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Android intent and intent action Overview

Android. Intent. Action. search_long_press Android. Intent. Action. Send Android. Intent. Action

Activitymanager: Starting: intent {act = Android. Intent. Action. Main cat = [Android. Intent. Category. laun

-helloandroid] success! [10:51:58-helloandroid] Starting activity com. example. helloandroid. helloandroidactivity on device emulator-5554 [10:52:01-helloandroid] activitymanager: Starting: intent {act = android. intent. action. main cat = [android.

Intent-Intent Action of Android robots from the ground up

); } }); } } Print? Package com. jiahui. activity; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. widget. TextView; Public class ActivityToStart extends Activity { @ Override Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){ Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState ); SetContentView (R. layout. start ); TextView myText = (TextView) f

Introduction to Android's native action intent (native activity intent)

Native actions (Native activity) are static string constants (static final String) in the intent class. These actions can be applied when an implicit intent is created to start an activity or subactivity within an application. Android apis: Mainly inc

Android-Intent action summary, androidintent

the data. "Android. intent. action. CALL"String CALL_FORWARDING_STATE_CHANGED_ACTION broadcast: The call transfer status of the voice phone has changed. "Android. intent. action. CFF"String CLEAR_CREDENTIALS_ACTION: Clear the cre

Android Intent and intent action Daquan


Example of Intent. Action in common Android Systems

Example of Intent. Action in common Android SystemsACTION_MAIN android. intent. action. MAIN application portalACTION_VIEW android. intent.

Intent. Action for Android Development

select special types of data and return (special types of data: Take a photo or record a piece of audio) Input: Type Output: URI Intrequestcode = 1001; Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_GET_CONTENT); // android. intent.

Intent. Action for Android Development

. action. GET_CONTENT Allow users to select special types of data and return (special types of data: Take a photo or record a piece of audio) Input: Type Output: URI Int requestcodes = 1001; Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_GET_CONTENT); // "

Misunderstandings between Android. Intent. Action. Main and Android. Intent. Category. Launcher

First, let's look at the Network Statement: Android. Intent. Action. Main determines the applicationProgramThe first Activity Android. Intent. Category. launcher determines whether the application is displayed in the program list. After the experiment, I found a problem?

Android Common Intent Action Rollup _android

This article summarizes the common intent action features of Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Android's basic design philosophy is to encourage the reduction of coupling between components, so Android provides intent (

Intent. Action for Android Development

return (special types of data: Take a photo or record a piece of audio)Input: TypeOutput: URIInt requestcodes = 1001;Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_GET_CONTENT); // "android. intent.

Intent Component,action and Category Properties-android learning Journey (50)

. OnCreate (Savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); Findviewbyid ( Setonclicklistener (NewView.onclicklistener () {@Override Public void OnClick(View view) {Intent Intent =NewIntent (); Intent.setaction (Intent.action_main); Intent

Android: Intent matches action, category and data principles, androidintent

Android: Intent matches action, category and data principles, androidintent 1. When you define one or more actions in androidmanifest When you use an implicit intent for other activities or services, it is required that the action in your implicit

Android Broadcast Encyclopedia Intent Action event detailed _android

Context.registerreceiver () method to register intent.action_uid_removed;A user ID has been removed from the system to emit a broadcast// intent.action_ums_connected;Broadcast when the device has entered a USB bulk storage state? intent.action_ums_disconnected;Broadcast when the device has been converted from a USB bulk storage state to a normal state? Intent.action_user_present;// intent.action_wallpaper_changed;Broadcast when device wallpaper has changed The above content is small serie

Android Intent Action Daquan


Android explicit intent, implicit intent, intent filter (intent-filter), and inter-intention value transfer

Intent mainly includes implicit intent and explicit intent. Explicit intent is usually used to start data between activities in the current application, while implicit intent is commonly used in some specific actions in the startup system, such as making phone calls or sendi

ActionBar (2) in the official Android Navigation bar -- detailed usage of Action View, Action Provider, and Navigation Tabs; androidactionbar

ActionBar (2) in the official Android Navigation bar -- detailed usage of Action View, Action Provider, and Navigation Tabs; androidactionbar In the previous article (ActionBar in the official navigation bar of Android), we introduced the basic application of each component

Android official navigation bar Actionbar (ii) detailed usage of--action View, Action Provider, Navigation tabs

to monitor tab switching events, there are three main methods need to implement a) callback b) Ontabunselected:tab the callback from selection to unchecked. C) ontabreselected: The callback when the tab that has been selected is selected. 2, Create tab and set properties for tab and Tablistener listener 3. Add tab to Actionbar Tab Listener code is as follows: private static class Tablistener  To learn more about the small partners, you can cl

Android Programming: View class and Intent class

Basic methods of ====view class = = = =SetBackgroundColor (int color)Set the background color of the attemptSetbackgrounddrawable (drawable D)Set the background picture of a viewSetminimumheight (int minheight)Setting the minimum height, the parent class may be resetSetminimumwidth (int minWidth)Set the minimum width, the parent class may be resetsetpadding (int left, int. right, int top, int bottom)Set padding margin propertiesSetclickable (Boolean C

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