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Ipad/ipad2/ipad air/ipad min tablet iOS8.1.1 downgrade iOS8.1 tutorial

for 3 seconds, and then continue to hold down the switch key and the home key for the first 10 seconds, immediately release the key and keep holding down the home key, Until you see a USB device in the DFU state on your computer, it goes into DFU mode, and ITunes starts automatically or manually. 2, ITunes will automatically detect a waiting for recovery equipment, click OK 3. Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard "restore" on ITunes and choose IOS 8.1 firmware (downloa

Ipad air Pangu jailbreak ios8/8.1 tutorial ipad air perfect jailbreak ios8/8.1 tutorial

ipad Air ios8/8.1 to be ready before escape 1. If there is important information, we can use icloud or itunes to back up the ipad Air data.2. Download "Pangu Escape Tool"3. If your ipad Air opens the Anti-Theft feature, we need to turn off "Find My iphone" in icloud Find My iphone Shutdown method: Method 1. Pull down in the data roaming and see the iphone and

How does the ipad Air set the power-on password? ipad set up password tutorial

Set the power-on password 1. Take the ipad for example, first open the "Settings" application on the ipad, as shown in the picture 2. Click the "General" option in the left pane of the Settings list, and then click the "Password Lock" option on the right, as shown in the picture 3. In the Password lock settings, click the "Open password" option, as shown in the picture 4. Enter the password you want

Ipad upgrade iOS8.1.3 card not card ipad upgrade iOS8.1.3 graphic tutorial

ipad upgrades iOS8.1.3 card iOS8.1.3 is not functional or performance upgrade optimization, if your ipad can be upgraded iOS8.1.2 then definitely can upgrade the iOS8.1.3 version, very simple OH. ipad Upgrades iOS8.1.3 Graphics Tutorial There are two ways to upgrade one is Ota, the other is itunes upgrade, we introd

The computer becomes the Ipad--ipad simulator use tutorial

ipad Simulator! 1. Let your computer have iOS system immediately! Become ipad!. (free of installation) 2. Hundreds of free expansion applications, QQ, microblogging, Safari browser all have (install-free) 3. Dozens of free games, what Angry Birds, including large 3D games all have (install free) 4. Can make a phone call! can face time! can take pictures! can listen to music! can send an email! (free of

Where does the IPad air upgrade iOS8? IPad Air Upgrade iOS8 BETA5 Tutorial

Why can't I upgrade iOS8 on the phone Because the iOS8 system is still only beta version not to the official version, so the official temporarily did not push iOS8 OTA online upgrade. IPad Air Upgrade iOS8 BETA5 Tutorial 1. We first Baidu to search to download a iOS8 Beta5, but to see whether the ipad Air version of the 2. And then connect the

How can I download WeChat for ipad air2? Ipad air2 WeChat download and installation tutorial

1. Register an apple id before installing the software. (Read this tutorial on registering an apple id on an apple phone.) open the "App store" icon;2. Open the App Store. Now we start searching for "WeChat" and enter "WeChat" in the "WeChat" search box and click "search" next to it;3. In the default search, we will see an "iPad only" because WeCha

How does the ipad mini iOS8 downgrade iOS7.1.2? ipad iOS8 downgrade iOS7 Tutorial

Method One: Official restoration Downgrade Description: This tutorial is better suited to operate when iOS7.1.2 system validation is not closed Operation Steps: 1. Now we'll connect the iphone ipad iTouch to your computer, and then we'll open the itunes software on the computer, as shown in the following figure. 2, and then after we open the itunes software, press the computer on

Baidu Cloud ipad version opens "Album Automatic backup Function" tutorial

Baidu Cloud software users to share a detailed analysis of Baidu Cloud ipad version to open the "album Automatic backup Function" tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Baidu Cloud ipad version to open "album Automatic backup Function" method: In "More" to open "album Automatic backup Function." When this feature is

e-mail document attachment to the Baidu Cloud ipad version of the tutorial

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed analysis to share the message within the document attachment to the Baidu Cloud ipad version of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Due to iOS system restrictions, Baidu cloud ipad version only supports uploading pictures and videos in local albums, other types of files

IPad 3.2.2 jailbreak tutorial

[IPad] 3.2.2 iPad jailbreak tutorial! Latest green rain I. Preparations. S c W) S X1 O5 v Reference; V/G2 E; [8 F % _; J2 L4 u-Z C: '9 F .}! L3 B 'Q *} 4 A1 e "} 8 H2 H1: fully powered iPad 6 p $]-B0 Q1]/E2: dual-port USB Power Supply adapter (some computer boards may cause data transmission packet

IPhone ipad Game App Development Video tutorial

A series of courses on ipad, Iphone and ipod mobile app development based on the IOS5 platformSuitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 120 hoursUsing the technology: iphone, ipadProjects involved: calculators, questionnaire systemsConsulting qq:1840215592Course IntroductionThis series of courses are divided into basic articles, project actual combat: 100-120 hours (expected), 45-60 minutes/hours. The course includes two iphone, two

PS Design Web Tutorial: To draw an ipad theme leaflet page

Photoshop Design Tutorial: A tutorial on ipad theme pages. First of all, this tutorial is a relatively simple tutorial on web design. Use pictures and some simple effects to make an ipad promotional single-page page. Although the

PS Design ipad Interface Tutorial

Photoshop has some powerful tools to help you create gorgeous interfaces. In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to create a clean IPad interface using Photoshop ' s powerful toolbox. Let ' s get started! Step 1 Create a new file. Set Width to 768 and Height to 1024 and the resolution to 132 PPI. Step 2 Make a new Group and name it Background. Inside that group create a new layer and fill i

Tutorial on binding a bank card to apple pay for ipad

issuing line supported by the Apple Card activation mode, most banks now support SMS authentication code and customer service phone two ways to activate. Click on "SMS Verification Code", and then according to the prompt input can be specific as follows. Click "Contact XX Bank", the interface prompts customers to call me Strider service phone to activate. Enter the correct authentication code or call the customer service phone activation successful, the

Photoshop Tutorial: Refactoring Apple's most beautiful ipad

This tutorial from: If you want to reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form annotated: From the vitality of the box site and the original source. Limited level, translation is inevitable wrong, please have a friend to give points to facilitate more friends to read. Refactoring a product in Photoshop is a big challenge, but it's also fun. Today we're going to refactor Apple's most beautiful revolutionary product,-

The most complete tutorial to adapt cocos2d games to IPAD Retina

I haven't found a tutorial on how to quickly adapt an iPhone game developed by cocos2d TO THE ipad2 retina mode on the Internet. Indeed, if you do not plan "one app, multiple adaptation" at the initial stage of the project, it is quite troublesome to do resolution adaptation at the end of the development stage because it involves defining macros, to adapt to the coordinate offset values between different resolutions, You need to modify a large number

Delphi XE4 generate IPA and deploy to jailbreak ipad video tutorial

, computer--Mac, desktop, MacScratch-dir (test catalog), A-VVV (VVV is the profile name set earlier, next to the cache-dir)-Project1This Project1 is, although the suffix is not shown. App.To see the A-VVV, remove the entire directory.Run it again.A-VVV's got another one.Open itunesDrag to itunes to generate an IPAAnd then drag it to the desktop Project1.ipa to create aThis is the generated IPA.Now let's put it on the share, go to XP belowInsert

IPhone ipad Game App Development Video tutorial

Objective-c language, be able to use Xcode and iOS SDK skillfully,2, proficient in iOS operating system architecture and Xcode development environment, familiar with C/s application structure3, familiar with the iOS interface and interactive development, and be able to use debugging tools skillfully4, can independently develop iphone, ipad various applications, and can be published to AppStoreGame App Development Video

How to activate IPad5? Activate the ipad tutorial?

1. As shown in the following figure, we first press the boot button, slide unlock screen key to unlock as shown. 2. Then, click the Drop-down menu and select the language as shown. 3. We choose "Simplified Chinese" and then click "Arrow Flag". 4. Choose to show more. 5. Here we choose "China" click "Next". 6. Where we can turn on or off the positioning service 7. WiFi is set up here, if there is a wireless network to choose, there is no set, click Next. 8. If there is an Apple

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