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Alfresco development documentation

Reprinted from Here is a brief introduction to the alfresco project. Many people may not know much about what alfresco can do and what features alfresco has compared with other open-source products. Product

Alfresco is also worth noting

Alfresco has released version 1.2 recently, with many enhancements. However, the current version is still focused on document content management and has almost no features in terms of documentation. Alfresco has dug a Vice President and several core

How to Use alfresco to publish content through a website

Alfresco's engineer said: Hi Jagan, Our current release of alfresco focuses on document management, with Web Content Management coming next year. However, because you can access the repository using CIFS, WebDAV or FTP it does mean that you can

Server template injection: remote code execution on modern WEB

Server template injection: remote code execution on modern WEB 0x01 development ExploitMany template engines attempt to limit the ability of the template program to execute arbitrary code to prevent the Application Layer logic from attacking the

Open-source java CMS and open-source javacms

Open-source java CMS and open-source javacms Project address:Http:// Sensitive word Management Manage sensitive words. The system automatically replaces sensitive words with specified characters. The sensitive word processing

The Red Hat open source exchange plan will be officially launched in North America

RedHat puts its application software companion program on the market, allowing users to buy more development source code software from a website and get comprehensive support from a company. This market announcement marks the introduction of

Authoritative Activiti Framework for learning

Activiti5 is a business process management (BPM) framework, released by Alfresco Software on May 17, 2010, which is an open-source, flexible, and extensible executable process language framework that covers business process management, workflow, and

Ubuntu: The successor CEO needs to pay attention to nine key points

VARGuy, a well-known website, lists the company's quasi-CEOJaneSilber, which needs to focus on the company's nine key areas in the future. If Silber will assume the CEO's role in next March, both challenges and opportunities will coexist. 1. New

Ubuntu8.04 expand the enterprise-level server operating system market

With the release of Ubuntu8.04 long-term support (LTS) server version, Ubuntu, a Linux vendor, has been very firm in positioning the long-awaited enterprise-level server operating system in the world's business computing. Technically, this version

Comprehensive Analysis of activiti-complete set, Master quickly become so simple

Chengdu Chuanzhi podcast-comprehensive analysis of the full set of activities: Course introduction:Activiti is a brand new product of alfresco after Tom Baeyens team leaves JBoss. Activiti, formerly known as jbpm4, inherits all the advantages of

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