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Compression function library: Gzpassthru

Gzpassthru (PHP3, PHP4) gzpassthru---& ">nbsp; Output all remaining data syntax: int gzpassthru (int ZP) Description: Reads the file metrics to the end of the file and writes the results to the standard output. Returns False if an error occurs. ...

XML function library: Xml_get_error_code

Xml_get_error_code Gets the XML error code. Syntax: int xml_get_error_code (int parser); Return value: integer function kind: Data processing content Description This function can get the error code that XML is processing. Parameter parser to parse code. Return false value if parser wrong, otherwise return error code (such as Xml_error_binary_entity_ref ...).

vmailmgr function Library: Vm_deluser

Vm_deluser (PHP3, PHP4 <= 4.0.0) vm_deluser---& ">nbsp; Remove virtual consumer syntax: int vm_deluser (string vdomain, string username) Description: Remove a virtual user.

URL function library: parse_url

Parse_url (PHP3, PHP4) parse_url---& ">nbsp; Parse the URL and return its component syntax: Array parse_url (string url) Description: This function returns a combination of arrays, returns the various components of the URL, including "Schem ..."

String function Library: strcspn

STRCSPN (PHP3 >= 3.0.3, PHP4) strcspn---& ">nbsp; Find the length syntax for the first part of the alignment: int strcspn (String str1, String str2) Description: Returns the length of the original str1 part, ...

String function Library: sscanf

SSCANF (PHP4 >= 4.0.1) sscanf---& ">nbsp; Parse string syntax by format: Mixed sscanf (String str, string format [, String var1 ...]) Description: sscanf () loss ...

String function Library: get_html_translation_table

Get_html_translation_table (PHP4 >= 4.0b4) get_html_translation_table---& Aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Returns the conversion table syntax used by Htmlspecialchars () and Htmlentities (): ...

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_endbutton

Swf_endbutton (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) Swf_endbutton---& ">nbsp ; Ends the definition syntax for the current button: void Swf_endbutton (void); Description: Swf_endbutton () ends the current definition of the button.

Shockwave Flash function Library: swf_shapefillbitmapclip

Swf_shapefillbitmapclip (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_shapefillbitmapclip---& /37954.html ">nbsp; Set the way to fill a bitmap that omits a portion of the current syntax: void Swf_shapefillbitmapclip (I.)

Shockwave Flash function Library: Swf_mulcolor

Swf_mulcolor (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) swf_mulcolor---& ">nbsp; Sets the specified variety of color values RGBA syntax: void Swf_mulcolor (float R, float g, float B, float a) description ...

Perl compatible formal expression function library: Preg_match

Preg_match string Alignment parsing. Syntax: int preg_match (string pattern, string subject, array [matches]); return value: Integer/Array function kind: Data processing & ">nbsp; content description This function patter ...

GNU readline function Library: readline_read_history

Readline_read_history (PHP4 >= 4.0b4) readline_read_history---& ">nbsp; Read logging Syntax: boolean readline_read_history (string filename) description ...

GNU readline function Library: ReadLine

ReadLine (PHP4 >= 4.0b4) readline---& ">nbsp; Read string Syntax: String ReadLine ([string prompt]) Description: This function returns a string from the user, you can specify a hint (prompt) user's ...

PDF function Library: pdf_begin_page

Pdf_begin_page starting PDF File page. Syntax: boolean pdf_begin_page (int pdfid, double height, double width); Return value: Boolean function kind: Special file format & ">nbsp; content description This function ...

PDF function Library: Pdf_stroke

Pdf_stroke lines along the vector. Syntax: boolean pdf_stroke (int pdfid); Return value: Boolean function kind: Special file format & ">nbsp; Description This function follows the current vector and paints a line. Parameter Pdfid to PDF file code. Reference PDF_CL ...

PDF function Library: pdf_open_jpeg

Pdf_open_jpeg opens the ">jpeg map file. Syntax: int pdf_open_jpeg (int pdfid, string filename); Return value: Integer function type: Special file format Content Description This function is used to open a graphics file in JPEG format. Parameter Pdfid to PDF ...

Network Function Library: gethostbyaddr

Gethostbyaddr (PHP3, PHP4) gethostbyaddr---& ">nbsp; 21163.html "> Host name Syntax: String gethostbyaddr (String ip_address) Description: Return the parameter ...

MCrypt encoding function library: MCRYPT_CBC

MCRYPT_CBC use CBC to add/Decrypt data. Syntax: string MCRYPT_CBC (int cipher, string key, string data, int mode, string [IV]); Return value: String function kind: Encoding processing & ">NB ...

Mail function library: Mail

Mail (PHP3, PHP4) Mail---& ">nbsp; communicated email syntax: BOOL Mail (string to, string subject, String message [, String additional_headers]) description ...

LDAP function library: ldap_get_entries

Ldap_get_entries obtain full return information. Syntax: array ldap_get_entries (int handle, int result_identifier); Return value: Array function type: "> Network system Content Description This function is used to obtain all return data for LDAP. Parameters ...

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