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Android command ------- ADB command Daquan, android ------- adb

ro. build. version. release> system release .txtAdb shell pm list packages-s> All package names of system applications. txtAdb shell pm list packages-3> third-party application package name .txtAdb shell wm size> screen opening rate .txtAdb shell wm density> screen density .txtAdb shell cat/proc/cpuinfo> cpuinformation .txtAdb shell pm list permissions-f> permission limit .txtAdb shell pm list users-f> User .txt21. Restart adb rebootThere are two ver

ADB command Daquan, this is your phone, this is your message.How do you get it out? I will not have to explain more, the above has given the ADB copy of the command.3. Copy Rec to backup the entire system., the ADB directory is first pursued.Then the

Under the Linux Ubuntu System, ADB is not an internal command (how to make the ADB command available)

Tags: android using SP for file on problem BS ADLinuxUnder Ubuntu system, ADB is not an internal commandWorkaround:1, sudo gedit~/.bashrc2. Add the following two sentences to the file opened aboveExport android_home=/home/jason/develop_sdk/android-sdk-linux_86Export path= $PATH: $ANDROID _home/toolsThe latest SDK should be changed to: $PATH: $ANDROID _homoe/platform-toolsNote: "/home/jason/develop_sdk/android-sdk-linux_86" is the path to the SDK.(Expo

ADB shell Commands--adb command Daquan

Tags: command Daquan IDE Class scree install folder USB adb push EnterHow to use the command:1, unzip the ADB package to the specified folder, including files include:adb.exe,adbwinapi.dll,adbwinusbapi.dll ; 2, open CMD (win+r) into the ADB path, start to execute the

"Go" Mac OS X Configure ADB command method, Apple Computer set ADB command method

Http:// steps are as follows:1. Start Terminal Terminal (if you already have a. bash_profile file under the current User folder, skip directly to 5)2. Go to the current user's HOME directory (command line input echo $HOME)3. Create a. Bash_profile (command line Input touch. Bash_profile)4. Open the. bash_profile file (c

4th Chapter 4 "Monkeyrunner Source Analysis" ADB protocol and Services: Introduction to ADB command line client use (original)

Tags: android test automation adb Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder note : Originally this series is to prepare a book, details please see the earlier blog "to seek partners to write the deep understanding of Monkeyrunner" books. But for many reasons, there is no wish. So the draft is shared here, so mistakes are unavoidable. If necessary, please refer to the following, the forwarding of the word also keep the end of each article source and other i

Android notes adb Command Parsing 1, androidadb

Android notes adb Command Parsing 1, androidadb I have been learning Android for a long time and keep my diary in evernote. I plan to sort the logs in evernote over and over again and publish them to the Internet for sharing as soon as I leave my company idle. To directly use adb in the cmd command, you need to configu

[ADB command Article 3] What should I do if I forget my mobile phone password (access permission password or lock screen password ?, Adb lock screen

[ADB command Article 3] What should I do if I forget my mobile phone password (access permission password or lock screen password ?, Adb lock screenThe access restriction password is forgotten, or the lock screen password is forgotten. As a result, some programs (such as text messages, address book, and other important programs) cannot be opened, affecting normal

"ADB command line" adb Shell screenrecord command-line usage instructions

Label:First, view the help command, parameter--help D:\>adbshellscreenrecord--help Usage:screenrecord[options] Start recording command: ADB Shell Screenrecord/sdcard/demo.mp4 Note: Recorded phone screen, video format mp4, stored in the phone SD card, the default recording time is 180s. Screenrecord is a shell

Summary of the "adb" ADB basic command

The following basic commands are commonly used by ADB: ADB devices List your devices AAPT dump badging ADB logcat View Logcat logs ADB logcat > Path \ file name log stored in the file under the corresponding path ADB kill-server kill

How to use adb/enter ADB shell (script) in command mode

Label: 1. Open the Winows menu, enter the cmd command, click OK, and enter command mode. 2. Enter Command D: (the D here indicates that your SDK is stored under the disk) then enter the CD 3. Then select your SDK path and copy the path. 4. Click cmd on the mouse, select Edit, paste the copied path into the command line

ADB get root permissions----ADB command collection

Label:First, to get root permissions, to read and write permissions to the fileStep: 1, the phone root;2. Cmd enters the command line to run the ADB shell command (ADB has been configured in the environment variable), at which point the command becomes $ start;3, run the SU

Android advanced adb command, android advanced adb

Android advanced adb command, android advanced adb Use the command line to execute the android adb command. The steps are as follows: 1. Find adb in the ADT sdk, as shown below: 2.

Android adb command adb devices appears Error:protocol fault (no status)

Issue background: Install apk is reported error:protocol faultThe following problems occur:Solution One,Windows:Task Manager, see the ADB process, shut down, and then restart ADB start-server.Linux (my machine is Ubuntu system)Execute commandGnome-system-monitorOpen the Task Manager and turn off the ADB.Solution Two:1, after starting the simulator,2. Enter the cmd comma

adb command to view apk information, ADB to launch your APK

1. Use ADB to get application information, version information of an APK in the phone, adb shell Dumpsys package List all adb shell Dumpsys 3. Launch apk adb shell am star with ADB T-n Randomly generates an event to an app

Android Note adb command parsing 1

preserving data and caching directories-ADB Bugreport-return all information from the device that should is included in a bug report.ADB bugreport All information about the output device, included in the bug report.-ADB backup [-f [-system|-nosystem] [-Write an archive of the device ' s data to If no-f option is supplied and the data is written to "Backup.ab" un

ADB is not an internal or external command to resolve when using ADB

Tags: solutions for Windows devices computerWe often see the "ADB is not an internal command or external command" When you enter "ADB devices" on the cmd command line. This problem mainly occurs when the Windows System environment variable is not set, we can set it ourselves

ADB command detects APK boot time, memory, CPU usage, traffic, battery level, etc.-common ADB commands

Tags: cat usage inf Deb CPU sequence and Pac AdeAdb:android Debug Bridge is a powerful tool in the Android SDK that allows you to operate an Android emulator or real-world device directly. Detection app:adb shell am start-w $package/. MainactivityStart timeadb shell Dumpsys meminfo $pidSpecify program Memory usageadb shell Dumpsys meminfo $package Specify program Memory usageadb shell Dumpsys cpuinfo $package Specify program CPU Usageadb shell cat/proc/uid_stat/$PID/TCP_RCVData traffic being rec

"Go" Android common ADB Command summary

Original address: mobile Android testing, the ADB command is a very important point, you must memorize the usual ADB commands in the heart, will be a great convenience for Android testing, many of the commands will be used in automated test scripts.Android Debug BridgeADB is actually Android Debug Bridge , the abbreviation of

Android Common ADB Command summary

For mobile Android testing, the ADB command is a very important point, you must memorize the usual ADB commands in the heart, will be a great convenience for Android testing, many of the commands will be used in automated test scripts.Android Debug Bridgeadb is actually Android Debug Bridge , the abbreviation of Android Debug Bridge,

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