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On constructing enterprise open source VoIP with asterisk

Many people want to know whether it is possible to build an enterprise-class open source VoIP solution and whether it is good to do so. This paper gives some positive answers to this question. Building Enterprise Open source VoIP with asterisk

Point Cloud Registration in MeshLab

The MeshLab is an open-source, portable, and extensible three-dimensional geometric processing system used primarily for interactive processing and unstructured editing of triangular meshes. It supports multiple file formats: Import:PLY,

Build an enterprise communication platform using an open-source system (VIOP free network phone, fax)

How to build open source VoIP for Enterprises 3/8/2006 URL:,3800080997,39516384,00.htm Use asterisk to build enterprise open source VoIP

Markdown Introduction and grammar introduction _ Related skills

First, the preface Before has understood Markdown, but has not actually used, today has tried, feels very cool, recommends to everybody, specially in the writing specification, the interface document and so on aspect very is suitable, because its

User-Defined applications have been transplanted to uClinux (Alibaba Cloud Blackfin DSP ).

Http://   Differences in uClinux content downloaded from the uClinux official site and the ADI Blackfin website, the market is dominated

SQL Application and Development: (vi) Use of functions and expressions

Many of the table-related operations have been described in the previous posts. To demonstrate the different components of SQL, we discussed creating tables, table-based views, querying tables, modifying table data, and table relationships. The use

The three main ways of Ajax processing across domains in jquery _jquery

Because of the influence of JS homology policy, JS can only access documents under the same domain name. So to achieve cross-domain, there are several ways to do this: First, the way to deal with Cross-domain: 1. The Agent 2.xhr2 The

20150202--xml under 02

Third, PHP simplexml implementation of XML additions and deletions 1, load XML file into memory, and form SimpleXML objectSimpleXMLElement simplexml_load_file (String $filename): Load XML file into memory and generate SimpleXML

Computer Professional C language Programming learning Focus: pointer-to-easy

C language is process-oriented, and C + + is Object-orientedThe difference between C and C + +:C is a structured language that focuses on algorithms and data structures. The design of the C program is primarily concerned with the output (or

Font awesome-a style of hanging sky icon Plug-in Chinese full introduction _font

This is a plugin is not required to introduce a picture only a font file can make very many beautiful icon plug-ins, and these icons are vector, can be infinitely magnified, and can change the color, fort ...Note that to look at the content must use

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