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"Reprint" MIT AI Lab: How do you do research?

From the MIT AI Lab: How do I do research?All graduate students in artificial intelligence laboratoryEditor:David ChapmanVersion:1.3Duration:1988 Year 9 monthsTranslator: Liu School of Information, Beijing Normal University, PhDCopyright 1987, 1988 author All rights reservedThe main thrust of this article is to explain how to do research. The advice we prov

Devi Parikh, chief scientist of Facebook AI Research Institute, exclusive dialogue with Shannon Technology

Devi Parikh, chief scientist of the Facebook AI Research Institute (FAIR), is the 2017 IJCAI computer and thought Award winner (Ijcai, one of the two most important awards, known as the "Fields Award" in the International AI Field) and ranked Forbes 2017 "20 Women in the AI researc

AI research field

Artificial intelligence research is carried out in combination with specific fields. The main research fields include expert systems, machine learning, pattern recognition, natural language understanding, automatic theorem proof, and automatic programming, robotics, game, and Intelligence decide to support systems and artificial neural networks. Artificial intelligence is an outward-oriented discipline. It

AI Research and sharing

The wizard also has a period of time not published blog, while he has not too much work content, to organize and share the recent research on the direction of AI, the content is relatively simple, does not involve particularly advanced technology, simply introduce some of the big direction of AI. The wizard saw a lot of internet media coverage of artificial intel

Imagination about AI research

Last night, when I was lying in bed, I had nothing to worry about and suddenly came up with a very interesting idea: if a problem with AI has been learned so thoroughly that it can be realized on a computer through programming, then it will not be considered part of artificial intelligence! For example, before December 100, if machines were used to implement addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division, who said it was not an

"DL. AI "Structuring machine learning Projects" notes

decision on one input is Muti-task learning, and the other is learning a classifier for each category. When the sample data of each class is small, it is wiser to adopt muti-task learning, so that the characteristics of the image can be learned better, and when the sample data of each class is large, the multi-classification model can be used, so the accuracy of the model prediction is generally higher. 3. End-to-end Learning End-to-end leraning is only applicable when the data se

AI Research Experience Summary

answer session of Nips, a famous professor with a microphone (on behalf of the police hype) cautioned the author to use the word "imagination" carefully in the title of the paper. This is the same as we read the news, the title is very attractive, but the contents of the content is not related to the title, so that readers disappointed. Reading paper is also so, to prevent speculation, we need to do is based on the experimental methods and results to assess whether a paper to help themselves.

AWS helped dummi studio deploy HPC projects at a low cost for Scientific Research

About dummi Studio Dummi studio is a research group organized by students from the Chinese Emy of sciences and beiyou Research Institute to complete cryptographic research projects jointly undertaken by the Chinese Emy of sciences and beiyou Research Institute. The group fo

Guidelines for collection of alternative projects of the "5th Generation Mobile Communication (5g) system preliminary research and development (phase I)" of the National 863 Plan

cooperative antennas on the base station side is no less than 128, and the spectrum and power efficiency are 10 times higher than that of 4G. 3.5G overall Technology Research on Mobile Communication Systems (with a funding limit of RMB 20 million and a three-year implementation period) Based on the development in 2020, we studied 5g business applications and needs, business development models, user experience models, network evolution and developmen

Details of ngui Research and Development Projects

question. I think this is a bug in ngui. However, we can use another method to solve this problem, so let's talk about my development experience. As shown in, you can modify the overall display area of the scrollview, but note that the display area of the scrollview is tightly modified ,, because the position of the item previously set in the scrollview is not modified because of the modification of the display area of the scrollview. We recommend that you modify the width and height of the sc

Operation and Maintenance monitoring Tool Pigoss BSM 2016 ten research projects Outlook

Pigoss's strength since ancient times. The 2016 goal (which should be the continuing goal) is also very simple, continue to pigoss in the storage direction of accumulation and development, to achieve the product, the purpose is to support more mainstream storage monitoring brands and models.9.JBoss 6.2 MonitoringAs an excellent open source Web application server, JBoss has a broad user base around the world, and Pigoss is naturally aware of the pervasive nature of JBoss. So Pigoss started with

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