Detailed explanation of how rsync synchronizes backup server files

Rsync is a foreign synchronization tool, which can be synchronized between platforms. Next I will introduce you to rsync in detail how to synchronize backup server files, for more information, see. Rsync is a fast incremental file transfer tool. It

Svn Method for modifying the new url address (linux, windows, centos)

This article introduces how to modify the new svn address. Here, you can modify the new address in linux, windows, and centos. If you are interested, refer to it. When the work environment is adjusted, sometimes the address of the SVN server needs

How can I load php5apache2_2.dll when Apache is started?

Today, the apache environment is configured in windows 2003, but the apache Log prompts that php5apache2_2.dll cannot be loaded. This problem is strange. Later I found it a problem with the compiling environment, next I will introduce the steps to

Operations on server certificate CA

Certificate issuing moduleI. experiment environment 1. IP address of the Certificate Server 2. IP address of the Web server 3. Client IP Address 4. access the Web site from the client Ii. Web server certificate application a) first trust CA 1.

An error occurred while initializing the & quot; application normally (0xc0000044) during windows startup & quot; failed to enter the system

Winows2003 fails to enter the desktop. When the user name and password are entered, the warning dialog box is displayed: The application is initialized normally (0xc0000044. A blue desktop is displayed. You can use Ctrl + Alt + Del to enter the task

Error memo _ Remote Desktop "connection to remote computer is interrupted. This may be caused by a network error. Connect to the remote computer again ."

Content Remote Desktop Connection to remote computer is interrupted. This may be caused by a network error. Connect to the remote computer again ." Software/hardware environment Error Analysis Solution  Remote Desktop Connection to

4 tips for uninstalling hidden NICs

1: edit the RegistryOpen the Hardware Device Manager and click "View> show hidden devices". The device List displays the old hardware list and opens the "Network Adapter ", right-click the translucent old ENI and choose "detach". Then, click

Perform authorization restoration for the deleted ad ds object

Information: After you delete a user account, this account will not be immediately deleted from the active directory database, but will be transferred to a hidden folder named deleted object in the Active Directory database, at the same time, this

Transfer the active directry database file

First, stop the ad ds service. Run the following command: net stop ntds: 1. After stopping the instance, enter ntdsutil and then the activate instance ntds command to activate the instance. 2. Enter the files command, and then run the command

Introduction to Diskpart Command Line Utilities

Set focus command Select You can use the select command to set the focus to the specified target. To obtain the focus type list, leave the type field blank. If no ID is specified, the current object in focus is displayed. Select disk [= n] You can

Group policies and some deployments

Group Policy 1. Prohibit R & D department from using USB to log on to other computers 2. Sales Department removable disk encryption 3. ntfs encryption of Finance Department 4. Force password policy. The manager uses the granular password policy,

Download iis log analysis software and big text cutting software

I found several log analysis software on the Internet and thought it was the simplest and practical, at least for me. However, this software has a disadvantage: When the log size is large, the detailed analysis may overflow and text cutting tools

Compatibility under Win7 platform development

1. Avoid using the GetVersion function whenever possible The internal version number of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is 6.1. Try to replace " C ++ A. Get the version number through GetVersionEx to determine &osvi, = &= ( (osvi.dwMajorVersion

Use a USB flash drive to install Windows 7 OS

The first article in this blog is to write a simple article starting with OS. Statement: This method is only applicable to windows 7 installation. Tool preparation1. Download a windows 7 system from the Internet. Preferably the pure version, not

ThinkPad pre-installed Windows 8 system models install Windows 7

Yesterday I bought Thinkpad x230 and pre-installed the win8 system. I was worried that many tools could not run on win8. So I wanted to install Windows 7. At first, I found that I needed to modify the BIOS, to enable the UEFI compatibility mode, you

More powerful command line WMIC than CMD

Prerequisites:A. Start the Windows Management Instrumentation Service and open the TCP135 port.B. the "Network Access: Local Account Sharing and security mode" in the Local Security Policy should be set to "classic-Local User Authentication ".1.

View System network connection open port, system process, DOS Open File

Problem description: DOS: view the services opened by the system's network connection Solution: (1) DOS Viewing System network connection opening port Note: Run the netstat command to view the opened ports. (2) view and close the process

KKCapture soft HD video

KKCapture is a free HD video recording software. Supports various game recording, desktop recording, and video recording. The operation is very simple. Software features [1] 1. Support for recording all games, including online games, web games,

Install Windows 7 on a mobile SSD (USB flash drive)

Because of work, sometimes two computers are needed to work, and most people engaged in development are those pursuing computer performance, so the laptop is naturally not light, not to mention the two. I have been suffering from two computers for

Takeown -- obtains the ownership of a file or folder

Forcibly change all files and folders in the current directory and the owner of subfolders to administrators. command:Takeown/f */a/r/d y Change the NTFS permissions of all files and subfolders in the d: \ documents ents directory to full control

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