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Customize your own Android mobile desktop launcher === an introduction to launcher development-Article 2

an application ). This is the skeleton of lancher,What is lancher ~~ If it cannot provide access to the application, it will be a gorgeous vase.2. to be better, we need to provide some pictures and a series of animated effects for this well-designed skeleton, that is, our wallpaper and a series of images,Animation, graphic, and so on. If this is done, our home is basically shaped.3. To make our GUI more us

Android 4.0 launcher 2 source code eclipse can be compiled (also including Android 4.1 launcher2 source code compilation)

Everyone has tried compiling android launcher 2. However, it may fail for various reasons. Today, I told him how to compile android launcher 2 on eclipse. If you have compiled launcher

Android 4.0 Launcher source code analysis series (2)

In this section, let's take a look at the entire Laucher entry point. What did Laucher do when it loaded its layout file Laucher. xml.We can find the LauncherApplication in the source code, which inherits the Application class. When the entire Launcher is started, it is the entrance of the entire program. Let's first look at how they are configured in AndroidManifest. xml.1. 2.

Android Metro-style Launcher development series 3, androidmetro

Android Metro-style Launcher development series 3, androidmetro Preface: Dear friends, it's time to update the article every week. It was originally sent out on Sunday. Isn't it a catch-up with the Tomb Sweeping Day? The Queen spoke and played with her two or half days before the Tomb Sweeping Day, I will only write my blog on Monday afternoon. Where is the Queen

Detailed explanation of the source code launcher Main Screen Program Arrangement in Android [Android launcher evolution 1]

Recently I have studied lancher, from the text message MMS framework to the bug and demand modification of launcher. Next I will explain the layout of the simplest home screen program of launcher, it gives readers a sense of getting started. The main screen of Android is divided into five screens, which are 0, 1, 2,

Tell me the story behind Android desktop (launcher application) (3) -- The Secret of celllayout

Blog migration-I have migrated my blog to to better manage it. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by no updates! New address of this article: Click me Celllayout is designed to store controls of different sizes. To better control the addition and deletion of items, select to directly inherit viewgroup to implement this control. When we press the desktop for a long time, there are two situations: one is that we press an item, and the other is that we press an empty positi

Android Metro-style Launcher development series 2, androidmetro

Android Metro-style Launcher development series 2, androidmetro Preface:Dear friends, please forgive me for writing this series of second blogs after so long, so I cannot publish new products. If you don't talk nonsense, let's review them first: posted on my previous blog! Launcher main framework implementation:The

Android launcher analysis and Modification 1 -- default Interface Configuration of launcher (default_workspace)

: packagename = " Com. apical. Radio " // Package name of the application Launcher: screen = " 1 " // 1st screens and 5 0-4 screens Launcher: x = " 0 " // Position X of the icon. The first value in the upper left corner is 0, which increments to the left. Five values are displayed in total: 0-4. L0auncher: Y = " 0 " // The Y position of the icon. The first one in the upper left corner is 0, w

Android's launcher launcher adds shortcuts and widget instances _android

:// class Mainactivity extends activity implements View .Onclicklistener {private linearlayout linearlayout;//container for all shortcuts---Parent view private Button btaddshortcut; private static final int my_request_short_cut = 1; First step, show all the activity that can create a shortcut private static final int my_create_shourt_cut = 2; Step two, create the real shortcut private static final int my_request_all_app

When there are multiple launcher on the Android system, set the boot automatically into the default launcher

,Componentname[] Set, componentname activity) {LOG.D ("Debug_default", "AddPreferredActivity2 is called.");WriterSynchronized (mpackages) {SLOG.I (TAG, "Adding preferred activity" + activity + ":");Filter.dump (New Logprinter (, TAG), "");MSETTINGS.EDITPREFERREDACTIVITIESLPW (0). addfilter (New Preferredactivity (filter, match, set, activity, true));Schedulewritesettingslocked ();}}3. Modify the function findpreferre

Android Launcher startup process "Launcher partial START process"

The research code starts with: Androidmanifest.xml, custom the Android system starts, the system needs a home application to be responsible for displaying the applications, that is, the application is intended to be the first application launched by the Android system. On Android, this default home application is launcher.To use an applicati

Story Behind Android desktop (launcher application) (6)-study the accessories implemented by launcher (listview that can be dragged)

Blog migration-I have migrated my blog to to better manage it. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by no updates! New address of this article: Click me In this article, we will write how launcher achieves the drag and drop of items on the desktop in Android. After studying its mechanism, the brain suddenly gets angry and wants to implement a drag-and-drop listview, after understandin

Android Launcher-simple Launcher development

Step 1: Use our application as the home(That is, press the home key to start your launcher .) To use our application as home, you only need to add the following in AndroidManifest. xml: AndroidManifest.xml Step 2: List the installed applications List Installed applications as an indispensable feature for launcher. The following describes how to list application

Android System Launcher--app launcher--interface display (i)

execution process to the application A,android program to start running.The newly generated application A will use the connection information for the library and resources that already have the zygote parent process, so it runs fast.In addition, for zygote startup, the DVM is initialized and run, and then the required classes and resources are loaded into memory.The fork () is then called to create the zygote ' child process, and then the child proce

Analysis of appwidget processing by launcher in Android: appwidgethost role

; Launcher makes userfolder, livefolder, and appwidget into a certain data model and abstracts them using iteminfo. The corresponding appwidget is expressed using launcherappwidgetinfo. The sequence diagram in Figure 2 describes how the launcher processes the appwidget after the appwidgetpickactivity is returned. Figure 2

Customize an android launcher (home)

If you want to customize an Android system, you want to use your own launcher (home) as the main interface to replace your android home, you do not want to replace the launcher installed by the user.You can modify the framework to implement this function. Here we use the source code of android2.1 as an example to descr

Android launcher-data loading and change

. Android. launcher2.workspace. ondropexternal (workspace. Java: 1203)At com. Android. launcher2.workspace. addapplicationshortcut (workspace. Java: 1117)At com. Android. launcher2.launcher. completeaddapp (launcher. Java: 931)At com. An

Appium tests Android Launcher to obtain the target application by sliding the form. appium android

Appium tests Android Launcher to obtain the target application by sliding the form. appium android The so-called Launcher refers to the android Desktop Management Program. All application icons are placed on the launcher. In fact,

Android 4.0 Launcher source code analysis series (1)

First, we will analyze the Launcher layout as a whole. Let's have an understanding of the overall structure of Launcher by viewing Launcher. xml and using the combination of hierarchyviewer layout viewing tool. Use hierarchyviewer to complete the entire desktop as follows:Zoom in as follows: You can see the elements contained in the entire desktop. The top is the

Analysis of Android launcher view architecture

1. First, let's take a look at the structural diagram of the launcher activity view (obtained by hierarchyviewer. BAT ): 2. Let's take a look at layout/launcher. XML, layout-Port/launcher. XML, and layout-land/launcher. xml. Xmlns:

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