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Akka Source Analysis-akka-streams-materializer (1)

This blog gradually analyze the source of Akka streams, of course, must be gradual, and estimates will be divided into many, after all, Akka streams is more complex. Implicit val system = Actorsystem ("QuickStart") implicit val Materializer = Actormaterializer () When using streams-related APIs, the above two objects must be created. Actorsystem no longer said, we came to see Actormaterializer. Actormateri

Akka (): Http:about akka-http

As we all know, Akka system is a distributed computing system based on actor mode, which is very suitable for building big data platform. As a result, there is an unavoidable need to integrate between standalone systems, with heterogeneous systems, and with mobile systems. Because of the heterogeneous and mobile systems involved, the system docking must be conducted on a set of open standards, including data format and transmission standards. In fact,

Akka (0): Talk about Akka's initial understanding and ideas

A period of time has been immersed in functional programming mode, one of the main purposes is to master a set of safe and reliable concurrent programming method (concurrent programming), finally through the Open source project Funda implementation of the single-machine multi-core CPU program parallel operation. However, although the parallel operation in the terminal can make full use of the computing power of multi-core CPU to distribute data processing operations to the foreground can greatly

[Akka Basic Series 01] The Helloword of Akka

Scala has been using Akka as a concurrency model since 2.10, and this article is the first example of Akka.1.Akka Getting Started instance PackageCom.tv189.actorImportAkka.actor. {Actor, Actorsystem, Props}/*** Created by Molyeo on 2015/8/6.*/Object AkkaTest01extendsApp {val system= Actorsystem ("Akkatest") Val Helloactor= System.actorof (Props[helloactor], name

Akka 3 Akka actor differs from Scala actor

Often people ask: what is the difference between Akka's actor and Scala's actor? The answer here is that, from the Actor model point of view, there is no difference, they all implement the actor model.Akka actors and Scala actors are both implementations of that model.All actors model says that your concurrency primitives is actors, which can: receive a message and decide what does next depending on the content of the message, including: send messages to any actors they know abo

Actor model of Akka 4 Akka

created by Actors.' Stop ' is often applied to ' self '.10. Complete ExamplePackage Week5import Akka.actor.Actorimport Akka.actor.Propsclass Countermain extends actor {val counter = Context.actoroF (Props[counter], "Counter") Counter!"INCR" Counter!"INCR" Counter! "GET" def receive = {Case Count:int = println (S "Count is $count") Context.stop (self)}Package Week5import Akka.actor.Actorclass Counter extends actor {var count = 0 def receive = {case "incr" = = CouNT + = 1 case "Get" = sender! Cou

Akka Theory Summary __ Akka

Akkais a concurrent processing framework based on the Actor model implementation. Event-driven concurrency processing model, each actor has its own properties and operations, which avoids the usual situation because multiple threads share attributes (data) instead of locking mechanisms. This mechanism is applied well in the Scala,cloure language, and the operations and attributes are processed in a separate unit to improve the ability of concurrent processing. Five characteristics of

2014.8.12-akka and Actor Model distributed development environment learning Summary

://www.scala-sbt.org/download.html How to Write a Scala file, build and run with SBT.Http://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13/tutorial/Hello.html Akka: http://akka.io/ Scala for Eclipse IDE Bundle: http://scala-ide.org/(this integrated development tool is also recommended, containing the akka actor and Scala library needed for compilation) Second, Maven is used, which is u

Akka "Two" Create Actor

= actorsystem.create ("Mysystem") using props; Final Actorref Actor1 = system.actorof (Props1, "Actor1"); Final Actorref Actor2 = system.actorof (PROPS2, "Actor2"); Actor2.tell (Msg.hi, Actor1); System.stop (Actor1); System.stop (ACTOR2); System.shutdown (); } public static void Main (string[] args) {communication (); } } The props1 created above, the parameters passed are Actor1.class, "Actor1", 1. where "Actor1" and 1 correspond to two parameters of a constructor. Back to Act

Use Akka to optimize quasi-real-time systems of Spark + ElasticSearch

more intuitive, but not suitable for this scenario. Akka is very suitable for processing CPU-sensitive issues, and the Actor model is more suitable for processing high concurrency issues. Full record of installation and deployment of ElasticSearch on Linux Elasticsearch installation and usage tutorial ElasticSearch configuration file Translation ElasticSearch cluster creation instance Build a standalone an

Build analysis engines using Akka, Kafka, and Elasticsearch-good

This document has been translated from building Analytics Engine Using Akka, Kafka ElasticSearch, and has been licensed by the original author Satendra Kumar and the website.In this article, I'll share with you my experience in building large, distributed, fault-tolerant, extensible analysis engines with Scala, Akka, Play, Kafka, and Elasticsearch.My analysis engine is mainly used for text analysis. Input

Actor model and Akka

Actor model and Akka I. Actor model Actor Model ConceptA conceptual model for dealing with concurrency computation the state of an actor is maintained by its own behavior, and external threads cannot invoke the behavior of the object directly, and must pass the message to excite the behavior, thus guaranteeing that the actor's internal data is modified only by itself Actor Model Composition The Actor model is detailed in the Actor model, everything

Akka Stream Document translation: Motivation

Want to get Akka http, used for our open source project football, found Akka http in the case of a large number of Akka stream, and Akka HTTP is built on the Akka stream.So let's take a look at Akka stream first to understand the

Akka entry-become and unbecome, akkaunbecome

Akka entry-become and unbecome, akkaunbecomeAkka supports real-time replacement of the role message loop (such as its implementation) at runtime: Call the getContext. become method in the role. Hot replacement code is stored in a stack and can be pushed (replacing or adding at the top) and popped.A particularly good example of become is to use it to implement a finite state machine.The Become/Unbecome feature can also be used to conveniently implement

Akka Study Notes (1) -- Hello, world!

Akka What is akka? Directly reference the above description on the akka Website: Akka is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault tolerant event-driven applications on the JVM. Anyway, I think akka is difficult to get starte

Play starts with Akka HTTP as the default service backend from 2.6.x

Before play 2.6.x, the play defaults to using the Netty service backend. By 2.6.x, the default service backend is replaced with Akka HTTP, but it is still possible to manually select the Netty service backend. To upgrade to 2.6.x, you need to be aware of this. Because Akka HTTP servers are slower than Netty HTTP servers. So if you are particularly sensitive to performance, you will need to manually select t

Hello akka getting started example

Akka is a concurrent processing framework based on the actor model. Based on the event-driven concurrent processing model, each actor has its own attributes and operations, thus avoiding the need to share attributes (data) between multiple threads) instead, the lock mechanism is used for processing. This mechanism is well applied in Scala and cloure languages. It puts operations and attributes in an independent unit for processing, thus improving the

Scala notes and akka notes

into future, but it may cause performance problems and OOM. Solution to the blocking problem: Place blocking calls in one or more actor-managed router. Make sure to configure a thread pool When putting blocking into the future, you must ensure that there is a maximum number of future calls; otherwise, oom is easy. You can also configure a thread pool with an upper limit. Use a single thread to manage a group of blocked resources and issue events through actor messages. Actorref State serial

How Spark uses Akka to implement process, node communication

How Spark uses Akka to implement process, node communication"In-depth understanding of spark: core ideas and source analysis," The preface of the book, please see the link "in-depth understanding of spark: core ideas and source analysis," a book officially published listing"In-depth understanding of spark: core ideas and source analysis," the first chapter of the content, please see the link to the 1th Chapter environment preparation"In-depth understa

Translation Play2 Integrated Akka

SOURCE Https://www.playframework.com/documentation/2.5.x/JavaAkka#Scheduling-asynchronous-tasksAkka uses the Actor model to provide an abstraction layer, providing a better platform to build the right multi-threaded and extensible applications. In terms of fault tolerance, the ' Let it Crash ' model, which has been successfully used in communications, is used primarily to build a never-stop self-health system. Actors provides an abstraction for transport distribution, providing the basis for sca

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