Solution: The dell server cannot recognize 4G memory

Some friends may be like me. The 4 GB memory used on the dell server cannot be identified. Let's take a look at the solution. Server: Dell™PowerEdge™860 system: windows 2003 R2 problem: Version 2003r2 is installed. 4G memory can be identified in

Iis configuration pseudo-static graphic tutorial

This article describes how to configure pseudo-static images and text in iis. If you do not know how to configure pseudo-static iis, refer to this article. 1. [System Environment] operating system: windows2003 software: iis 6.0. net2.0 and above 2. [

Enable apache/iis servers to support wap sites

In fact, there is no difference between the wap site and the web site. We only need to add the content type (MIME) in iis/apache. Let's take a look at the example and the tutorial below. Here, we use the most typical IIS server as an example:To

Static server configuration of Rewrite under apache and iis in PHP

This article uses Discuz! URL static describes the static rules of apache and iis servers in php. If you need them, refer to this article. Iscuz! The URL static function is restricted by the server environment where the forum is located. Before

PHP environment configuration text tutorial on windows Server

This article describes in detail how to install the php environment on a windows server. Step 2: extract php5.0 to a local machine, for example:     Step 2: copy the php folder to drive C,

How to configure basic security permissions for windows Servers

This article introduces how to configure the most basic installation permissions for windows servers. If you want to Configure permissions, refer to "Permissions. 1. Leave all drive letters on the server to Administrators.2. Disable the server,

Install iis7 in windows to configure the php environment graphic tutorial

Many server administrators need to re-configure the php environment in the iis7 environment. Today, let's take a look at how to quickly implement iis7 configuration and re-configure the php environment in the iis7 environment using text formats, let

How to Use virtualora in Virtualbox to access shared folders in windows

This article introduces how to use virtualora in Virtualbox to access shared folders in windows. For more information, see. Today, I want to try the tr command to delete the "^ M" symbol in the windows file, and consider mounting the folder under

Describes how to install the plug-in MyEclipse7.5.

MyEclipse7 no longer provides link installation Since 7.0, but installs the plug-in by writing configuration information to the file. The procedure is as follows: 1. Download the plug-in you need. Its structure must be consistent with

How to configure and access the Mongodb configuration file in windows

This article introduces how to configure and access the Mongodb configuration file in windows. For more information, see. Sqlserver/42852.htm target = _ blank> Mongodb configuration file Configuration:Step 1: create a file in the "D: Mongodb"

How to configure the Nginx + php environment in Windows 7

For more information about how to configure the Nginx + php environment in Windows 7, see. I. preparations: OS: Windows 7 SP1 Nginx: nginx-1.3.5 Php: php-5.4.6 Decompress to D: php and change php. ini-production to php.

Install iis Rewrite component (Rewrite. dll) in windows

This article describes in detail the installation process of iis Rewrite component (Rewrite. dll) in windows through text. If you need it, refer to it.   Usage: 1. Download and decompress the compressed package     2. Upload the extracted file

Enabling iis7 to support php configuration in windows

In windows, the most common php method must be supported. One is to run apache independently, and the other is to load php files through iis, so that the iis server can support both php and asp, Next I will introduce how to enable iis to

How does apache bind multiple domain names?

We know that many webmasters put N sites on one server, so we must bind one server to multiple domain names. Let me introduce them below. Open http. conf1. Change ServerName to ServerName, # modify NameVirtualHost * to

How to install sqlalchemy in python in windows

This article describes how to install sqlalchemy in python in windows and how to prepare tools before installing sqlalchemy. For more information, see For windows operating systems, install easy_install first. . Install setuptools (easy_install ):A.

Solution to restart when port 80 of apache is occupied

All users who use WEB servers know that port 80 is a port used for external access by users, such as apache and iis. Sometimes port 80 is used by thunder, next, I will introduce to you that in windiws, linux Server apache port 80 is occupied and

View DirectAdmin log paths in various systems

This article collects the solutions to various problems in the DirectAdmin Log Path in common systems. For more information, see. You can use the admin Log Viewer to view the default Log files. You can also use ssh to view the log file list as

How to configure mysql in php in Windows/linux

Today, we will introduce the configuration of the apache environment. We will only introduce how to configure mysql in php so that your php can support mysql, if you have not configured a connection to the database, the following error occurs: Fatal

Local IIS Authentication Server Application Error Solution

The Error message "Server Application Error" is displayed on the local iis Authentication Server when you use IIS. I will share my solution here. I hope this method will be useful to you. Local IIS authentication. After cancellation, exit: Server

Windows cannot start iis admin service on a local computer

Today, I copied iis directly after copying two hard disks, but my World Wide Web Hing Service and IIS Admin Service cannot be started, and then I found some solutions. Problem description After hard disk check: The World Wide Web Publishing Service

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