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iphone sales disappointing, Apple stock rating rare even cut

An analyst at Wall Street predicted that Apple's iphone performance would be disappointing this year, and that it downgraded Apple's stock rating, a rare downgrade to Apple's share rating.The analyst, Longbow Research, has downgraded Apple's stock rating from "buy" to "neutral", citing Apple's iphone shipments in the 2018 fiscal year less than previously expected.Shawn Harrison, an analyst at Longbow study,

XY Apple Assistant Bulk Delete photos

Iphone6 How to delete photos in bulk? The mobile phone is out of memory, the photo occupies too much memory, how can iPhone6 delete the photos in bulk? Today's PC software download station Small series to introduce you to the XY Apple assistant how to bulk delete photos. Method/Step 1. Connect the device to the compu

How to view EXIF information for photos in Apple iphoto

Previously introduced the "Apple Computer Mac OS x system view photos EXIF information free software: Exif Viewer", but believe that everyone on the Apple computer with iphoto management photos, directly from iphoto view photos of EXIF information is not better? But when you

How to recover the lost photos of Apple phone?

Apple mobile phone has been a good market in China, the forthcoming release of IPhone8 is also once again to send Apple to the boom. Many of the fruit powder are looking forward to the release of IPhone8, after all, full of black technology, the performance of the iphone is also the leverage of the no words, and the backup function, even if the mistake deleted can also recover. What if you mistakenly delete

Summary of Lost recovery method for Apple phone photos

Although the market share of Android phones is high, but the iphone as a leader in high-end mobile phones are not lax, every year will launch new products, and the enthusiasm of the fruit powder is only increased. But even a high-security iphone can also be a problem with mobile data loss. According to the industry, many users of the iphone often do not turn on the Apple phone Online backup function, for important data also does not strengthen the sto

To import photos of the Apple phone into the computer

Method one, after installing itunes or Itool on a computer, export directly 1. We connect the Apple handset with the computer (recommended reading: Apple mobile phone and computer connection) 2. Then open the iphone in My computer and you will see the photos on your phone (note: The iphone must be unlocked, otherwise you won't be able to see the

How does the iphone prevent photos from being lost? Apple mobile data Security 7 big strokes

First, remove your sensitive photos from the photo stream. After you remove the photo from your iphone or ipad device, you must also remove it from the photo stream. According to the Apple Cloud service, a user's album stored on the device side will be backed up in the photo stream at the same time. Apple users can enter the "Photo-photo album-Photo

Restore deleted photos in Apple ios8.0.2

The first step, in the Apple phone, we clicked "recently deleted", and then went to find the relevant photos. The second step, and then we find the inside of the "recent delete" here will see the photos we have previously deleted. The third step, then we click on the photo to open, you will see the photo open interface has a "restore" button, you can

For the Apple user who loves to take a selfie, there is probably another loophole that will let you steal your private photos without being found (go)

Originally the September 9 Apple new product conference is a lot of people's big day, big and big. But this tragic news: Hackers may have used the find My Phone loophole to crack the star ICloud account, leaked indecent photos. What's more brutal is that the hacker involved in the image sharing site 4chan on the hundreds of leaked photos, on condition that the bi

Apple's iCloud security vulnerabilities continue to ferment: another wave of nude photos

Apple's iCloud security vulnerabilities continue to ferment: another wave of nude photos Another batch of nude photos of celebrities were revealed on the internet, reported the Daily Beast. The victims included supermodel karakay dunyi and the famous actress Anna benik, among others. Hollywood female Jennifer Lawrence made another move. The Daily Beast reported that these celebrity

How to encrypt Apple photos

know how to use encryption software, without worrying about their files too large, and need to wait too long time, because hundreds of g of data only 1 seconds to complete. There is no size limit. Secret folder encryption software gives you the benefit of not having to use advanced encryption software, so people don't have to worry about the security of their phone pictures or document files. How to use the encryption software of the secret-protecting folderstart the secret folder encryption so

Apple iphone5/iphone4s mobile phone How to send photos to the computer

Preparatory work We first login The QQ on the Apple phone and log on to the computer. Start work 1. We go to Apple's App store to download a QQ2013 and install it on your Apple 5 phone. 2. Then we download the new version of QQ on the computer, installation landing, 3. Click on the login iphone5 mobile phone QQ, find the bottom button found, 4. Then we click on "Send

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