Enhanced Functions of virtual hosts in Nginx + PHP5.3

If you are using Nginx and use multiple websites on one server, you may be worried about the security of the server and may feel that Nginx + php is not suitable for the deployment of multiple sites. There is no restriction on open_basedir for

How to solve the problem that the Server Remote Desktop exceeds the maximum number of connections

This article introduces a variety of methods to tell you how to solve the problem that the Server Remote Desktop exceeds the maximum number of connections. If you encounter such problems, refer to it. [Solution]1. Find a windows2003 machine that can

Common commands for manual Antivirus On windows Servers

As a webmaster, we sometimes need to manually clear some viruses on the server. Now we sort out the website resources as follows, hope that the article "commands for manual Antivirus On windows servers" will help vps host and server hosting users

Phpmyadmin solution for importing SQL files larger than 2 MB

In phpmyadmin, the default imported database file can only be 2 MB or less, but most of our data files will be 2 MB or more. Let's take a look at several different solutions. The simplest way is In the PHPMYADMIN Section Open the import. php file on

Zend Framework settings (apache/rewrite rule)

This article introduces a simple set of Zend Framework (apache/rewrite rule). If you need it, refer to the examples. Edit the C: WINDOWSSystem32driversetchosts file and add a domain, such as audit. local.Modify the apache configure file.

How to set the default homepage of a website on the iis server

In the iisenvironment, there will be both the first page (index.htm,default.htm), but sometimes we may need to design indexes such as index. asp, index. php, index. aspx and other such home pages need to be modified by ourselves. The following is a

How to Implement Apache 301 redirection

We know that apache has several places to implement virtual host configuration, but to implement 301 redirection, we know that there are at least three places to implement, vhosts. conf, httped. conf ,. in the htaccess file, the following describes

IIS7 maximum file upload size settings

We know that to set the size of the uploaded file in iis7, we only need to modify two parameters: maxRequestLength and maxAllowedContentLength. The following is a reference. When uploading a file larger than 30 mb, the server redirects to the 404.13

. Htaccess does not work in apache

Today, I want to test the use of. htaccess to support some rules in my own local environment. However, all. htaccess does not work. After searching for a long time, I got a solution. I will share it with you. Find the apache configuration file httpd.

How to disable dangerous port 137,138,139 in windows

The easiest way to close a 137,138,139 dangerous port is: choose "start"> "Settings"> "network and dial-up connections"> "Local Connection"> "TCP/IP properties"> "advanced"> "WINS", and select "Disable NETBIOS on TCP/IT" to view the currently opened

Solution to Service Unavailable on the IIS Site

When a friend sees the Service Unavailable prompt, the general response is that the website is invalid, but the real problem is whether the Service Unavailable is prompted in English. Of course not. Let's share the solution to this problem. Today,

Use Flash media server 4.5 to configure a Streaming media server

Streaming media servers need to be operated using some components. The following describes how to use Flash media server 4.5 to configure streaming media servers. For more information, see. The company's internal training system requires a video

Solution to service unavailable on the website

Most of the problems with the service unavailable on the website are caused by excessive connections or iis server resource configuration. Next I will introduce the solution for the service unavailable on the website. For more information, see.

Detailed explanation of how rsync synchronizes backup server files

Rsync is a foreign synchronization tool, which can be synchronized between platforms. Next I will introduce you to rsync in detail how to synchronize backup server files, for more information, see. Rsync is a fast incremental file transfer tool. It

How to modify the default tomcat Homepage

After tomcat is installed, the default homepage is index. However, if you want to modify or add a default homepage, you can refer to the following method to solve the problem. The tomcat Management page is accessed through ip: port. Other projects

Configuration of IIS 7.0 + PHP + Mysql in 64-bit Windows

This article introduces how to configure IIS 7.0 + PHP + Mysql in 64-bit Windows, if you are using iis7 and need to run php, you can load a php program using iis to run the php program in iis.   I. PHP installation 1. decompress the downloaded PHP

Website prompt: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) Error Analysis

Generally, when we see a Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) error on the website, we will say that it is iis. If there is a problem with apache, the solution to this problem in iis is probably: IIS> default website> Properties> website> IP Address: (all

Configure the Python runtime environment in Windows, which is only 700KB

Next we can quickly configure the Python runtime environment with a super small kb Python package. The following section will introduce the specific operation process. Python on Windows has not been compiled before. Generally, py2exe and pyinstaller

IIS6 rewrite is normal, but the rewrite rule is invalid. Solution

Today, I encountered a very strange problem. I successfully configured IIS6 rewrite in iis, but it was invalid when I added the rewrite rule, after finding out the cause and solution of the problem for a long time, I will introduce it to

How can I load php5apache2_2.dll when Apache is started?

Today, the apache environment is configured in windows 2003, but the apache Log prompts that php5apache2_2.dll cannot be loaded. This problem is strange. Later I found it a problem with the compiling environment, next I will introduce the steps to

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