Android: 擴充WebView 和ViewPager實現viewpager中的水平滑動,類似Gmail的效果

The following is a real working solution which will scroll the WebView on a horizontal swipe as long as it can scroll. If theWebView cannot further scroll, the next horizontal swipe will be consumed by theViewPager to switch the page.Extending the

Android:Creating Your Own Spelling Checker Service(建立拼字檢查服務)

文章目錄 1. Create a spelling checker service class2. Implement the required methods3. Register the spelling checker service in AndroidManifest.xml4. Create a metadata XML resource fileBonus points: Add batch processing of multiple

Android’s HTTP Clients(Android的HTTP用戶端介面)

文章目錄 Apache HTTP ClientHttpURLConnectionWhich client is best? Android’s HTTP Clients[This post is by Jesse Wilson from the Dalvik team. —Tim

Android Layout Tricks #1(Android 布局技巧1)

Android Layout Tricks #1 Android UI toolkit offers several layout managers that are rather easy to use and, most of the time, you only need the basic features of these

Android第一彈 1214whois apk 發布

這是我的第一個Adnroid程式,體驗了一下整個Android程式的開發流程,感覺Google的Android移動作業系統及其有前景。這個程式實現的功能是通過介面查詢資訊名址12114的Whois資訊,方便操作者在沒有電腦的環境下進行無線查詢。 先: 如何安裝?呵呵,開啟條碼掃描器,掃描下面這個二維碼就能安裝沒有二維碼解碼器怎麼辦?開啟

Android market 第一次使用遇到杯具

昨天晚上終於將程式開發好後,花了25個美金註冊了Android Market帳號,發布了第一個程式。我非常愉快的按照步驟:1、產生簽名文檔2、對apk程式完成簽名3、將程式發布到市場     然後遇到悲劇了,我更新了程式後,準備發布升級版,結果上傳程式的時候他提示"The apk must be signed with at least one certificate in common with the previous

android 處理多線程 UserTask

android 處理多線程時,不能線上程範圍內調用UI,通過這個方式能夠很好的線上程中,對UI進行控制。UserTask/*多執行緒-程式載入線程*/private class LoginFromTask extends UserTask<String, Integer, String>{/*** 線程啟動初始化操作*/@Overridepublic void onPreExecute(){//在這兒進行線程運行前的初始化,比如顯示一個提示框或進度條}/***

Android Blurtooth 串口通訊

最近研究了Android的藍芽串口通訊,成功測通了手機與單片機的串口通訊。你可以在Google電子市場中搜尋【Bluetooth SPP】或者串口通訊助手就能找到。有藍芽串口串連方面的問題,需要交流可以聯絡:或者給我留言哈1:

Android SDK 下載 連結

Release 10, 沒有安裝過SDK的相應平台版本,解壓或者安裝後,用AVD Manager下載相應版本的SDK。如果已經安裝過SDK直接用AVD Manager更新SDK就行了。   下載連結:Linux: 

Android 搜尋已安裝過的程式

/**搜尋此APK是否安裝過*/private boolean getInstalledApps(String sAPK){ String sPackageName;List<PackageInfo> packs = getPackageManager().getInstalledPackages(0); for(int i=0,iSize=packs.size(); i < iSize; i++){ PackageInfo p = packs.get(i); if

Android SDK tools 22.0.1 發布

Windows32 & 64-bitandroid-sdk_r22.0.1-windows.zip113483496 bytescb7f7703450afa5914fb4b8b8332a9f3installer_r22.0.1-windows.exe (Recommended)93479015 bytes81621d3b164f81f91e066011b325f88fMac OS X32 & 64-bitandroid-sdk_r22.0.1-macosx.zip77206237

Android:New Look, New Purchase Flow in Google Play

New Look, New Purchase Flow in Google Play by Purnima Kochikar, Director of Business Development, Games & ApplicationsToday we announced that a new version of the Google Play

Android SDK r21.1 發布

ADT BundlePlatformPackageSizeMD5 ChecksumWindows 32-bitadt-bundle-windows-x86.zip425429957 bytescca97f12904774385a57d542e70a490fWindows 64-bitadt-bundle-windows-x86_64.zip425553759 bytesc51679f4517e1c3ddefa1e662bbf17f6Mac OS X 64-bitadt-bundle-mac-x8

Android ADT r22, SDK r22 發布

ADT BundlePlatformPackageSizeMD5 ChecksumWindows 32-bitadt-bundle-windows-x86-20130514.zip440739521 bytes51fb90bc049f66730d7b8da5671a4b93Windows 64-bitadt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130514.zip440868113 bytes0eb9a91cc0c170a1f1bc9b47d0f4ec81Mac OS X

Android 4.2 支援原生RTL(由右到左顯示)

04 MARCH 2013 RTL support in Android 4.2Posted by Fabrice Di Meglio, Android

Android:Getting Started with Android Studio

Getting Started with Android StudioEARLY ACCESS PREVIEWDownload Android Studio v0.1 for WindowsThis download includes:Android Studio early access previewAll the Android SDK Tools to design, test, debug, and profile your appThe latest Android


Using Cryptography to Store Credentials Safely by Trevor Johns, Android Developer Relations teamFollowing our talk "Security and Privacy in Android Apps"


Wednesday, August 4, 2010Easy method for formatting Android TextViewsAndroid TextViews don't have an easy method for changing the style of a substring of its text. You may have wanted to do something liketextView.setTextColor(Color.RED, 10, 20); in

android 圖片漸層處理 of all, make sure that your original image looks good so you're not just getting the problem from there.Then, in your onCreate() method,

android:ADT 22.0.1 發布

PackageSizeMD5 ChecksumADT-22.0.1.zip16815544 bytes64473af058fa8f02e36241ee378b3ac0

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