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1682: Global warming

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Security Warning: 1.35 billion of ARRIS cable modems worldwide can be remotely attacked

Security Warning: 1.35 billion of ARRIS cable modems worldwide can be remotely attacked A security vulnerability was found in the Wired modem of ARRIS SURFboard. Attackers can remotely attack about 1.35 billion of devices around the world.Security expert David Longenecker explained that a security vulnerability exists in a very popular wired modem produced by ARRIS

1682: [Usaco2005 mar]out of hay in the haystack crisis

1682: [Usaco2005 mar]out of hay hay crisis time limit:5 Sec Memory limit:64 MBsubmit:391 solved:258[Submit] [Status] DescriptionThe cows has run out of hay, a horrible event, which must be remedied immediately. Bessie intends to visit the other farms to survey their hay situation. There is n (2 The cows are running out of hay!Bessie is going to explore the disaster. There are N (2≤n≤2000) farms, and M (≤m≤10000) Two-way roads connect them, no

Acdream 1682 (maximum continuous sum of loops)

Acdream 1682 (maximum continuous sum of loops) Question: There are n numbers in a circle, and then take some continuous numbers from the circle, and ask the maximum value of the sum of the numbers taken. Solution: The general maximum continuity method. If the current number of the accumulated number plus is greater than the maximum value, the maximum value is updated. If it is less than 0, the accumulated value is cleared. This has a ring, we can co

Acdream 1682 sweets to eat (Ring Max sub-segment and)

.(2) The answer passes through the gap. Then the most small number of negative numbers and will not pass through the gap. will take all negative, and then follow the method (1) to find the most small section and. Then subtract the sum of the small and the small from the sum of the original ring sequence.1#include 2 using namespacestd;3 Const intn=100005;4 intArr[n], T, N;5 intcal ()6 {7 intCnt=0, sum=0;8 for(intI=0; i)9 {Tensum+=Arr[i]; One if(sum>cnt) cnt=sum; A if(

Acdream 1682 (maximum continuous and with ring)

Test instructions: There are n numbers in a circle, and then take a number of consecutive numbers from the circle, asking what the maximum value of the number to take away is.Solution: Ordinary maximum continuous and the practice, if the previous cumulative number plus the current number is greater than the maximum value to update the maximum value, if less than 0 to zero the accumulated value, this is a ring, then you can consider from two cases, one is the normal maximum continuous and find th

Bzoj 1682: [usaco2005 Mar] out of hay crisis

Description The hay is used up! Bessie planned to explore the disaster. There are N (2 ≤ n ≤ 2000) farms, M (≤ m ≤ 10000) two-way road connecting them, the length cannot exceed 10 ^ 9. every farm is connected to farm 1. bessie is going to visit every farm. every time she takes a long journey, it consumes a unit of water. from one farm to another, she needs to carry water that equals the length of the road. please help her determine the minimum tank capacity. that is to say, determine a scheme to

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-14

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 14. Rule of opposing features There is always another effective feature opposite to the features of any product. In article 6th (concept-specific rules), we have stressed that people cannot possess Same concepts and ideas. You must create your own proprietary concepts, and you must find your own unique features. There are too many companies trying to imitate the leader. "They must know how to do it most eff

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-12

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 12. Trademark extension rules The expansion of the trademark series will inevitably give people the impression that the trademark is the same if it violates If any rule is worthwhile, I'm afraid most American companies will be in jail. Penalty. So far, one of the rules described in this book is the trademark extension law. Even worse, trademark extension is a continuous and almost natural process. That's it

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-1

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 1. Market Leading Regulations "First" is better than "best" Many people think that the basic task of marketing is to make potential users believe that you can provide better services. . This is not the case. If you only have a small market share and have If you have rich competitors, your marketing strategy may be wrong at the beginning. You broke the city The first ru

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-6

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 6. proprietary concepts and regulations Two different companies cannot share the same concept with users. When your competitors have formed a certain concept or position in the user's mind If you want to win users with the same concept, the results will be futile. As we mentioned earlier, Volvo Auto has "security" in users' minds" This concept involves many other car manufacturers, including Mercedes. Benz

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-2

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 2. Product Innovation rulesIf you cannot be the first in a product type, you should try to create another new product type.Who is the third person to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean?You canI can think that I cannot know who is the third. But you can know that she is Emily.Ya herhart.So, is the third pilot to fly only over the Atlantic, orFamous for being the first girl to fly alone across the Atlantic

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-8

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 8. Two strong competition rules In the long run, any market will eventually become a competition between two horses. Initially, the status of a new type of product in the market is like a multi-level ladder, gradually, This ladder becomes a two-level ladder. The two main competitors of the battery industry are yongbei and durable battery companies. Shi; the taxi industry is huz and Avis; the mouthwatering i

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-7

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 7. tiered positioning rules The value of tiered application in the product market determines your marketing strategy. Taking the first place in the hearts of users should be the main goal of marketing activities, but do not This does not mean failure. Vendors with the second or third place in the market also have their own Marketing strategy. Products are not born and equal. When a consumer makes a purchase

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-10

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 10. Classification Rules Over time, product varieties will be subdivided into two or more deformation insects in the training The sales market can also be seen as a sea of growing product varieties. At the beginning, a product type is only a single product type. Over time, such products Will be subdivided into many varieties. For example, electronic computers are subdivided into mainframes, minicomputers, w

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-13

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 13. Sacrifice rules If you lose something, you can get it. The sacrifice law is the opposite of the trademark extension law. If you want to succeed today, you must Give up something first. There are three sacrifices: product series, target market, and constant changes. First, the product series. For Losers, the complete product series is a luxury. If you want to succeed, you must Shorten Your product series

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-19

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 19. Face up to the failure rule Failures are hard to avoid, but failures should be taken into consideration. For bad things, too many companies always want to improve it rather than give up it in time. "Let We repeat to save the situation "is their rule of survival. For your personal future, it is terrible to face the wrong reality but do nothing for it. . The preferred strategy is to identify errors as ear

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-21

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 21. Rule of governing trends Successful marketing should be based on long-term trends rather than fashion Fashion is like a wave in the ocean, and the trend is a tide in the ocean. Fashion will get a big bang Publicity, but the trend is seldom noticed. Fashion is visible like a wave, but it comes and goes in a hurry. While the trend is like a tide, it is almost Is invisible, but its strength will persist fo

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules)-5

Arris-22 marketing rules (22 Business Rules) 5. Centralized conceptual rules The most powerful strategy in marketing is to have only one concept in the minds of potential users. If a company can have a term or concept in the minds of potential users in an appropriate way, It can achieve amazing success. There is no need for a complex concept or a unique name. Word. It is best to use simple words directly from the dictionary. This is the rule of concep

Quiet ridge vs quiet Ridge

orphanage, and Harry found the game on the side of the road. Here is a point of contention. In the game, Xie rel was the mother of Alya, who held a 2nd ceremony to seal part of her soul recall in a baby girl. In addition, the escaped soul made the world to hide inside. In the movie, we can only say that arris are magic. No one knows whether she was born directly or whether to seal the soul in a baby's body. The reproductive possibility is close to 0

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