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Antenna design principle

resources to the development of Microstrip antennas, in the past there have been a number of studies around the application of microstrip antennas and theoretical analysis, but also has the relevant experimental equipment can be used for the development and design of microstrip antennas, for the development of electronic label antenna has a considerable basis. T

Design Theory Reference: User research and competitive analysis methods

research. And this method is in Europe and the United States than the first to be used by multinational companies in new areas of research. Hope to explore their potential needs from the user's perspective and daily life to guide the design. Participate in the user's life, observe them, to understand the user, to meet their needs. The designer is more need to use "other people's eyes" to treat the things designed to study, that is, as a user, partici

JavaScript design pattern Theory and example in-depth analysis (bottom)

of name in addition to using the Sayname () method. You can use the secure person constructor as below.var friend = person ("Nicholas", "Software Engineer");Friend.sayname (); "Nicholas"In this way, the variable friend holds a secure object, and in addition to calling the Sayname () method, there is no other way to access its data members. Even if other code adds methods or data members to the object, there is no way to access the raw data passed into the constructor. This security provided by

User experience: About design theory and design terminology

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: about design theory and design terminology. The work of these days involves a lot of meetings. Also involves a lot of people, a lot of opinions, a lot of collisions, a lot of speculation. No more about the project itself, nor is it suitable for sharing at the moment. There are some digression, although

Analog circuit design: The myth of Theory and the reality of cruelty

system and the mode of the person should be able to understand, do not do analysis here). In fact, such circuits often do not work because of the non-ideal characteristics of op amp and other devices. Even the most basic wires have resistors, and theoretical analysis makes it difficult to consider so many non-ideal factors. In fact, it is generally necessary to add a few more devices, such as.

User Experience Design theory: Aspects of user experience design

use their own experience or the results of the market to prevail. In contrast, users-centric designers who communicate directly with potential users to learn more about their personal experience are more likely to show users ' needs than the statistical data on their research reports. In fact, what people tell market researchers is not necessarily consistent with the real situation (if you look at it). Many complete projects, in the later part of the concept Drill-down (concept develop), invol

5 books on the best Java object-oriented theory and design patterns

helper mode (view Resolver pattern), or view parser, service Locator pattern, and so on. This book will design patterns according to functional classification, divided into presentation layer design patterns, logic layer design patterns. This is a must-read book for every Java and EE programmer who needs to write Web applications and enterprise applications. Alt

Software Engineering--object-oriented design of theory, method and practice

Software Engineering--the design of the face object of theory, method and practiceIn the phase of object analysis, it is necessary to focus on what the system does, while in the design phase, it will focus on the software implementation of the system, including architecture design

Design theory: The professional problem of designers

powerful technical skills behind it is to help designers more dare to think, dare to create. So in addition to the theory, design skills training is equally important, a designer can not learn all the software, all the production process, this part of the team through the members of each other to each other-the premise is that the team must develop a frank, sharing spirit. 5. Face Customer Experience : Th

Software Engineering--object-oriented design of theory, method and practice

We focus on what the system is doing, and in the design phase we will focus on the software implementation issues of the system, including architecture design, detailed design, user interface design and database design.As with modeling, design is also a modeling activity tha

Domain model of field-driven design theory learning notes

2007 Eric Evans published "Domain driven design" so far, the concept of domain driven designs (Ddd:domain-driven design) has become increasingly understood and used. I have been a post-conscious, but it is not too late to mend. We are very familiar with the word domain, and often put it on the mouth, but how much value it? Developers are more focused on technology, and I actually want to study the DDD-based

Exploring the microcosm of icon design: from the semiotic theory

Article Description: an analysis of the microscopic world of icons--from the semiotic theory. Since the concept of graphical user interface was born in 1970, the first WIMP demo, the computer user interface from character development to the graphics age. After less than half a century of rapid development, with the attention of the Apple system and the popular beneficiaries of the Microsoft Windo

JavaScript design pattern Theory and Combat: Factory method mode

-oriented open closure principle.Of course, specific scenarios specific analysis, complexity and extensibility compared to how to shed, in the use of the actual scene to analyze.2, when the client calls, each product still need to know the specific factory class to invoke, as if the difference is not big?And the simple factory model is the difference between: we will determine which product class to use the code from the factory class transferred to t

Photoshop design theory lets the background highlight the main body to share

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the design theory to share the background highlight the main body. Analytical sharing: @ House K: in graphic design, the subject and background are like the relationship between the protagonist and the supporting role, can say a good

The design example of the title of the Baidu Word segmentation theory (last article)

figure: This is because Baidu search results are used to match the reverse participle! 3, positive and negative to the same time participle matching And there is a special situation, is the combination of key words before and after the content is considered to be small, and the search results roll also contains the two groups of words, Baidu will be the positive and negative to the simultaneous segmentation matching, such as search key words: Beijing Hua Smoke, returned the results a

Distributed system and Cap theory analysis under Linux

already cover most of the distributed storage systems.In fact, for large-scale distributed systems, the CAP is very stable, can be expanded in a few places.It largely limits the capacity for large-scale computing, and some design approaches to bypassing cap-governed areas may be key to the next large-scale system design.As you can see, these schemes always need to be sacrificed to another part of the package, and cannot reach the 100% cap. Which opti

"Theory" "Turn" app engineering structure construction: Several common Android code architecture analysis

whole station personal information module, widget represents a special function module.The common package contains some tool classes, some custom view of the application, and so on.Combined with what was said before, we put the whole string together, perfecting a reader's final architecture as follows (two out of two freind and life are also similar):  Note: 1). function modules and type modules can be divided, if not required, the partition of the module can be omitted.2). The component divisi

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: planning and preparation through analysis _ 9.2 Analysis

9.2 Analysis As described above, analysis is the beginning of establishing a good relational database model. Analysis is about the operational factors and business affairs of a company. It has nothing to do with the technical aspects of computer systems. The Analysis and database model or the content that the database

Design Analysis: Event classification for interactive design

see from the above analysis of an interactive design is not good. In my opinion, this is also a progress. I hope all of you to contribute their own strength, will be good interaction design application in more products, so that users get a better experience. Some of the analysis of the individual, it is inevitable th

Design and Manufacturing Process Analysis of iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 4iphone6

Design and Manufacturing Process Analysis of iPhone 4 to iPhone 6, iPhone 4iphone6 Here I will explain some of my views on the design and manufacturing processes of these mobile phones. These five models have three appearances: Sandwich Design for iPhone 4. Three-Stage aluminum alloy Integrated forming of iPhone 5. All

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