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Managing MySQL replication with Ansible

Python Whether there is a client Yes Yes No Two Development support Not supported Support Support Whether the server and the remote machine authenticate each other Is Is Is Whether the server communicates with the remote machine for encryption Yes, Standard SSL protocol Yes, use AES encryption Yes, use OpenSSH Platform Support Supports AIX, BSD, HP-UX,

Enterprise-level automated O & M deployment in CentOS 6.5-Ansible

. Its command line mechanism is also very powerful, allowing you to use commercial license Web UI for authorization management and configuration. Ansible is developed in Python. Currently, Ansible users include evernote, rackspace, NASA, Atlassian, and twitter.Ansible aims to be the simplest and easiest to operate. It

Linux Learning Summary (74) automated Operation Koriyuki Ansible

Tags: two Pat mod update install simple GRE sed withA ansible IntroductionDoes not need to install the client, through the sshd to communicateModule-based work, modules can be developed in any languageNot only supports command line use of modules, but also supports writing YAML format playbook, which is easy to write and readInstallation is simple and can be installed on CentOS directly with YumThere are UI

The idea-the core concept of the automated Operation Koriyuki Ansible, installs the configuration ansible and learns to use its common modules.

. Ansible Operational Management Relationship diagram:The hint ansible several features: Deployment is simple, only need to deploy ansible environment in the main control side, the control side does not need to do any action; The device is managed by default using SSH protocol; There are a large number of conventional operation and main

003. basic use of ansible

1. ansible command usage The ansible command line can be executed in two ways: ad-hoc and ansible-playbook. The official web method provides paid product tower. Ad-hoc is mainly used to execute temporary commands. ansible-playbook is equivalent to a set of ad-hoc commands an

Managing Linux servers in bulk with ansible: Configuring Inventory and Batch execution commands

manage the key, even if the password is set when the key is created, a new session is created after the Ssh-add is executed, and each subsequent connection is not required to enter the key password. It is recommended to use SSH key authorization, and do not set the key password, so that it can be better to achieve automation.ssh-keygen # 创建公钥和私钥文件ssh-copy-id # 将公钥文件copy到远程主机上ssh-copy-id bash # 通过ssh-agent来管理密钥ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa # 将私钥交给ssh-agent管理,避

Linux ansible simple installation and bulk configuration detailed

you can start after installationDownload ansible: Https://, compile and install Ansible1, install the dependency pack: Yum install python-jinja2 pyyaml python-paramiko python-babel python-crypto pip* gcc python-develWget-p/us

Automated Operation Dimension Tool Ansible Tutorial _ server Other

= mode= '[root@localhosttmp]# ansible web-m copy-a ' src=/etc/yum.repos.d/aliyun.repodest=/etc/yum.repos.d/' 8) Template -A ' dest= src=\ ' #\ ' content= owner= group= ' 9) Yum: -A ' name= conf_file= (indicates configuration file) state={present|latest|absent} enablerepo= disablerepo= '[Root@localhost ~]# ansible all-m yum ' name=httpd state=present ' ) Serv

Use of the ssh-Based Cluster O & M tool ansible api [class saltstack]

For saltstack users, Ansible is a good ssh-based solution. It can greatly simplify the automatic configuration management and process control methods of Unix administrators. It uses the push method to configure the customer system so that all work can be done on the master server side. Its command line mechanism is also very powerful, and you can use the Web UI t

Ansible implements keepalived)

series of tasks to be executed on a remote host; Connectior plugins: ansible connects to the target machine based on SSH by default, but also supports different connection methods. In this case, you need to connect the plug-in to help us complete the connection; Host inventory: defines the host to be managed. In a small environment, you only need to write the Host IP address to the host file, however, in medium and large environments, we may need t

Centralized management platform ansible (1)

support for cloud computing platforms and big data; Provides a powerful and operable web management interface and rest API interface-awx platform; Idempotence: An operation repeats multiple times and returns the same result. Ansible installation and testing Epel source configuration[Epel] # configure Tsinghua epelname = fedora epelbaseurl =

Ansible automated O & M tools (2)

more details -- List-hosts: Host list can be abbreviated as -- list -K -- ask-pass prompt data SSH connection password default key verification -K -- ask-become-pass prompt to enter sodu Password -C check is not executed -T -- timeout = Timeout: the default timeout value is 10 s. -U -- user = remote_user: the user who executes Remote Execution -B -- become replaces the old sudo switchover Test: use the white user to connect to the server in the web g

Ansible + Corosync + Pacemaker + NFS for http High Availability

= local. repo dest =/etc/yum. repos. d/local. repo-Name: yum ntpdate and crontab # Install ntpdate and crontabYum: name = {item} state = presentWith_items:-Ntp-CronieTags: inst ntp-Name: hosts fileCopy: src = hosts dest =/etc/hosts-Name: sync time # set the time for automatic synchronizationCron: name = "sync time" minute = "*/3" job = "/usr/sbin/ntpdate ntp. api. bz >/dev/null"3.5 define YAML[Root @ ansible-server ~] # Vim corosync/ha. yml-Name: ins

"Mac" Ansible installation and basic use

:[Webservers] web[1:50] [Database] db-[a:f].lightcloud.comDefining host VariablesThe host can specify a variable, which can then be called by playbooks[Test] jenkis236 ansible_ssh_port=22 ansible_ssh_host= http_port=8080Defining Group variables[atlanta]host1host2[atlanta:vars]ntp_server=ntp.atlanta.example.comproxy=proxy.atlanta.example.comAnsible the built-in connection host variableAnsible_ssh_host

Ansible automated O & M tool and ansible automated

:// 2> install the EPEL installation package # Rpm-vih epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm # Vim/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo modify the path. Otherwise, an error is reported. Modify the file "/etc/yum. repos. d/epel. repo", uncomment the baseurl, and comment out the comment list; 3> install Ansible in YUM # Yum-y install ansible 4> Configure Ansi

Ansible automated operation and maintenance installation

-in): Responsible for communicating with managed hosts. playbooks (script): Centrally define configuration files for ansible tasks. Core modules: Ansible comes with modules, distributing resources to managed hosts. Custom Modules: Complete the function Module supplement. 3, Ansible features (1) deployment is simple, only need to deploy the

Ansible of automated O & M tools

,Even so, some code remains very long to test whether it does not change. At this point, if you are sure that it is not changing, you can skip these code snippets through tags.Example: Web Service deployment based on playbooks1. Provide the inventory file #/etc/ansible/hosts, perform key-based authentication on [webhosts], and edit the palybooks script # Vim/root/

Ansible installation configuration and use

First, ansible characteristics1, do not need to install the client, through the SSHD communication2, module-based work, the module can be developed by any preamble3, not only support command line to use the module, also support writing YAML format playbook4. Support sudo5, there is the provision of UI (browser graphics) host free6. Open Source UI

Sesame HTTP: Ansible extension and sesame ansible Extension

() results = super(ActionModule, self).run(tmp, task_vars) # remove as modules might hide due to nolog del results['invocation']['module_args'] results = merge_hash(results, self._execute_module(tmp=tmp, task_vars=task_vars)) # Remove special fields from the result, which can only be set # internally by the executor engine. We do this only here in # the 'normal' action, as other action plugins may set this. # # We don't want modules

Linux automated transport dimensional plane ansible deployment

configuration file as follows.[[emailprotected] ~]# vim /etc/ansible/hosts [web] //定义web组web30 //组成员,可以使用域名或者ip地址,我把主机名和域名写成一样,方便记忆使用web40[db] //定义db组db50db60[app:children] //定义父组app,及指定子组webdb[app:vars] //父组app下所有成员,配置信息,包括登陆用户和密码ansible_ssh_user="root"ansible_ssh_pass="123456"[nginx] nginx2

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