Android 判斷Webview 的水平滾動

I found a solution which work for me, I check the source code of class WebView in 2.3 API and find how to do it with a 2.1 API. Maybe it can work with older API:public class CustomWebView extends WebView {    private float oldX; // indicate if

Android ViewPager 中嵌套webview 的滾動處理

1. implement a custom ViewPager Instance like this:import android.content.Context; <br>import;  <br>import android.util.AttributeSet; <br>import android.util.Log; <br>import

Android webview 自動填值和提交

webView.loadUrl("javascript: {"+             "document.getElementById('username').value = '"+uname+"';" +             "document.getElementById('password').value = '"+password+"';"+             "var frms = document.getElementsByName('loginForm');"+   

Android Layout Tricks #3: Optimize with stubs(Android 布局技巧3:使用stub最佳化)

30 March 2009Android Layout Tricks #3: Optimize with stubs and reusing layouts is very easy with Android thanks to the <include /> tag, sometimes

Android SDK Tools, Revision 20 發布

 SDK Tools, Revision 20 (June 2012)Dependencies:Android SDK Platform-tools revision 12 or later.If you are developing in Eclipse with ADT, note that the SDK Tools r20 is designed for use with ADT 20.0.0 and later. If you haven't already, we highly

Android Layout Tricks #3: Optimize by merging(Android 布局技巧3:使用merge最佳化)

03 March 2009Android Layout Tricks #3: Optimize by mergingIn the previous installment of Android Layout Tricks, I showed you how to use the <include /> tag in XML layout to reuse and share your layout code. I also mentioned the<merge />

Android:Window Backgrounds & UI Speed(背景和UI速度)

05 March 2009 Backgrounds & UI SpeedSome Android applications require to squeeze every bit of performance out of the UI toolkit and there are many ways to do so.

Android:Google Play services and OAuth Identity Tools

文章目錄 Why OAuth 2.0 MattersPreparationChoosing an AccountGetting a TokenRegistering Your AppUsing Your Token Google Play services and OAuth Identity Tools

Android : ICS 中統一的Key Store訪問(Unifying Key Store Access in ICS)

文章目錄 New in ICS: KeyChain Accessing System Key Store Credentials Unifying Key Store Access in ICS                                    Posted by Tim Bray on 13 March 2012at9:15 AM[This post is a group effort by Tony Chan,

Android:New Google Play Developer Console Available to Everyone

文章目錄 Sleeker, faster, easier to navigateTrack user ratings over time, and find ways to improveBetter publishing workflowMore languages for listings, with automated translationsHow can you try the new version? 15 October 20

Android NDK, Revision 7c

The Android NDK is a companion tool to the Android SDK that lets you buildperformance-critical portions of your apps in native code. It provides headers andlibraries that allow you to build activities, handle user input, use hardware sensors,access

Android:連結到你的產品(Linking to Your Products)

Linking to Your ProductsFor a link that includes the Google Play brand icon, check out the Badges page. Google Play provides several link formats that let you bring users to yourproducts in the way you want, from Android apps, web pages, ads,

Android:New Layout Widgets: Space and GridLayout

文章目錄 GridLayout Getting StartedSizes, Margins and Alignment/Gravity FlexibilityEmulating Features from other LayoutsThe Phases of the Layout OperationConclusion 10 November 2011

Android ADT 20.0.0 發布

 ADT 20.0.0 (June 2012)Dependencies:Java 1.6 or higher is required for ADT 20.0.0.Eclipse Helios (Version 3.6.2) or higher is required for ADT 20.0.0.ADT 20.0.0 is designed for use with SDK Tools r20. If you haven't already installed SDK Tools r20

Android NDK, Revision 8b 發布

DownloadsPlatformPackageSizeMD5 ChecksumWindowsandroid-ndk-r8b-windows.zip188724991 bytes6d290d4f2729ef2063c5ae5b1e335622Mac OS X (intel)android-ndk-r8b-darwin-x86.tar.bz2181255568 bytes94fe392194ea41f8a70cfce0dee3870fLinux 32/64-bit

在Android 的Camera 預覽上執行 Drawing 操作

來自anddevimport; import android.content.Context; import; import; import; import android.hardware.Camera; import android.os.Bundle; import


關於android項目引入android-support-v4.jar混淆報錯的解決辦法在proguard.cfg中加入以下代碼:-libraryjars   /android-support-v4.jar-dontwarn **CompatHoneycomb-dontwarn **CompatHoneycombMR2-dontwarn **CompatCreatorHoneycombMR2-keep class** { *; }-keep public

Android:Galaxy Nexus升級到4.1.2,並root(裝置是日版)

1.下載image包: Images "yakju" for Galaxy Nexus "maguro" (GSM/HSPA+)4.1.2 (JZO54K)Linkcc710f1539765c6ab7fbb8f50b69f0d692ff9457515384d598ff6e8b36e4f47ca02c447b2.解壓到目錄中3.關機4.同事按volume up ,volume

Android SDK Tools r19

SDK ToolsSDK Tools is a downloadable component for the Android SDK. It includes thecomplete set of development and debugging tools for the Android SDK.If you are new to the Android SDK, the SDK starter package installs thelatest revision of the SDK

android:通過Android命令自動編譯出build.xml檔案通過Android命令自動編譯出build.xml檔案用途: 做自動整合編譯環境.環境搭配我就不說了(SDK/環境變數等).進入cmd介面.進入項目目錄.輸入: android.bat list target  來查詢我們現有的版本list有哪些.記住這個ID號碼,下的代碼面會用到.輸入: android update project -n ButtonDemo -t 1 -p

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