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itunes on the computer cannot connect to the itunes Store solution

Connect to the itunes store before the problem, but now is not, the online part of the tutorial said to close the agent can, but some friends did not open the agent how to solve it? A lot of users have problems using itunes, they can sync software, video, music, and so on, but they can't get into the itunes

What about Apple 6 that can't connect to the itunes Store? Iphone6 not connected to the itunes store problem

Apple 6 cannot connect to the itunes Store solution:One: Network settingsUnder "Settings" found under "General" in the iOS desktop Find "restore network Settings" below find "restore" and then restart the iphone.Two: Reset Access restrictionsTry it in Apple 6. Find under "Settings" under "General" find "Access restrictions", open the access limit for 5 seconds, and then turn off access restrictions.Three: R

Does the iphone not open the itunes Store? Unable to connect to the itunes Store solution

As shown in the following figure we open the itunes store and pop a hint that the itunes store can't connect The solution is as follows 1. We click on the "Settings" details on the Apple phone as shown in the picture. 2. Then find the "General" gently click on it to enter. 3. In the General panel, we click "R

itunes Error Tip: Unable to complete your itunes Store request unknown error resolution

Error notification the following failure to complete your itunes Store request unknown error (-50) The first step is to search the computer for itunesprefs.xml files, and then go to the modifications, such as the path c:/users/xxxx/appdata/roaming/apple in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Systems computer/ itunes/the path in Windows XP is C:/Documents and Settings/xxxx

iOS developer Uploads App Store always stuck in authenticating with the ITunes store solution 2017-05-04 10:33

Reference: Http:// developer Uploads App Store always stuck in authenticating with the ITunes store solution2017-05-04 10:33 359 People read review (2) Favorite report category: Swift (46) Copyright notice: This article is the original article for Bo Master, not allowed to be

How to apply for the itunes Store and App Store account

Apply for itunes Store and App Store account You can manage your data and download fee-based or freeware software through the itunes Store and the App Store. But you have to have an account, and account number has the area, that

Apple itunes Store Apple Stores can not enter what to do?

The itunes Store is an Apple store in itunes, and we usually find that the itunes store won't open, and here's a look at the solution to the problem. Method one, which may be cached files We delete all files of our own username d

Ipad4/ipad3 cannot connect to the itunes Store solution

Specific methods 1. We use the data cable to connect the ipad with the computer. 2. Then check to see if itunes has been authorized to this computer, if not authorized we can be authorized according to the following method, or skip. 1 We click "Store" on the left side of itunes and select "Authorize for this computer" in the Drop-down menu box. 2 and then

Apple itunes Store Promotion code use tutorial

itunes Store Promotion code use steps: 1, first you want to have an itunes account (if not, please register a) 2, open itunes, switch to the itunes Store page 3, find the page below the Exchange (Redeem) Link, (if it

Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

Original address: Viewlocale = zh_cn In the lower-right corner, select your country. If you have an iTunes store in your country, click app store in the top navigation bar and navigate to app store. If not, continue with step 1. Important information: Befor

In-app purchase developed 3 pit Error Domain=skerrordomain code=0 "Cannot connect to ITunes Store

First of all, the complete code I do not provide here, here is a download link is a code, you can not pass debugging, the reasons are mainly three aspects The first problem is the inability to get a list of products defined within the Itune Connect inside, mainly for several reasons 1, check whether your provisioning profile contains support In-app purchase. If not, regenerate2. No build number added3, whether to use the real machine debug

The app's address on the itunes Store

You can then search directly on itunes on your computer for the iphone, ipad app, and then download the IPA or copy its URL.I don't remember this feature since March 2017.=====================================Use this URLHttps://**********?mt=8Replace the above ********** with the app's AppID. (usually 10-digit Arabic numerals)=====================================AppID go directly to the

A little trick to reduce the App Store audit rejection-use forgotten fields in itunes Connect

Over the past two years, our team has launched 60 release releases for 7 apps in the App Store. So we're already familiar with what users want, and how to target and market apps to get the highest installation rate possible. After a number of operational practices, we were inspired to develop the Launchkit Toolkit for app developers and app marketers to use when publishing their apps.We are also familiar with the app review process what Apple's app re

How to hide purchase items in iOS and OS X's itunes App Store

For the iOS platform app Store, you only need to go to the purchased list, and then on the edge of the app, like a text message, slide your finger, the red hidden button will appear, and you will be hidden from the purchase record after clicking it. For the itunes App Store or the Mac App Store.

How to solve the problem of "An error occurred uploading to the iTunes store" when the IOS program is released

Publish an application todayProgramThe new version has passed the verification, but an error occurred while publishing the upload. The error message is: An error occurred uploading to the iTunes store. I used to release a good version. Why is there a problem today? I tried it several times, but I still cannot. Therefore, Google was rescued and finally found a solution. Install a Java update: Java for OS

Built-in paid Inapp purchase and error Domain=skerrordomain code=0 "Cannot connect to ITunes Store" error

) { //purchase successfully add money and other Items NSLog (@ "purchased:%@", purchasedfeature);} oncancelled:^{/* purchase Cancel to do the corresponding operation or do nothing/}]; Buliding found an arc error and then modified it in targets-> buldphases to modify the related file attribute to-fobjc-arc altogether three files It's so simple. No longer true m

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