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Using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management

According to the license agreement, this article is originally published by IBM DeveloperWorks China website, its web site is HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management

Lotus JAVA and Domino through the LDAP integration method __java

Lotus Java and Domino through the LDAP integration Method! JAVA, DOMINO, Lotus, LDAPSummary: LDAP is the standard Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), through LDAP, you can access the user information in the

Php connection to LDAP Server (ActiveDirectory) and Information Retrieval

LDAP is a Protocol, which is commonly used in the following three solutions: 1NDS (NovellDirectoryServices) 2MicrosoftActiveDirectory3OpenLDAP to implement LDAP, the first step is to design DIT (DirectoryInformationTree ). The following connection


JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface, Java Naming and Directory Interface) is a unified API provided for Java programs to access naming and directory services. Naming Service, to put it bluntly, provides management of a name-key-value pair,

ArcGIS for server security and LDAP Configuration

ArcGIS for server security and LDAP Configuration 1. Security Overview ArcGIS Server uses role-based access control to manage access to protected resources. Permissions for accessing GIS resources can only be assigned to roles. Individual users can

Build an LDAP server in WINDOWS

LDAP server: Modify the include./schema/core. schema in slapd. conf: Include./schema/core. schemaInclude./schema/cosine.

Build an LDAP server in Windows

Http://   Address: LDAP server:

Centos7/Active Directory authentication using nss-pam-ldapd,

Centos7/Active Directory authentication using nss-pam-ldapd, Centos uses an AD account for verification. There are many online queries, including samba + winbind, sssd, nss-pam-ldapd, and other methods. Today, we will introduce how to use

Use of Jndi

The Java Naming and directory interface (the Java naming and directory Interface,jndi) is a set of APIs that access the naming and directory services in Java applications. The naming service links names to objects so that readers can access them by

Use ldapsearch to verify LDAP authentication information

Ldapsearch is used to verify LDAP authentication information. There are countless accounts in the enterprise after the organization is accumulated. one of the better solutions is to use LDAP. However, to verify whether Microsoft's ActiveDirectory

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