Repair of grub boot and modification of default startup items after Windows and Ubuntu are reinstalled

So I installed windows for him and then re-guided Ubuntu. The following is a record:Repair guided by gurb:1. Take an Ubuntu system USB flash drive or a CD. If you don't have one, burn it. How can I burn this article. 2. Restart to enter the USB

Windows cannot query the DllName registry key. It will not be loaded.

Today, this error occurs on windows 2003 Server: Windows cannot query the DllName registry key of {7B849a69-220F-451E-B3FE-2CB811AF94AE}. It will not be loaded. Logs and solutions are as follows: Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: UserenvEvent Type:

How to disable logon to the QQ chat system

  1. Use firewall to disable ports The default port used by QQ is UDP 4000. If you use a firewall to close the port, you cannot use QQ. You only need to open the port when you need to access the Internet. The following describes my use of "Kingsoft

Opera 10 is an excellent browser optimized for low-speed networks

Opera has recently launched the new Opera 10 browser! What is it like in other browsers? Today, we will give you a new experience on Opera 10. I must say that I am a new user of the Opera Web Browser. Of course, I have "used" many previous versions

Five Windows Multi-Start files and precautions windows SystemNowadays, more and more people are installing multiple boot systems, but few people fully know what the role of several important files in multiple boot systems is. The following is a simple introduction for the author. I

Two unconventional solutions for server slowdown

For websites, traffic is the pursuit, but for webmasters, server speed is fundamental. No Webmaster can tolerate server slowdown. As a server maintainer, I am very anxious when the server slows down. From the two recent attempts to solve server

Differences between Web servers and application servers

In general, Web server transfer (serves) pages allow browsers to browse. However, the application server provides client applications with the call method ). Specifically, you can say that the Web server specifically processes HTTP requests, but the

How to clear invalid and junk options in the right-click menu

Computer systems always need to install various types of software, right-click menus will become a battle for the military. Although many software provides the uninstall function, it is inevitable to leave some sequelae on the right-click menu. In

Install and deploy Windows Server AppFabric

The official version of Windows Server AppFabric has been released. I tested it today and told you about the problems encountered during the installation in the domain environment. I hope you will not take any detours.1, first download and install

"IP virtualization" in Remote Desktop Services and its Functions

When using the remote desktop service, multiple users can connect to the same server operating system through different sessions, so they share the same IP address. However, in this case, there are sometimes troubles, such: Some applications, such

What is the difference between WindowsPE and WindowsRE?

Do you often hear from experts about WinPE and PE, and sometimes people talk about RE or something? Do you sometimes feel confused? WinPE is windows preinstallation enviroment, windows pre-installation environment, windows recover enviroment is

How to Implement 301 redirection on a windows Virtual Host

I bought a space in the host house some time ago. It seems pretty good, but the virtual host is windows. After asking about the space, I said it does not support 301 redirection. The customer service said it could be implemented using a program,

Five methods for creating a. htaccess file in Windows

. Htaccess is the access control file of apache, httpd in apache. the conf option works with this file to perfectly implement access control for directories and sites. Of course, the most is the rewrite function, that is, URL rewriting, which is an

How to Set up WIFI for Windows 7 desktop computers with USB mini wireless network adapter

Since the arrival of Xiaomi's mobile phone, the time spent on Android has increased, especially for wireless Internet access. If you have a wireless router at home, you can watch a movie on your cell phone. Sometimes data transmission is required in

How to register an ordinary exe server program as a windows Service

Although most programs are written under freebsd and linux. However, we have encountered a problem in windows recently, that is, how to enable a server written in Go language to automatically start when the server is started on windows. Therefore,

Add static routes in windows

In Windows, love is like a pair of shoes on your feet. When you lose your foot, you will know what it is like to walk barefoot. it is risky to lie and be cautious when talking about it. Don't fall in love with a young man. He will treat you as a

Application of autohotkey in O & M

There will be a lot of tedious and repetitive interface operations during O & M. AutoHotkey can help O & M personnel to perform repeated operations well and flexibly. 1,,ahkscript Editor (strongly

Mount the sound card of the real machine to the Win7 Hyper-v Virtual Machine

I recently tested the voice function of Lync. The environment has been set up in a virtual machine, but the sound card is not supported in Hyper-V. the test has not been successful yet. After some attempts, the test is successful. The details are as

Installation of Windows blue Series

First, add the installation disc Copy the boot folder to the current system disk. Create the sources folder on the system disk, and copy the boot. Wim file in the sources folder to the created folder. Finally, copy the bootmgr file. If the two

The establishment of the VPN Server under WIN7 I am digging for myself again...

Let's first explain why this article has been written. Playing local network games with classmates usually uses various game combat platforms, such as haofang. However, anyone who has used this kind of things knows that it is difficult to grab a

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