Long its software turns the board to cause "new Sanbanxi" Gold rush

Long the news of its software IPO, the investor's gaze once again to the "New Sanbanxi" Zhongguancun Science Park share price transfer pilot. In addition, the "New Sanbanxi" market in the purple Guanghua Yu is expected to become one of the first enterprises to land the gem. Compared to the motherboard, "New Sanbanxi" enterprises, the valuation is almost half the price.  The reporter learned that some large households have begun to wenfengerdong, plans in the "New Sanbanxi" gold. The new Sanbanxi first single transfer board by the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved, long its software yesterday released a A-share prospectus, will issue 15.3 million shares, issued in the Shenzhen SME board ...

Chuan Hua video media 140 million US dollars copy bottom WorldCom Warner

This newspaper has only been informed that the Chinese media (NASDAQ:VISN) is brewing the merger of WorldCom Warner. A person close to the transaction told us that the purchase price was set at 140 million U.S. dollars, the second half of the situation changed, the negotiations are deadlocked. "Order pricing controversy, because WorldCom Warner listed stranded, investors eager to cash in, which also became the weight of China's media negotiations." Both sides are still touching each other's cards.  "he said. Analysys International analyst Zhouhaiquan provided to reporters that in the field of mobile bus advertising, the Chinese media currently accounts for about 40% of the market share, WorldCom Warner ...

The coal plate continues to have a strong stock trend gap is not big

The early plate of the coal plate continued strong, the plate in a broad line of shares, but the overall gap is not large, constant source coal, but not more than 5%, the state cast a Xinji, China Shenhua, coal Energy, Orchid Branch and other major market stocks rose in front.

Minmetals Hai Qin: Zhengmai fall attention to support below

On the international front, the United States and wheat fall back, follow the other agricultural products slightly cloudy, September contract closed at 534.6 cents per bushel, down 1.4%, technically, 550 cents per bushel of the whole number of the suppression, the short term is still difficult to overcome, the future is expected to be in this interval for a period of turbulence. On the news side, according to the Argentine Rosario Grain exchange, Argentina's wheat and corn production in 2009/10 could be well below normal levels, while soybean production is expected to grow. The exchange is expected to grow 2.75 million hectares of wheat, with output expected to be 7.4 million tonnes. This is less than 20 ...

Merrill Lynch maintains conch cement weaker than the target price of HK $41

Merrill Lynch maintained the conch cement <00914.HK> weaker than the broad market rating, maintaining the target price of HK $41. Because of the possibility of small rise, high valuations. said that the conch cement failed in the second quarter to raise cement prices, unit gross profit year-on-year decline of 10 yuan/ton, as supply growth exceeded demand growth. If cement prices do not rise by 10% in the quarter to the next peak, conch Cement may not be profitable for the year 08 and less than Merrill expected. The company's fiscal year 10 is unlikely to boost profitability because of faster supply growth and slower infrastructure spending.

China Sea Fu Franklin Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index enhanced Fund approved

The Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 index enhanced Securities Investment Fund has been approved by the CSRC for approval today.  The fund is the seventh of Franklin's products and will be the tenth Index fund to track the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 index. It is reported that the wealth of the FTSE 300 index enhanced funds will be issued closely tracking the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index, and the adoption of triple-enhanced strategy, based on the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index, through the position adjustment, industry allocation, stock selection and other optimization portfolio, and strive to surpass the index, to obtain excess income The already approved wealth of the 300 index enhanced funds are also ...

BOC Hong Kong to pay HK $3.63 billion to buy back Lehman Mini Debt

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited said in Wednesday that it would pay about HK $3.63 billion to retail investors to buy back the mini bond products of Lehman Brothers.  BOC Hong Kong has reached a deal with Hong Kong's financial regulator, the largest distributor of Hong Kong's Lehman Brothers mini Bond. BOC Hong Kong said it had paid 518 million Hong Kong dollars to 2,591 customers and would also be contributing HK $3.11 billion to buy back the mini-bond products. The bank will make additional provision, which has included a $675 million provision for the year.

Petrochemical CWB1 plunge to lead down warrants plate

Warrants plate end of the rally, today appears to adjust the trend, the afternoon petrochemical CWB1 rapid decline, up to 14:15 to 1.868 yuan, down 9.52%, lead down warrants plate. Plate in the Gezhou CWB1, Jiang Copper CWB1 and ZTE ZXC1 can barely support, performance for the rise, the other warrants varieties are in a downward state.

This week, 8 new board offerings

Cologne Pharmaceutical single account subscription capital limit of more than 4 million Yuan Xie Lu Kam after last week's Dan Zhou consecutive 8 new shares, this week, there are 8 new shares issued. In line with last week's release, the 8 IPOs were also released in two batches in Monday and Wednesday this week.  As of the next Monday, May 31, has arranged for another 4 new shares issued, and participate in the Monday new shares online subscription to the new subscription in Wednesday, and can only participate in the next Monday of the new shares purchase, therefore, from the beginning of last week's IPO arrangements clearly show "to play new shares" funds clock. Many experienced investors send ...

Undergraduates ' employment Stress Survey 20% tolerance 0 monthly salary

The students lined up for the internship. Our correspondent Pan (reporter Chen Yu) yesterday, Beijing Team Municipal Committee, Beijing Youth Pressure Management Service center jointly released 2010 University Students Employment Pressure Survey Report, the report showed that this year's college students to find a more realistic attitude, undergraduate education in the crowd willing to accept 0 monthly salary ratio reached 20%, and last year's 1.2%  than the big climb. Expect a monthly salary close to reality Beijing Youth Pressure Management Service center Director Xinghanzhong introduced, survey data from more than 5,300 questionnaires and by telephone form to Beijing University part ...

Aerospace mechanical and electrical huge volume of 1.8 billion to seize the photovoltaic heights

The afternoon aerospace electrical and mechanical is a huge seal, the unit is a space military background and photovoltaic new energy in a variety, so will stimulate the aerospace industry and the two major plate stocks active.  As of 14:39, 14.97 Yuan was reported, up 9.99%. Yesterday, the aerospace electromechanical rights issue application was approved by the CSRC Audit Committee. Aerospace Mechanical and electrical rights of the proposed raise capital of 1.837 billion yuan, of which 1 billion yuan for the upstream production of polysilicon in Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Silicon Industry limited liability company, 837 million yuan for the production of solar cells downstream of the development of Shenzhou New Energy Limited ...

North Water control surge 16% purchase Project longing repurchase

North control of water prices significantly better, the company is purchasing more than 10 water projects, and do not rule out the repurchase of shares, the Pan had brilliant ideas 1.47 yuan, up 16.67%, the latest reported 1.43 Yuan, Rose 13.49%, turnover 98.35 million yuan. Zhanghonghai, chairman of the North Water Control Committee, said after the shareholder meeting that the company had cash in hand at about $600 million and was currently negotiating more than 10 water projects, some of which were being explored in depth, and the company's prospects were not ruled out for repurchase of shares.

European stock markets closed for the eighth consecutive trading day 22nd

European stock markets closed for the eighth consecutive trading day 22nd, TomTom and Norsk Hydro rose.  London's FTSE 100 index rose 0.3%, Germany's DAX index rose 0.5%, and France's CAC-40 index rose 0.1%.  Comprehensive foreign reports July 22, the European stock market in Wednesday, the eighth consecutive trading day closed higher, but the rise in the process of increasing pressure, TomTom and Norsk Hydro and other rising stocks on the market's role is largely offset by the decline of mining and financial stocks. Dow Jones Europe Stoxx 600 finger ...

Benxi Steel confirms 6 missing employee's name

Yesterday, the group first publicly confirmed the names and positions of 6 missing persons, and responded to queries such as "public funds travel" by netizens. 6 people have the wife of the vice governor of Liaoning they are the head of the purchasing department of Benxi Steel Group, the head of the import trade and the head of the business, as well as the heads of the ore use reserve management departments and units. Benxi Iron and steel group related officials stressed: These 6 employees are vested in the "Benxi Iron and Steel Group", and listed companies "BENXI Steel plate" has nothing to do. According to reports, Li Mingwen 44 years old this year, with a university degree, as the company's deputy general manager in charge of the operation, at the same time as the subordinate enterprises in Benxi steel ...

New Wu Fung new chief secretary of the resignation of the company to admit the illegal employment

New five Fung June 24 evening issued a notice that the company did not pay attention to and disclosed that the board secretary candidates have been warned by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, not in line with the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the relevant provisions, leading to the violation of the appointment of the new Secretary of the Board, the company has with the Hunan  The new board secretary has submitted an application for resignation to the board of directors. New five Fung said that the company is complying with laws, regulations and the Regulations of the Company and other systems of the relevant provisions of the implementation procedures, will be convened as soon as possible the board of Directors of the Secretary of the appointment of the board to correct, will be strictly in accordance with the "Shanghai Stock Exchange ...

New deal will stimulate old home appliances back to normal channel recycling enterprises want to rob cake

This newspaper, Jinan, June 3, according to the provisions, the Province in accordance with the specific rules promulgated, will be from the existing formal qualified dismantling treatment enterprises in the bidding to determine 1-2 as home appliances recycling enterprises, although the details are not out, but many recycling enterprises are already in the "preparation for". It is understood that the current waste home appliances recycling mainly rely on the street to the social acquisition personnel, second-hand market to taste home appliances sales enterprises to replace the old. Social acquisition of the number of people recycling accounted for more than 90% of the total recovery, as the main force for recycling electronic waste in our province. All over the streets of the individual buyers will be most of the electronic waste directly away, resulting in ...

Collect comments: Prev 0.97% received 3,328 points 3,300 points supported

Today's market Gaokaigao go. Prev close to 3301.1 points slightly higher, the plate had a shock to 3289.22 points, after the concussion, the afternoon has been all the way down, in 3,300 to get support, again uplink, all day at 3328.49 points, up 31.88 points, or 0.97%,  The highest 3331.06 points in the day, a transaction of 198 billion yuan, Shen Chengzhi open 13374.75 points, the highest point of 13528.54 points, received 13521.65, Rose 168.44, or 1.26%, sold 102.1 billion yuan. From the ...

$4% worth of property down to tighten Citi reiterates

The May contract sales growth slowed to 24% of the real estate property fell this morning, the share price is now down 3.68% to HK $16.76, deal 8.89 million shares.  Citigroup issued a report saying it maintained the stock's selling rating, but raised its target price from HK $5.62 sharply, by nearly 90% to HK $10.47, but still at a discount of 38% per cent. Citigroup has raised its profit forecast for 2009-11 fiscal year by 13.3% to 35.4% to reflect the expected increase in average selling prices and to adjust the expected sales of real estate development projects. But the stock has been priced at a premium of 15% per cent over the net asset value.

High-speed micro-fall Citi to increase profit forecasts but still sell

Deep-speed H shares fluctuated slightly at low lows today, with shares falling 0.27% to HK $3.7 a day, trading 2.36 million shares.  Citigroup issued a report saying it reiterated the stock's selling rating, but still raised its target price from HK $2.6 to HK $3.4, at a discount of 8%. Citi means that although in view of the deep high-speed stakes in the machine Lotus can increase earnings per share, the recent traffic trend stabilisation, and the high-speed connected highway will be put into use in June 2010, and other positive factors, the 2009-2011-year profit forecast will be increased by 10% to 29% respectively, but still believe that the stock valuation is high. Because of its current price ...

The beginning of the afternoon refers to a further rise of 17883 present report 17789

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. the first part of the afternoon to increase the 17883, is reported 17789, the afternoon period refers to 17640 low open, to a 17650 after the rise of 17883, continue to strengthen, completely back to fill yesterday's daily line figure 17814/17658 fell a rift, That is, the city amplitude has been built 458 points, to the end of the city sagacity back to 17748, that is, the city continued to top in 17650 favoured.

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