webpage, the browser of the viewer makes a request to the server where the page is located. When a Web page is received and displayed by the browser, the server on which the page resides returns a message

Linux Server, PHP 10 great security Configuration practices

PHP is widely used in various web development. There are a variety of problems when the server-side script is misconfigured. Today, most Web servers are run in a Linux-based environment (e.g. Ubuntu,debian, etc.). This article cited the top ten best

How does PHP get the number of days difference between two dates?

We often need to get the number of days between two dates to make it easier for customers to know how many days are different from a certain time period, so the results are now becoming more and more popular. No longer shows the date as stiff as it

JSP9 a built-in object

The first object of the JSP is an out object to output information to the clientOut indicates the output of various data to the client//the output buffer can be managed by the page property to change the buffer out.println ("Out.print"); Out.newline

PHP static variable details (a)

What is static statically variable? (Below is the understanding in C language)The static variable type descriptor is static.static variables belong to static storage mode, Its storage space is a static data area in memory (allocation of storage

JS timestamp turns into date format

Convert a timestamp to a date format:A simple line of codevar date = new Date (timestamp); Get a Time object note: if the timestamp is uinx, remember to multiply at 1000. For example, PHP function time () to get the timestamp will be multiplied by 10

Simply talk about JSP

JSP is the abbreviation for Java Server pages ~1. IntroductionJSP is a Dynamic Web page technology built on the servlet specification Function. In other words, Java code and JSP tags are embedded in the Web file to generate dynamic Content. The JSP

Setter/getter Mode for JQuery 3.0

JQuery's Setter/getter share a function that shows what it means by passing a parameter. Simply speaking, it is a setter, not a getter.A function with many meanings is not uncommon in programming languages, such as function overloading : A set of

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