Diagram of pseudo-static iis configuration on windows Server

This article introduces the iis pseudo-static configuration method downloaded from windows. The following uses windows 2003 configuration as a tutorial to show you how to operate iis in graphic form. , [Configure pseudo-static steps] 1.

Iis 301 permanent redirection graphic tutorial

This article provides 301 redirection in the form of text and text. I have talked about many related tutorials before. Let's take a look at the implementation method of 301 permanent orientation. For a domain name with or without www, a search

On Windows IIS, how does one set the cdn cache expiration time?

This article introduces how to set the cdn cache expiration time for Windows IIS. If you need it, refer to the following. 1. Open IIS Manager2. Select the website you want to set and click Properties to open the site properties menu.3. Click the

Iis image anti-Leech and File Download resource anti-leech

Generally, our website has two types of anti-leech protection: Anti-image leeching and anti-file leeching. Next we will introduce in detail their practices in iis. The Code is as follows: Copy code RewriteCond Host: (.

Update iis6 to iis7 date format in windows

This article describes how to upgrade iis6 to the iis7 date format in windows. When the system is upgraded from the IIS6.0 platform to IIS7 (. netframework2.0 to 4.0), Windows Server may encounter conversion of the date format originally displayed

Multiple Solutions for sharing port 80 between apache and iis

This article introduces how to enable both iis and apache to use port 80 on the server. If you need it, refer to this article. Method 1: IIS5, coexistence under multiple IP addresses, IIS is, apache is original addressC:

How to configure website and website permissions in iis

This article uses phpmyadmin as an example to show you how to configure a website under iis step by step, and then add php running permissions to the website. If you need this, refer to it. I. Create a directory on the d: disk named phpmyadmin, and

Solutions to some strange problems in IIS 7.5

This article introduces some solutions to some strange problems in IIS 7.5. If you need to know more about these solutions, refer to the introduction section. Problem description: If you deploy the WCF Service file ---. svc in IIS 7.5 for the first

Install and configure the python development environment and Ulipad development tools in windows

Install and configure the python development environment and Ulipad development tools in windows. For more information, see. I recently started to learn Python and found a better IDE on the Internet. because C # is developed in production and Visual

QQ cannot automatically hide the solution under win7

In windows 7, QQ cannot be automatically supported like xp or other windows systems. Many friends will solve this problem, next, let's take a look at how to automatically hide qq in Windows 7. Have you used WIN7 64-bit? Figure: The above method

How to configure tcp connection for the maximum number of concurrent users in Apache

The httpd_mpm.conf file is in the \ conf \ extra file of your apache installation, and is still in the apache httpd. conf # Include conf/extra/httpd-mpm.conf before # Oh. During configuration and compilation, Apache can select the desired MPM module

Enable Mod Rewrite and. htaccess in apache

The Mode Rewrite module of Apache provides a Rewrite engine based on regular expression analyzer to Rewrite URL requests in real time. Manager Introduction Apache module mod_rewriteDescribes an engine for real-time URL rewriting requests based on

Summary of startup failure errors in Apache

This article summarizes various solutions to Apache startup failure error logs. For more information, see. Apache startup failure Error Log:The Apache service named reported the following error:>>> Httpd.exe: cocould not reliably determine the

Enabling iis7 to support php configuration in windows

In windows, the most common php method must be supported. One is to run apache independently, and the other is to load php files through iis, so that the iis server can support both php and asp, asp.net. Next I will introduce how to enable iis to

Summary of several methods supported by WCF added in IIS8

You can add several methods to the IIS8 to summarize the supported methods. For more information, see. Method 1 Recently, Silverlight and Windows Phone applications were transplanted to the Windows 8 platform, and some traditional WCF Service

How to Create a. htaccess file in Windows

In windows, we know that you cannot create a file without a main file name. If you want to create a file in windows. for the htaccess file, we have to find other methods. I will summarize them below. htaccess creation methods. The following methods:

View DirectAdmin log paths in various systems

This article collects the solutions to various problems in the DirectAdmin Log Path in common systems. For more information, see. You can use the admin Log Viewer to view the default Log files. You can also use ssh to view the log file list as

Serv-U6.4 management password forgot how to do

This article to introduce everyone to the Serv-U6.4 management password forgot how to do, there is a need to know friends can refer. A 2003 Server, configured to install the serv-u6.4, the management password of the console was forgotten. Solution:

Summary of how to create a. htaccess file in Windows

In windows, it seems that we cannot create a file without a file name. there are other methods for creating the htaccess file. I will introduce how to create the file in Windows. htaccess file methods. You can create multiple methods: 1. There are

Iis website prompts Internal Server Error

Today, a customer's website can be accessed at the front-end, but it cannot be accessed at the back end. When the page is opened, an Error message indicating Internal Server Error is displayed. After that, he found N methods to solve the problem and

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