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Asterisk [1], asterisk

Asterisk [1], asterisk Asterisk [1] is an open-source Telephone Application Platform under the GPLv2 protocol. In short, Asterisk is a server application that can initiate a call, receive a call, and customize a call.   1.2.1 Channel Driver The

How to Use Asterisk @ Home to build a VoIP Telephone Exchange System

With the decrease in the cost of using VoIP, family and individual users are receiving more and more requests for using Vonage (or other similar products). As VoIP Communication continues to grow in the area of home calls, in addition, open source

Asterisk using the database configuration method

Installation: 1, install UnixODBC unixodbc-devel Libtool-ltdl Libtool-ltdl-devel, in order to enable asterisk support database storage (must be installed first) 2. Install MySQL and set up C_include_path and Ld_library_path 3, download the new

A Quick Guide to VoIP on-the-cheap with asterisk

Document directory ABCs of VoIP Keeping with Protocol Private branch exchange PBX hardware and software Can you hear me now? Codec compatibility Application in the real world Workplace Integration Best practices Conclusions

Asterisk source code analysis (main function)

File: The asterisk. c file under the main directory 1,CodeFragment: /* If the progname is rasterisk consider it a remote console */If (argv [0] & (strstr (argv [0], "rasterisk "))! = NULL) {ast_set_flag (& ast_options, outputs |

XMPP and Asterisk Integration past few years integrate XMPP and Asterisk are one of my principal goals. The development of an

Asterisk--part 1

AsteriskRussell BryantAsterisk1 is an open source telephony applications platform distributed under the GPLV2. In short, it's a server application for making, receiving, and performing custom processing of phone calls.The project was started by Mark

Configure the asterisk dialing Scheme

I have been reading the electronic document, but the more I see it, the more I see it. So after N + X times of Baidu, find this document: [Separator] ==========================================================

CentOS 5.8 asterisk- Installation II: Installation of FreePBX

Upper: CentOS 5.8 asterisk- Installation: Install, add Bluetooth support, add AMR-NB audio codec Reference: CentOS 5.8 aasterisk 1.8 RC2 installation FreePBX Environment: CentOS

Configure Asterisk and ODBC

Asterisk and ODBC provide the ability to easily update and retrieve data by defining SQL statements as special variables that can be called by dialplan. For example, I can charge for long-distance flights, accept credit cards, and allow asterisk to

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