How to retrieve a password after a computer forgets the password

Collect common password cracking methods for computer operations:I. Forgot the Windows logon PasswordCountermeasure in WinXP: Delete the SAM file under system32 config in the system installation directory and restart the system. At this time, the

What is the role of the hibernate file hiberfil. sys? How can I clear it?

What is the role of the hibernate file hiberfil. sys? How can I clear it? Is the system disk space insufficient recently? How can I simply delete the system Sleep file? Recently, I was reminded by Windows that "the system disk space is insufficient"

Windows cannot connect to the System Event Notification Service.

I came to the company early in the morning, and the boot speed was so fast that I suddenly got into the desktop. After a few minutes, I finally got into the desktop, and suddenly jumped out with the prompt: "Windows cannot connect to the System

Windows Command shutdonwn

Take a detailed look at the usage of c to achieve this, without the need for at commandsFor example: shutdonwn-s-t 3600Shutdown in 1 hourNote: The shutdown command at 2000 is invalid.========================================================== ========

Where is the debugger or Host application running in firefox?

Solution: Copy NPSWF32.dll from C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ Macromed \ Flash \ to the C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ plugins \ folder.Upgrade Flash Player to the latest version.Flash Player 10 Debugger downloadFlash Player 10 ActiveX control

Windows Group policy cannot be started

The basic principle of "Group Policy" is to modify the corresponding configuration items in the Registry to achieve the purpose of configuring the computer, and it is safer, more convenient, and more flexible than manually modifying the registry,

What if the Start Menu disappears on the desktop?

The tutorial recently helped them solve computer problems and found that people who are not familiar with the computer did not know what to delete, as a result, the Start Menu disappears. You can only press the Windows logo key to see

TIPS: several methods to make the modified registry take effect immediately

  Fire Station Building Institute ( Windows documentationWindows OS is the most widely used software in the world. It is essential for computer operators to be familiar with Windows software. The Registry is very important as a "Windows

Effectively reduces computer crashes or blue screens from two aspects

Fire Station building school ( NewsComputer crashes are a headache for all computer enthusiasts. The frequent blue screens and frequent crashes of computers, and the restart once and again are very annoying. Moreover, the hardware loss

How to install Memcache software in Windows

Many phper tutorials on Liehuo. Net do not know how to build a Memcache development and debugging environment in Windows. Recently, I personally have been studying Memcache and recorded the process of self-Installation and setup. In fact, when I

How to install PHP + MYSQL on windows2000 (IIS Version)

The iis,php4and mysqlsoftware packages are Windows2000 (p) + IIS 5.O 1: Install mysql After setup all is OK but run: C: mysqlbinmysqld-nt.exe -- install programs under the start button =

Optimize mobile phone Windows mobile 6.0 Registry Modification

Windows Mobile series machines can improve many functions only by modifying the registry. Next we will share with you the "WM6 Registry Modification Daquan ". Reaching S1 Note: before unlocking, some Registry Permissions cannot be modified.

How to Use the WordPress theme editing tool Stiqr

Helper House ( WordPress tutorial,In the previous article, we briefly introduced Stiqr. This article will introduce its usage in detail. The simplest blank page is used as an example to describe how to use Stiqr. Preparation page First, we

DirectX: problems caused by memory and large memory size

Today, more and more enthusiasts choose large memory and large graphics cards to assemble their own computers. In fact, for the moment, it is not a good thing to look at large memory and video memory, large Memory and video memory can also cause

Why do I need to press F1 to access the system after the computer is started? How can this problem be solved?

Today, a netizen asked about the fire, saying that her computer had to press the F1 key every time it was started to enter the system. I don't know why. The fire explained the simple cause to her: the reason is that the settings in BIOS are

Windows salad: implementation principle of File Association

When you double-click a file in Windows, if a program is associated with the file extension, the associated program is used to open the file. How is it implemented internally? I will give you a brief introduction today. Everything is in the Registry

How To: view the folder size through the Resource Manager

Today's article is short, but it actually solves most of the Shell and Windows UI issues. The question is, "Why can't I view the folder size through Windows resource manager ?" The simplest answer is: "The design of Microsoft is successful ". You

Solution to Uac and Automatic startup in win7

During the use process, we will find that if you write the Exe with Uac into the Run of the registry, it cannot be automatically started upon startup, because the exe with Uac needs to apply for administrator permissions, in order to run the

How to add a virtual Nic in xp and win7

1. Add a virtual Nic to xp Step 1: start --> set --> control panel --> Add hardware: Step 2: Select Yes. The hardware is connected. Step 3: Select Add hardware device from the drop-down list. Step 4: Select "install hardware (advanced) M selected

Windows 8 system comes with Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Have you heard of virtual machines ?! There are many such software, such as birtualbox, virtualPC, vmware, and so on. They are also widely used, from commercial server management to personal installation and running of various systems and software

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