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Two-bit array-select sort

#include intMain () {inti,j; inta[Ten]; intiTemp; intIPos; printf ("assign value to an array element: \ n"); //Assigning a value to an array by using the keyboard for(i=0;iTen; i++) {printf ("a[%d]=", i); scanf ("%d",&A[i]); } //start sorting

Use the function pointer to sort the array (select Sort implementation)

#include int compare (int a,int b) {return a-A;} void Select_sort (int *a,int n,int (*p) (int,int)) {int i,j;for (i=0;i0) {int temp;temp = a[j];a[j] = a[i];a[i]=temp;}}} void print (int *a,int n) {int i;for (i=0;iCopyright NOTICE: This article for

Array _ Select Sort

Randomly generates an array of 10 elements and finds the extremum.1 #define_crt_secure_no_warnings2 3#include 4#include 5#include 6 7 8 Main ()9 {Ten time_t ts; One ASrand ((unsignedint) Time (&ts)); - - inta[Ten]; the inti; -

Array-select sort

Compare and extract the minimum value to the end 1 # include 2 3 int main (void) 4 {5 Int array [10] = {,}; 6 7 int I, J; 8 For (I = 0; I array [J]) 14 {15 int temp; 16 temp = array [Min]; 17 array [Min] = array [J]; 18 array [J] = temp; 19} 20} 2

JS How to implement the check box for name is an array select all and deselect and unselect

JS How to implement the name is an array of the check box to select and reverse the selection and deselect? The form contents are as follows:Because PHP receives a check box in the form of an array, JQ can normally beUse $ ("INPUT[NAME=PTPT")

28.json array, select selection, input output corresponding data

Effect: Select the corresponding car class, the following input will appear in real time the price of the car.Html: Please select Auto Sedan Js:var cartconfig={"0": {"Purchasemoney": 10},"3": {"Purchasemoney": 7.5}}

JavaScript-given a value, such as 100, given an array, select n elements from the array, and the n elements add up to 100, to get a result.

Array: var arr = [99.1, 92.2, 60, 50, 49.5, 45.7, 25.1, 20, 17.4, 13, 10, 7, 2.1, 2, 1]; The array elements that are found and are 100: [60,20,10,7,2,1] Reply content: Array: var arr = [99.1, 92.2, 60, 50, 49.5, 45

Pull out thinkphp database operation class

If you are a thinkphp user, you will find it very convenient to operate the database thinkphp. Now there is a very small job in front of you, so small that there is absolutely no need to use thinkphp to finish it. But you think it's very troublesome

Fast sorting algorithm

today I read the legendary quick sort on the internet, and then try to implement it recursively in C #: (This is descending)voidMain () {int[] arraytosort=New[]{1,1,2,3,5,6,7, -,Ten, -,3, +,1,0,5,2,4,3}; Helper Helper=NewHelper (); varresult=Helper.

FirePHP application instance + comment

FirePHP use instance + comment 1. what is firePHP? firePHP is a ff plug-in for outputting php debugging information to the firebug console. II. what does firePHP do after it is officially released without affecting the page display? Debug php and

Application examples of firephp + annotations

firephp Usage examples + annotations I. What is firephp? The firephp is a plug-in for the FF that outputs PHP debugging information to the Firebug console. Two. What's the use of firephp? After the official release, without affecting the page

Data analysis using python: "NumPy"

One, NumPy: Array calculation1. NumPy is a basic package for high performance scientific computing and data analysis. It is the basis of various other tools such as pandas.2, the main functions of NumPy:# Ndarray, a multidimensional array structure,

Comparison of findfindAll in the Yii framework to find the specified fields _ php instance

In the yii framework, you can use the find method of the ing Class to retrieve a piece of data or use the findall method to retrieve several pieces of data. Then, how to retrieve the data according to the required conditions is mainly used in the

How to use Select model and ioctlsocket

How to use Select model and Ioctlsocket 2011-03-29 11:38:26|  Category: Software development C + + | Tags: ioctlsocket socket blocking Select | Font size Big Small subscription int iMode = 1; 0: BlockingIoctlsocket (Socketc,fionbio, (U_

Find FindAll found in Yii Framework comparison of methods for establishing fields _php instance

Known Modelname::model ()-> find ()//Finding an ObjectModelname::model ()-> findall ()///Find an array of object collectionsHow to find the data for the fields I need, not the data for all the fields That's what I did before. $criteria =

Yii use Find FindAll finds the implementation method for the specified field _php instance

In this paper, the example shows that Yii uses find FindAll to locate the specified field and share it for everyone's reference. The specific methods are as follows: As is generally known, the following methods are used: Modelname::model ()-

Yii database Operations (curd operations)

Database operationsGetting Model objects$model = model Name:: Models (); or $model = new model name ();1. Querying multiple records (return value: two-dimensional array)$result = $model->findall ();$result = $model->findall (conditions);$result =

PostgreSQL: String summation (concatenation)

Solution:1. Convert table to array2. Splice the array with array_to_stringExample:--Create a test tableDROP TABLE IF EXISTStest;CREATE TEMP TABLETest ("Id"int, "Name"varchar( -), "Type"int);INSERT intoTest ("Id", "Name", "Type")VALUES(1,'NO1',1),(2,

Day32 Python and financial Quantitative Analysis (II.)

Part I: Finance and quantitative investmentStock: The stock is a kind of voucher that the stock company sends to the investor, and the holder is the shareholder of the corporation. Par value and market value of shares Face

Yii: how to find the specified fields in findfindAll, yiifindall_PHP tutorial

Yii method for finding the specified field in findfindAll, yiifindall. Yii describes how to use findfindAll to find the specified field. yiifindall finds an object modelName: model ()-find (): modelName: model ()-findALL () find the Yii method for

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