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ASCII code table (0-255)

  ASCII code table II ASCII code table ASCII 0 {nulo, SEM som} ASCII 1 ASCII 2 ASCII 3 ASCII 4 ASCII 5 ASCII 6 ASCII 7 ASCII 8 {backspace} ASCII 9 {tab} ASCII 10 ASCII 11 ASCII 12 ASCII 13 {enter} ASCII 14 ASCII 15 ASCII 16 {shift} ASCII 17

ASCII code table (0-255)

ASCIICode Table IIAscii 0 {Nulo, Sem Som}Ascii 1Ascii 2Ascii 3Ascii 4Ascii 5Ascii 6Ascii 7Ascii 8 {BackSpace}Ascii 9 {Tab}Ascii 10Ascii 11Ascii 12Ascii 13 {Enter}Ascii 14Ascii 15Ascii 16 {Shift}Ascii 17{CTRL}Ascii 18 {ALT}Ascii 19Ascii 20

ASCII code table char (9), char (10), char (13), etc.

ASCII code char (9), char (10), char (13)  Char (9) Horizontal TabChar (10) line feedChar (13) Press ENTERHow to test the ASCII code:In notepad, press the Alt key and enter the ASCII code in decimal format with the keypad. Then, you can see

ASCII table and description.

  ASCII table and description ASCII stands for American Standard Code for information interchange. computers can only understand numbers, so an ascii code is the numerical representation of a character such as 'A' or '@' or an action of

ASCII Code table char (9), char (Ten), char (13), etc.

char (9) Horizontal tabCHAR (10) line breakchar (13) EnterMethods for testing ASCII code:In Notepad, hold down the ALT key and enter the decimal ASCII code with the keypad, then let go and you can see the effect!If the ASCII code for "A" is 65, in

JavaScriptwindow. event. keyCode set and test method _ javascript skills

JavaScriptwindow. event. keyCode set. You can use script listening to obtain the event code. Listening code of IE only function document. onkeydown () {str1 = String. fromCharCode (event. keyCode); txt. value = str1 + "keycode =" + window. event.

An explanation of the ASCII code table

An explanation of the ASCII code tableASCII code can be roughly divided into three parts.The first part is: ASCII non-printing control charactersThe second part is: ASCII printing characters;The third part: extended ASCII print character keyboard

Chr () and ASCII () functions in Oracle (attached: characters commonly used and ASCII table)

Chr () and ASCII () functions in Oracle (attached: characters commonly used and ASCII table)keywords: chr ()Chr () function action: Special handling of "special" charactersThe corresponding loadline and special characters can be queried in PlsqlChr (

Use and analysis of mysqlORD () and ASCII () functions

Both mysqlORD () and ASCII () functions are used to convert characters into ascii values. This article introduces mysqlORD () and ASCII () functions to coders through examples () for detailed analysis of functions, refer. ASCII (str1) Returns the

Javascript window. event. keycode set

ASCII code tableASCII 0 {nulo, SEM som}ASCII 1ASCII 2ASCII 3ASCII 4ASCII 5ASCII 6ASCII 7ASCII 8 {backspace}ASCII 9 {tab}ASCII 10ASCII 11ASCII 12ASCII 13 {enter}ASCII 14ASCII 15ASCII 16 {shift}ASCII 17 {CTRL}ASCII 18 {alt}ASCII 19ASCII 20

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