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Android encode and decode important data stored in sharedpreference

Tags: android style blog color java ar data div spSometimes the user name and password are saved in sharedpreference for easy login, but if the password is not processed it will be saved in clear text.The Java layer in Android provides the tool

Android string resource and its formatting

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>In the Android Project layout, the resource is stored in the res/directory as an XML file. For better internationalization and localization, the string

Android Series---Example of JSON data parsing _android

The essay details the three kinds of XML data format, which is sent to the server side, and the data format returned to the client is generally divided into HTML, XML and JSON, then this essay will explain the knowledge of JSON. This includes how to

Android--apache HttpClient

Label:The previous article describes the use of HttpURLConnection to complete support for the HTTP protocol. Now introduce a new way to access the Web site, that is httpclient.HttpClient is an open source project provided by the Apache Open source

Android clipping Image Implementation Method Example _android

This example describes the implementation of the Android cropping image. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Package Com.xiaoma.piccut.demo; Import; Import; Import

Android method for uploading file uploads based on HTTP protocol _android

This article is an example of how Android implements file uploading based on HTTP protocol. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Note The general use of HTTP protocol upload files are relatively small, generally less than 2M H

Reproduced Android Signature mechanism-a detailed description of the signature process

Label:This article was reproduced from: 87%e7%a8%8b%e8%af%a6%e8%a7%a3/First, prefaceIt's been a long time, not writing the hands of the article

Several methods of mutual transfer between string and InputStream

Label: /** * Use BufferedReader to convert InputStream to string < function description > * * @param in * @return String */ public static string Inputstr2str_reader (InputStream in, string encode) { String str = "";

Android Reverse-android base reverse (2-2)

Tags: source file Set XML file code implementation source end 2016-year fixed tool[TOC]#0x00 Preface# #不知所以然, take a lookAndroid Reverse-android base reverse (1)Android Reverse-android base reverse (2)# #以及java系列:Android Reverse-java Code Basics

Android software Security Development Practices (next)

Label:Android Development is one of the hottest topics in the world, but few people discuss security issues in this area. This series will be divided into two phases to explore common security pitfalls and solutions in Android development. The first

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