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How to differentiate shapefile, coverage, and Geodatabase

How to differentiate shapefile, coverage, and Geodatabase (reprinted) in the past 20 years, vector data models have seen the greatest changes in GIS. For example, each new software package developed by ESRI corresponds to a new vector data model. ARC/INFO corresponds to coverage, ArcView corresponds to shapefile, and ArcGIS corresponds to Geodatabase. Coverage and shape

Shapefile File Extension

Shapefile is a non-topological simple format used to store the geometric location and attribute information of geographical elements. Shapefile is one of the spatial data formats that can be used and edited in ArcGIS. The shapefile format defines the ry and attributes of geographical reference elements in three or more files that should be stored in the same proj

Add a field to the shapefile Attribute Table in ArcGIS

time of the valve. Blob can be integrated with other media, such as videos, images, or sounds. The following table summarizes the data types.Data TypeDescriptionFloat)1 Symbol bit, 7 exponent bits, and 24 decimal placesDouble)1 Symbol bit, 7 exponent bits, and 56 decimal placesShort integer)1 Symbol bit and 15 binary digits, about-32000 ~ 32000Long Integer)1 Symbol bit and 31 binary digits, about-2000000000 ~ 2000000000Text)The numeric characters are stored as bytes.Date)Date value is stored in

Convert e00 vector data to a shapefile File

Shapefiles are the most common format for GIS vector data, and just about every GIS program, free or other cial, can open them. unfortunately, older vector data is often in the ArcInfo interchange e00 format which, unlike shapefiles, isn' t a well-known ented format. export free GIS programs can't open e00 files at all, and even those few that can often have problems handling them correctly. but there's a fairly simple two-stage process that can accurately convert vector e00 files into

How to convert data from shapefile to GML

The conversion process from data in the shapefile format to data in the GML format can be divided into two major steps: one is to obtain data based on the data in the shapefile data documentation, and the other is to construct the data in the GML format according to the GML standard. From the analysis of the shapefile data format and the GML format, we can see th

ArcGIS API for Silverlight Application Development Series (2) clients read shapefile

The system is dead, and the data is live. In some areas involving sensitive data, you may need to provide the client data access function. For example, a company has a WebGIS System Based on ArcGIS Silverlight API, which provides some common business functions to access some basic geographic data and basic business data. Some business data, due to confidentiality requirements, may not be directly provided by the system and needs to be accessed directly from the client. Accessing

Use geotools to read and draw the shapefile format-(learn GIS [1 ])

ESRI shapefile(SHP) is an open space data format developed by ESRI. Currently, this file format has become an open standard in the geographic information software field, indicating the importance of ESRI in the global geographic information system market. I read some documents and was interested in one sentence. "The shapefile file does not contain the topological data structure" [Several other pro

How to modify the shapefile attribute in geotools

In geoserver ChineseCommunityThe discussion address is: Tid = 1701 page = E # After you use geotools to modify the shapefile, you can find that all attribute names in the DBF file are garbled, but the attribute values are not garbled. No garbled characters have been found before the modification.In additionCodeThe encoding method has been set as follows: Shapefiledatastore shape =NewShapefiledatastore (URL );Shape

How to modify the shapefile attribute in geotools

In geoserver ChineseCommunityThe discussion address is: Tid = 1701 page = E # After you use geotools to modify the shapefile, you can find that all attribute names in the DBF file are garbled, but the attribute values are not garbled. No garbled characters have been found before the modification.In additionCodeThe encoding method has been set as follows: Shapefiledatastore shape =NewShapefiledatastore (URL );Shape

Data Import and Export between SDE and shapefile

1. the SDE element is exported to the shapefile. 1. Create a New shapefile. private bool CreateShapefile(string filepath, string name) { bool isSuccssed = false; try { IFeatureWorkspace pFWS = null; IWorkspaceFactory pWSF = new ShapefileWorkspaceFactoryClass(); pFWS = pWSF.OpenFromFile(filepath, 0) as IFeatureWorkspace;

Internet users in Asia account for the most in the world. Asia is expected to become a popular Domain Name

During the activity, if you register a domain name in China such as times Internet, you can obtain a 2 gb usb flash drive for the Asia domain name for two or more years. The USB flash drive is directly sent by the dotasia registry. This activity involves a wide range of regions. It seems that the popularization and promotion of. Asia domain names has become very popular. .

Geotools modifying Shapefile property name garbled problem

the feature name used by the data source, usually the Shapefile file name and the Shapefile type name are usually the same. store = (simplefeaturestore) datastore.getfeaturesource (featurename); Associate default transaction and data source Store.settransaction (transaction); Create filter FilterFactory2 FF = (FilterFactory2) commonfactoryfinder.getfilterfactory2 (null);

Shapefile cannot afford to hurt

Recently, we have processed road links nationwide and want to create a complete Path Based on Link names, levels, and attributes. To ensure efficiency, the shapefile format is used as the intermediate format and gdal is directly used to manipulate the shapefile format. Data export and link belong to the same judgment, linestring flip, linestring link, data export, and other modules have been compiled. Fi

Use OpenGL to draw shapefile files to accomplish the most basic GIS operations

Main Content Overview1. Parse the Shapefile (. shp) file. ‘2. Projection of latitude and longitude data according to Mercator (call Proj.4 Library).3. Draw the data in OpenGL mode.The above 3 aspects are only to complete the preliminary drawing, there is a big gap for the completion of a complex geographic information system,Here's a simple geo-information framework I designed (for communication, progress). First, it's easier to understand the diagram

Create shapefile, Custom field, and add new record

// Generate a new shapefile IFields pFields = new FieldsClass (); IFieldsEdit pFieldsEdit = pFields as IFieldsEdit; IField pField = new FieldClass (); IFieldEdit pFieldEdit = pField as IFieldEdit; PFieldEdit. Name_2 = "shape "; PFieldEdit. Type_2 = esriFieldType. esriFieldTypeGeometry; IGeometryDef pGeometryDef = new GeometryDefClass (); IGeometryDefEdit pGeoDefEdit = pGeometryDef as IGeometryDefEdit; PGeoDefEdit. GeometryType_2 = esriGeometryType.

Introduction to shapefile, coverage, and Geodatabase

ArcGIS files are divided into three types: shapefile, coverage, and Geodatabase.For example, if you use the TXT and DOC file formats that have been used for a long time, you have not checked their differences and relationships, you don't need to worry too much about learning so many data formats in ArcGIS. You just need to know some of their basic applications: Shapefile: A file format that stores GIS data

Use shapefile to cut rasterdataset

Sub extractionofraster () Dim app as iapplicationSet APP = Application Dim pmxdocument as imxdocumentSet pmxdocument = application. Document Dim pmap as IMAPSet pmap = pmxdocument. focusmap Dim pfeaturelayer as ifeaturelayerSet pfeaturelayer = pmap. layer (0) Dim prasterlayer as irasterlayerSet prasterlayer = pmap. layer (1) Dim pfeatureclass as ifeatureclassSet pfeatureclass = pfeaturelayer. featureclass Dim ppolygon as ipolympus gonSet ppolygon = pfeatureclass. getfeature (0). Sh

Example of a method for Java to read and write Shapefile with Gdal _java

Gdal Introduction GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) is an open source raster space Data Transformation database under the X/mit license agreement. It uses an abstract data model to express the various file formats that are supported. It also has a series of command-line tools for data conversion and processing. Gdal official website:, it can support the current popular map data format, including grid and vector map, specific reference to the official website. The

ArcGIS Engine two times development-calculates the area of a Shapefile polygon layer feature

level, all should learn to see the class diagram of AE and help, especially the class diagram, in the installation directory of the diagram directory, see more natural will be handy. Needless to say, the following is a trial code I wrote, published, hoping to help those with the needs of children's shoes, to save them some time.Using System.runtime;using system.runtime.interopservices;using ESRI. Arcgis.geodatabase;using ESRI. Arcgis.datasourcesfile;using ESRI. Arcgis.geometry;

AE creates a blank Shapefile

an element class, generally "SHAPE ". ---- It seems that it cannot be changed. After the changes are completed, the Shape is displayed.You do not need to set ConfigKeyword. You can set it to an empty string. View plaincopy to clipboardprint?/// /// Create an empty Shapefile with the specified name in the specified path/// /// /// Public void CreateShapefile (string strShapeFolder){// Open the WorkspaceConst string strShapeFieldName = "shape ";IWorksp

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