Graphics function Library: Imagestringup

Imagestringup (PHP3, PHP4) imagestringup---& ">nbsp; Draw a vertical string syntax: int imagestringup (int im, int font, int x, int y, string s, int co ...)

Graphics function Library: Imagepsbbox

Imagepsbbox (PHP3 >= 3.0.9, PHP4 >= 4.0rc1) imagepsbbox---& HTML >nbsp; use PostScript Type1 font to get text rectangle block block banner: Array Imagepsbbox ...

Graphics function Library: Imagefilltoborder

Imagefilltoborder (PHP3, PHP4) imagefilltoborder---& "> nbsp; Fills up to the specified color syntax: int imagefilltoborder (int im, int x, int y, int border, in ...).

Graphics function Library: imagestring

Imagestring (PHP3, PHP4) imagestring---& ">nbsp; Draw horizontal string Syntax: int imagestring (int im, int font, int x, int y, string s, int col) description ...

Graphics function Library: Imagepolygon

Imagepolygon (PHP3, PHP4) imagepolygon---& ">nbsp; Draw a polygon syntax: int imagepolygon (int im, array points, int num_points, int col) Description: I.

Graphics function Library: Imagefilledrectangle

Imagefilledrectangle (PHP3, PHP4) imagefilledrectangle---& " >nbsp; Create a rectangle and fill the color syntax: int imagefilledrectangle (int im, int x1, int y1,...

Graphics function Library: Imagesetpixel

Imagesetpixel (PHP3, PHP4) imagesetpixel---& ">nbsp; Set single pixel syntax: int imagesetpixel (int im, int x, int y, int col) Description: Imagesetpixel (...

Graphics function Library: Imageloadfont

Imageloadfont (PHP3, PHP4) imageloadfont---& ">nbsp; Load new font syntax: int imageloadfont (string file) Description: Imageloadfont () load a make ...

Graphics function Library: Imagefilledpolygon

Imagefilledpolygon (PHP3, PHP4) imagefilledpolygon---& "> nbsp; Create a polygon and fill the color syntax: int imagefilledpolygon (int im, array points, int nu ...

Graphics function Library: Imagerectangle

Imagerectangle (PHP3, PHP4) imagerectangle---& ">nbsp; Draw a rectangular syntax: int imagerectangle (int im, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int col) ...

Graphics function Library: imageline

Imageline (PHP3, PHP4) imageline---& ">nbsp; Draw a line syntax: int imageline (int im, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int col) Description: Imageline (...

Graphics function Library: Imagefill

Imagefill (PHP3, PHP4) imagefill---& ">nbsp; Coloring syntax for graphics: int Imagefill (int im, int x, int y, int col) Description: Imagefill () in graphics IM, color col ...

Graphics function Library: Imagepstext

Imagepstext (PHP3 >= 3.0.9, PHP4 >= 4.0rc1) imagepstext---& HTML >nbsp; use PostScript Type1 font to draw literal string syntax on graphics: array imagepstext ...

Graphics function Library: imageinterlace

Imageinterlace (PHP3, PHP4) imageinterlace---& ">nbsp; Toggle interleaved syntax on or off: int imageinterlace (int im [, int interlace]) Description: Imageinterlace (...

Graphics function Library: Imagedestroy

Imagedestroy (PHP3, PHP4) Imagedestroy---& ">nbsp; End graphics Syntax: int imagedestroy (int im) Description: Imagedestroy () frees any memory associated with graphics IM, IM is made by imagec ...

Graphics function Library: Imagepsslantfont

Imagepsslantfont (PHP3 >= 3.0.9, PHP4 >= 4.0rc1) imagepsslantfont---& Aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Italic font Syntax: bool Imagepsslantfont (int font_index, D ...)

Graphics function Library: imagejpeg

Image ">jpeg (PHP3 >= 3.0.16, PHP4 >= 4.0rc1) ImageJPEG--- Output graphics to the refer or file syntax: int imagejpeg (int im [, string filename [, int q ...)

Graphics function Library: imagedashedline

Imagedashedline (PHP3, PHP4) imagedashedline---& ">nbsp; Draw Dash Syntax: int imagedashedline (int im, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int col ...

Graphics function Library: Imagepsextendfont

Imagepsextendfont (PHP3 >= 3.0.9, PHP4 >= 4.0rc1) imagepsextendfont---& Aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Extend or Shorten font syntax: bool imagepsextendfont (int font_in ...

Graphics function Library: imagepng

Imagepng (PHP3 >= 3.0.13, PHP4 >= 4.0b4) imagepng---& " >nbsp; Output PNG graphics to the refer or file syntax: int imagepng (int im [, string filename]) description ...

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