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The concept of P-problem, NP-problem, NPC problem and NP-hard problem

The concept of P-problem, NP-problem, NPC problem and NP-hard problemLeave the job still have a few days, idle to Nothing, will be common but it is easy to confuse a few concepts to organize, hope to help you.You will often see the online "How do you do this, this is not NP problem", "This only search, this has been pr

Small problem may have big problem, hope the big God help answer. The Setmaster ("local") of a single-threaded and multi-threaded problem in Spark native run mode can be run, but set to Setmaster ("local[3]") or Setmaste__spark

Small problems may be a big problem, I hope the great God to help answer Ask the great God to help solve the same code: Setmaster ("local") can be run, but the error is set to Setmaster ("local[3]") or Setmaster ("local[*]"). local running mode in Spark There are 3 local operating modes in spark, as follows (1) Local mode: single-threaded operation;(2) local[k] Mode: Local K-thread operation;(3) local[*] mode: Run with as many threads as possible loca

The matching problem of graphs and maximum flow problem (Ii.) Ford-fulkerson method of maximum flow problem

This article to undertake the last article, mainly explained the maximum flow problem Ford-fulkerson solution. But this is a method, not an algorithm, because it contains several implementations with different running times. The method relies on three important ideas: residual networks, augmented paths and cuts. This is covered in detail in this article, and we provide a Java implementation of the method in the next article. Before introducing three

Summary of the Backtracking Method in leetcode: Eight queens problem; unique path problem; subsets Problem

The backtracking method uses the trial and error method to solve a problem step by step. In the process of solving the problem step by step, when it tries to find that the existing step-by-step answer cannot be effectively answered correctly, it will cancel the previous step or the previous step of operation, then try again to find the answer to the question through other possible step-by-step answers. The

C + + memory problem large set (pointer problem, and string copy problem, really dangerous)

Author:, copyright notice, reprint must obtain consent.Memory out of bounds, variable tamperedMemset the length parameter exceeds the length of the array, but Memset did not error, but the operation of the memory should not be manipulated, causing the variable to be tampered withFunctions that can also cause memory out-of-bounds are memset, memcpy, Memmove, strcpy, strncpy, Strcat, sprintf, and so ontemporary pointer problem, std::string ,

UV problem 10092 the problem with the problem setter)

// The problem with the problem setter (FAQ) // PC/Ultraviolet IDs: 111008/10092, popularity: C, success rate: average level: 3 // verdict: accepted // submission date: 2011-10-08 // ultraviolet () Run Time: 0.060 S // All Rights Reserved (c) 2011, Qiu. Metaphysis # Yeah dot net /// [Problem description] // so many students are interested in participant ipating i

Packing (knapsack) problem (packing Problem) __ Packing problem

Packing problem is also called knapsack problem, in simple terms, is to put small goods into a large box, how to install more. Personal common experience is "install refrigerator", very interesting phenomenon is often feel the refrigerator can no longer fit, but after a toss after the magic of the installed. From the business point of view is to try to make each container (warehouses, vehicles, containers,

0-1 knapsack problem, knapsack problem, optimal loading problem, Huffman coding, what are the thoughts of these questions?

0-1 knapsack problem: given n items and a backpack. The weight of item I is WI, its value is VI, the capacity of the backpack is C. How do you choose which items are loaded into your backpack so that the total value of the items loaded into your backpack is greatest?When selecting items for backpack, there are only 2 options for each item I put in the backpack or not in the backpack. Item I cannot be loaded into the backpack multiple times, nor can I

This is a very simple insert problem, but there is a problem. Please help us to see where the problem exists.

This is a simple insert problem, but it is a problem. Please help us to see where there is a problem: insert nbsp; into nbsp; rc (zjbs, zjdm, gzbj, xingming, sex, minzu, zzmm, csri, csd, byyx, bysj, sxzy, whcd, xw, gzdw, gzsj, dwlb, dwxz, xzzw, xzjb, cszy, gkhy, j is a simple insert problem, but there is a

Solution to generalized eigenvalue problem [generalized eigenvalue problem] [extended eigenvalue problem]

Recent exposure to LDA (linear discriminant analysis), LFDA (local discriminant analysis), Flda (Fisher linear discriminant analysis), MMDA (multi-modal discriminant analysis) and other methods for feature extraction, all of which involve the same problem--fisher The Criterion (Fisher discriminant criterion), which requires the minimization of intra-class discretization and the largest inter-class dispersion, describes the

Ultraviolet () problem 10245 the closest pair problem (recent point problem)

// The closest pair problem (recent point problem) // PC/Ultraviolet IDs: 111402/10245, popularity: A, success rate: Low Level: 2 // verdict: accepted // submission date: 2011-11-09 // UV Run Time: 0.240 S // All Rights Reserved (c) 2011, Qiu. Metaphysis # Yeah dot net // [solution] // typical problem. You can use the O (nlgn) Splitting Algorithm. For details, se

UTR-8 encoding File Upload BOM header problem (the actual problem PHP Upload CSV file first string length problem)

When uploading CSV files in PHP in the past two days, the first value in the first column is always not verified by regular expressions. For example, the first value in the first column is "test_test1", and the second value in the first column is "test_test2". The two values without essential differences provide two results for the same regular expression. In the tangle, var_dump is used to print two values. The displayed result "test_test1" has a length of 13 and "test_test2" has a length of 10

This is a very simple insert problem, but there is a problem. Please help us to see where the problem exists.

This is a simple insert problem, but it is a problem. Please help us to see where there is a problem: insert nbsp; into nbsp; rc (zjbs, zjdm, gzbj, xingming, sex, minzu, zzmm, csri, csd, byyx, bysj, sxzy, whcd, xw, gzdw, gzsj, dwlb, dw is a very simple insert problem, but there is a

20160526:BFS solve eight digital problem (nine problem) by brushing an algorithm problem every day

* * unless required by applicable Law or agreed into writing, software * Distributed under the License is distributed on a "as is" BASIS, * without Warra Nties or CONDITIONS of any KIND, either express OR implied. * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and * limitations under the License. * */package xiaofei.algorithm;import java.util.arraylist;import java.util.hashset;/** * Created by Xiaofei on 16/5/26. * Eight digital problems, that is, nine

Why 0-1 knapsack problem is a NP complete problem, but this problem also has the dynamic programming solution? __ Dynamic Planning

Whether P is equal to NP is one of the most famous unsolved problems in computational complexity theory, a NP-complete problem, if we can find a polynomial-time algorithm to solve it, then the P=NP is explained. Today, 0-1 knapsack problem has been proved to be NP complete problem, but it has a dynamic programming solution, this solution has the time complexity

Today I encountered an old + Oracle problem, solved the old problem, and found a new problem.

Today, when I used as a WAP website, I encountered the following problems: 09:35:59-214746725909:35:59 system. Data. oledb. oledberrorcollectionAt 09:35:59, the Oracle client and network components were not found. These components are provided by Oracle and are part of Oracle 8i (or higher) client software installation. These components cannot be used before they are installed.Program.09:35:59 Microsoft ole db provider for Oracle09:35:59 at system. Data. oledb. oledbconnection. process

A very simple insert about the problem, but there is a problem, please help to see exactly where the problem


Step jumping Problem | Fibonacci recursion complexity problem | integer division problem

matrix_2by2 B) {return matrix_2by2 (. a00 * B. a00 +. a01 * B. a10,. a00 * B. a01 +. a01 * B. a11,. a10 * B. a00 +. a11 * B. a10,. a10 * B. a01 +. a11 * B. a11);} matrix_2by2 matrix_pow (int n) {assert (n> 0); matrix_2by2 matrix; If (n = 1) {return matrix_2by2 (1, 1, 1, 0);} If (N % 2 = 0) matrix = matrix_2by2_multiple (matrix_pow (n/2), matrix_pow (n/2 )); if (N % 2 = 1) {matrix = matrix_2by2_multiple (matrix_pow (N-1)/2), matrix_pow (N-1)/2); matrix = matrix_2by2_multiple (matrix, matrix_2by2

WebService problem, SOAP problem, response problem-ask the great God! Where is the great God?

;getmessage ();//If an error occurs, it will arrive here} try { $soap = new SoapClient ("Http://......?WSDL"); $param = Array (); $xml = $soap->getinfo ($param);} catch (Exception $e) { echo $e->getmessage ();//If an error occurs, it will arrive here} How can I tell if the getinfo of the request is not responding? $soap = new SoapClient ("Http://xxxxxxxxxWSDL"), $xml = $soap->getinfo ($param); Suppose my parameters are all right, how do I tell if WebService didn't respond? Not retur

Ultraviolet A Problem 10104 Euclid problem (Euclidean problem)

// Euclid problem (Euclidean problem) // PC/Ultraviolet IDs: 110703/10104, popularity: A, success rate: average level: 1 // verdict: accepted // submission date: 2011-06-10 // UV Run Time: 0.684 S // copyright (c) 2011, Qiu. Metaphysis # Yeah dot net /// you can find two numbers x and y Based on Euclid, so that: /// A * x + B * Y = gcd (A, B) (1) /// due to gcd (a, B) = gcd (B, a'), where a' = A-B * [A/B],

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