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[history from the beginning] No. 278 verse by Cao Feng

wondering its seducedVera Xi Nan Shan Chao 隮 Wan Xi pederasty-ji Starving鳲 dove in Mulberry's son seven Xi Yohito gentleman of his ritual a XI of the heart as the end鳲 dove in Mulberry Son in Meshu gentleman its with Yi fan its yi yi Shangqi鳲 Dove in the son of Yohito in the spine of the gentleman its instrument is not the only four鳲 dove in Mulberry Son in Hazel Yohito gentleman is the country is the country Hu not all yearsAftertaste Lancelot 愾 I antigen Marvel read PetjunAftertaste Siu 愾 I a

The prophecy of "How we decide" dopamine in the foreign language translation the first verse

from the monkey's brain, trying to find the cells that control the body's movement, but without any gain. He was very depressed during that time ... But after years of research, he found something wrong, and dopamine neurons emit a lot of things before the monkeys respond. After hundreds of trials, Schultz believes he stumbled upon the workings of the brain reward mechanism. After publishing several influential papers in the middle of the 80, he began a further study of the mechanism. Schultz's

java--Full Verse code

Code effects:Code:Import Java.util.Scanner;/*Complete verse*/public class Game1 { public static void Main (string[] args) {int x=1,y=0;while (x==1) {System.out.println ("");Char D;int m=5; Number of topicsint cc[] = new Int[m];String str[] = new String[m]; TopicStr[0] = "Softly I go, as I softly come.";STR[1] = "I waved softly to the clouds of the Western heavens." ";STR[2] = "The Golden Willow on the river is the bride in the sunset." ";STR[3] = "The

[history from the beginning] No. 279 verse by at wind

and Miss Me 銶 Zhou Gong yiqiu Four Nations is the Syikon of my PeopleFelling how bandits axe how to take a wife how the bandits media shall notThe felling of the 覯 is not far from my son 籩 beans have practicesNine 罭 Fish Ohrid flying I 覯 son founded clothes embroidery dressHung to the female faithHung on the mainland, not the women's house.It's the founded clothes that make me miserable.Wolf sequence its hu procumbent its tail male Sampathkumar masters skin Red Niigata a fewWolf procumbent its

"How we Decide" is the first verse to be fooled by emotion

time, instead of exploring other areas. But the more complex humans of the dopamine system do not have the high efficiency of mice, in the same experiment, (of course, reward is not food) we humans can not solve the mystery from randomness, it is difficult to find the essence of 60%-40%. Randomness is a part of what our brain's emotional systems are not good at, and when confronted with something more random, the dopamine nervous system is very painful. Apple first launched the "Shake Cut song"

jquery implements verse vertical, step-by-step display (personal essay)

The code is as follows:   jquery line up verse, step by step (personal essay)

Speech recognition Complete verse query function, IOS avspeechsynthesis Voice output result of the poetry app

= [[AVSpeechUtterance alloc]initWithString:@"你好!"];//需要转换的文字 utterance.rate=0.5;// 设置语速,范围0-1,注意0最慢,1最快;AVSpeechUtteranceMinimumSpeechRate最慢,AVSpeechUtteranceMaximumSpeechRate最快 AVSpeechSynthesisVoice*voice = [AVSpeechSynthesisVoice voiceWithLanguage:@"zh-TW"];//设置发音,这是中文普通话 utterance.voice= voice;[av speakUtterance:utterance];//开始Avspeechsynthesizer defines a number of callback proxies that can detect some states-(void) SpeechSynthesizer:(avspeechsynthesizer*) Synthesizer didstartspeechutteran

Python experience "first verse": Understanding Python

ConceptPython (United Kingdom pronunciation:/?pa?θ?n/American pronunciation:/?pa?θɑ?n/) is an object-oriented, interpreted computer programming language, invented by Dutch Guido van Rossum in 1989, and the first public offering was released in 1991. featuresPython is purely free software, the source code and the interpreter CPython follow the GPL (GNU general public License) protocol, with a rich and powerful library, a concise and clear syntax, one of the features is mandatory whitespace (white

MySQL must know the first verse

library needs to be reinitialized if it is lost! But all previous authorization information is lost! a test database that is automatically created by the Test:mysql database system. for a secure database, this library should be deleted because it is a shared library! third, forget the MySQL password# vim/etc/my.cnf[Mysqld]skip-grant-table# service Mysqld Restart# mysqlmysql> Select User,password,host from Mysql.user;+------+-------------------------------------------+-----------+| user | passwo

DNS Hijacking DNS Pollution introduction and public DNS referral

Source: know that some network operators for some purposes, some of the DNS operation, resulting in the use of the ISP's normal Internet settings cannot obtain the correct IP address through the domain name. Common means a

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration.

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration. DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, and master-slave configuration. 1. Introduction to DN

6.DNS company PC access settings + configuration of primary DNS server and secondary DNS server

Web site Deployment ~windows Server | Local Deployment Http:// server deployment is not clear can see an article: PCs, basically DNS are internal servers (because there are some internal sites and systems)So how does the DNS server set up to get the company PC to access the extranet?Just take the transponder

DNS server address National computer/netcom DNS IP address

The most common DNS is, this is the United States Google, if you do not know your own DNS how to set up we can use or or Beijing DNS Address: Shanghai DNS Address: 202.96

Learn DNS Series (ii) Understanding the primary DNS suffix option for a computer

Originally in this verse to explain the installation of DNS, but I found that in fact before this, but also need to explain a few basic concepts, first of all, the DNS suffix. In the previous basic chapters, we know that a domain name can be divided into the main and suffix 2 parts, where the host we can understand as a host or a network terminal name, the suffi

Linux-dns (primary dns+ secondary DNS) configuration quick glance (reprint)

1. Use the Netconfig command to configure IP, gateway, DNS, and other parameters for the primary DNS.2. Configure primary DNS master configuration file/etc/named.conf3. Configuring a Forward zone database file for primary DNS4. Configure the Reverse zone database file for primary DNS5. Configure the primary configuration file for the secondary

Creating a DNS system to create a DNS private root: DNS family six

We now have a lot of knowledge about DNS from the previous blog, today we use a comprehensive experiment to string up the previous content to review, this interesting experiment is the private root of DNS. A private root is a DNS root server created by the individual or enterprise itself, which belongs to the creator private and cannot serve as many netizens as t

Explanation of common DNS records (I): DNS Series II

Http:// Common DNS records (I)In the previous blog, we introduced the architecture of the DNS server, from which we learned that if we want to register a domain name, then, the domain name that we apply for must be delegated through the top-level domain name server or its subordinate Domain Name Server, and the resolution right must be delegated to our

Windows. DNS. How do I use my own server for DNS domain name resolution and how do I create a Domain Name Server?

Many people do not know how to resolve public domain names on their own DNS servers. Now let's announce the steps. 1. You must have your own domain name. Therefore, go to the domain name registrar to apply for a registered domain name. Try to find a large domain name registrar. com. CN or. CN, you can directly go to the register. Other international domain names can go to Remember, unless you are not techn

Introduction to DNS query process and DNS Process

Introduction to DNS query process and DNS Process Reprinted please indicate the source: DNS (domain name system) is a system that can convert domain names to IP addresses. This allows us to access a website simply by remembering the domain name rather than the IP address. When we enter a URL in the browse

How to test the primary DNS and backup DNS of a windows Host

I. Overview: When listening to the course of yeslab QIN Ke's SecV3 SNF (ASA), the windows host will send a DNS request to the primary DNS and the standby DNS at the same time, so the building environment is ready for verification. Ii. Basic test ideas and conclusions: A. Basic Ideas: ① Configure primary DNS and backup

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