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Apple 5s jailbreak white Apple How to do? iOS7.1.1 Jailbreak white Apple How to do?

1. Before the operation we prepared an itunes software installed in the computer Oh, as shown in the following figure 2. Then I turn on itunes and connect my phone to my computer, as shown in the picture 3. After the connection your itunes software prompts you to "detect a recovery-mode IPhone" message, as shown in the following figure. 4. If itunes does not warn ' detects a recovery-mode iPhone, ' We can turn the Apple phone off and press th

Apple 5 iOS7 jailbreak white Apple after the infinite restart how to do? Jailbreak white Apple repeat reboot workaround

Problem General General Assembly again brush machine, but I introduced today do not brush machine to help you solve the jailbreak white Apple Repeat restart method, I hope the example will bring help to you oh. The problem with the iOS device breaking and restarting is probably the error of the light sensor. When the iphone is in a dark environment, the sensor detects that the light is not visible and will be on the machine, restarting or displayin

IOS7 Development-apple Apple iphone development Xcode Official document translation

Number Ios-apple Apple Official document translation name Post link Address 1 Apple API common English noun---ios-apple apple official document translation Http:// 2 Basic Control D

How to register Apple ID how to retrieve Apple ID password

Summary of specific methods Registering Apple IDs with itunes Open itunes and point to the itunes Store on the left. The bottom right to find the free application ranking, casually select a point behind the free two words. A login dialog box appears, choosing to create a new account. Various consents and continued. Basic information. The mailbox must be valid and you will need to verify the mailbox. Note: Many people are stuck in the pas

What kind of apple worm do I need? (Apple's law transfers itself to the confused ones)

"Several Apple worms once liked apple very much. They all grew up and went to the forest to find them. "The first Apple worm moved into the mountains and finally came to an apple tree. It doesn't even know that this is an apple tree or that it is covered with red and delicio

Forget Apple ID password How to retrieve the Apple ID tutorial

Bound Email Reset Password Click here to enter the Apple ID admin address, enter your Apple ID, and click Continue Https://!section=password There are two ways to reset a password, one is a previously reserved mailbox, and the other is a security issue that was previously reserved, and we first use the email verification method

Apple, you have hurt me deeply, but you still don't want to say it, apple, I said

Apple, you have hurt me deeply, but you still don't want to say it, apple, I said Editor's note: This article is from Medium. The Chinese version is compiled by Tiandi Zhuhai sub-rudder. As an application developer, the author is deeply hurt by Apple's application review mechanism. The original Article received 523 recommendations in just a few days at the press time of this article. It can be seen tha

When Apple Pay landed in China, Apple Pay landed in China at specific time exposure

Apple is interested in promoting Apple's pay mobile payment service in the Chinese market, although Apple Pay may face tough times after reports that the company's cooperation talks with China UnionPay have stalled. Today, however, a good news came. Apple and China UnionPay have completed talks to announce Apple

How to use Apple Pay? How to use Apple Pay payment

What iphone models does Apple Pay apply to? Apple Pay supports ios9.2 and later products, note: Must be a POS machine with flash function to use! In Apple Pay if you want to add another bank card, just use the isight camera to take a picture on it, through the touch ID, you can easily confirm the payment by fingerprint, with safe, convenient, fast and s

How Apple Watch uses the Apple Watch method

Apple Watch supports paying banks with third party payments have China UnionPay: BOC, ICBC, CCB and merchant bank Third party payments At present, only pay the treasure family, or a lot of functions have been deducted Alipay, but Alipay payment and balance treasure can still be used. How to use Apple watch 1. Short look 2. Long look * Raise your wrist the

How does the Hippocampus Apple helper Download the genuine Apple software?

How to download genuine Apple software by PC version of the Hippocampus assistant 1. Download and install the Hippocampus assistant 2, in the operation of the hippocampus Apple assistant, with a data cable to connect iOS devices and computers (sometimes the device will be pop-up prompts box, ask whether to trust the computer, please choose Trust Oh ~), the other work PC end will help you automatically com

What about Apple iphone5s without a signal? 5s Service-free solution for Apple

1 Click "Settings" in the Apple 5S handset and find "operator" we try to set the "automatic" look. 2) Open and close flight mode. Also in the Apple 5S "settings" will see a flight mode, we switch the aircraft mode to see if it can be resolved. 3 Restart your iphone5s, we will restart the phone, restart method is long press the phone top power button, and then the shutdown button when we slide can be r

Does Apple ID not have a bank card that may be registered? How to register Apple IDs

1 here if there is no Apple ID and bank card, we can be registered in the computer through itunes, we install an itunes software on the computer, then click on a app to enter and click to get. (as shown in the following figure) 2 at this time will pop up an Apple ID landing box, we do not definitely not login, click on the following one to create the Apple I

Golden Apple--a brief talk on the Golden section in Apple's design

highest aesthetic standards, by objects and people, by people and things, by extension, all similar to the human body like it, feel beautiful. The ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras has a famous saying "everything beautiful things have common characteristics, this is part and part and part of the coordination and unity between the whole." ” Let's get married, and Apple and gold are separated into a happy life.

How do you connect an iphone with an apple helper? Connect iphone with Apple Helper tutorial

Connect iphone with Apple Helper tutorial Download and install "Fast with the Apple helper" to connect the iphone or ipad to the computer, not connected to the phone solution Rollup Method One, look at the quick use of mobile phone assistant computer has not shown your mobile phone, if it does not show the phone to unplug in the flash repair point, close fast with a restart fast use, should be good.Met

Iphone6 How do I register an apple ID? Iphone6 Registration Apple ID method

1, on the IPhone home screen to find the "app Store" icon, click to open 2. After opening the App Store, slide up with your fingers and click the "Sign in" button at the bottom. 3, in the Pop-up Options menu, click the "Create New Apple ID" option 4, in the selection of countries and regions page, the default is China, click "Next" to continue 5, in terms and privacy page, directly click "Next" to continue 6, in the pop-u

I apple helper repair iphone flash i apple Assistant Flash-back repair method

1 We first login The Apple account in the iphone, as shown in the following figure; 2 Then we turn on the software for the flash back. How do I do a flash-back repair? 1, the computer now installs an "I Apple Computer version" software, then the mobile phone and computer connection, and then in I Apple Computer version to identify the phone af

Apple 6 How to enter the logo logo? Iphone6 Enter Apple logo logo tutorial

1, because they do not play this logo so we need to login to some sites to find an Apple logo logo, and then copy. 2, copy it. We can click "General" in "Settings" and find "keyboard" click on the open details as shown in the following figure. 2, in opening the "keyboard" of the iphone, we will see a "add a new phrase" below and we'll click on it to open it. Now we click on the "User dictionary" in the Open Add interface and then like

Apple account Classification and registration for free Apple account

Apple Account Classification and registration for free Apple account categories of Apple accounts You can become a development member by registering an Apple account with Apple. The development members can be divided into four types, as shown in table 1-2. Table 1-2 members

Apple 5s how to set the place where the caller belongs? Set up a tutorial on Apple 5s power ownership

Method I, using the micro-credit public number 1, open micro-letter, point Address Book, point to the top right corner of the +, point "find the public number"; 2, search "Apple query Assistant", out of the first black Apple logo, pay attention to it; 3, after the completion of the Add, open the "Apple Query Assistant" Chat dialog box,

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